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-Both main protagonist and antagonist look and act similar to each other. -Both series have a side character giving long exposition on the current situation in the battle -Expect a manly tear here and there
report Recommended by Daitomodachi
Great action scenes in every episode featuring: -Rapid punches and kicks. -Gory violence. -Theme songs that get you really hyped up. -Osamu Dezaki-style pastel/pencil freeze frames. Plot-wise: -Noble protagonists who care for the helpless and those weaker than him -Sadistic antagonists who used to be comrades/friends with the protagonist. -Both go in depth with the side-characters and make them likeable.
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
Both have the same manly/badass hotblooded shounen vibe to them, and both are based off manga from the late 70s-80s. Hokuto no Ken has a more diverse cast of characters, because this is only 1/8th of the JoJo's Bizarre adventure series which is still ongoing. Well it's 1/4th of the series if we continue on to battle tendancy and make this a two cour anime adaptation... which would probably make those of us who've been into the series for over a decade such as myself jizz.
report Recommended by AtmosphericEntry
-Both series have a good amount of fighting -Both series have a male main protagonist (except for part 6) -Both series have been around since the 1980's -Both series tend to be very over-the-top (HnK in it's depiction of violence, JJBA in a lot of the concepts presents, such as the ripple/stands)
report Recommended by ironcladgranite
Both anime have muscular, justice giving protagonists, blonde, charismatic villains, and high quality martial arts action. Their settings are different and were produced in two completely different eras, but they do have similar roots. Hokuto no Ken and Jojo are both manga series from the 80's and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was influenced by Hokuto no Ken. Any self- respecting martial arts fan has to watch both because they are both amazingly fun to watch.
report Recommended by StefyG
Both are MANIME with buff men and lots of punching. Be warned, you WILL grow a beard after watching them.
report Recommended by KurtZysa
If you come from Fist of the North Star and are looking to get into JoJo, you will very likely feel right at home and should load it up to give it a try. If you enjoyed JoJo's more recent anime adaptations for the first 3 parts (Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders) you will almost without a doubt enjoy Fist of the North Star. Both the "Fist of the North Star" and the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" series are perfect examples of what one would define as a "manime." They are both originally old school 1980's shounens that go hand in hand. They each feature huge   read more
report Recommended by BSM_
Hokuto no Ken was one of the main inspirations that made Hirohiko Araki write JoJo, that's why both series share a lot of similarities.Both series feature characters with very masculine builds and designs, with Jonathon and Dio having designs heavily inspired by Kenshiro and Shin respectively. Both series are also infamous for having numerous gory scenes on a level not seen in modern Shonen, and are less heavy on providing Shonen tropes than most other series
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
-Both series are manly -Araki took inspiration from Hokuto no Ken -Both series are good
report Recommended by Jartt1s
Both action shows feature burly, manly men fighing against equally buff villains. Both also are quite cheesy (in a good way) and have a penchant for overdramatizing, though Jojo is fairly stylish as well. While I liked Jojo more than Hokuto no Ken I think fans of one will definitely like the other.
report Recommended by requimcompany123
Both have the same style of characters, fighting, and overdramatic dialogs. They also portray friends & enemies in a similar way.
report Recommended by charlie21
Jonathan is clearly based on Kenshiro. Hamon works on vampires like Hokuto Shin Ken works on regular people, they both got marks on their bodies that's directly connected to their destiny, they're both famous for their rapid-fire punches. Jonathan, Joseph, and Jotaro's uncanny resemblance to the manliest man of anime. Essentially, it's become very clear to me that everything about Dio was based off Shin, at least during Phantom Blood and with Araki's own twist on it.
report Recommended by geovannyboss
With Fist of the North Star being part of the inspiration for Jojo's in the first place, there's no doubt that people will see the similarities between the two, especially with their respected mangas in my opinion. Both are supernatural GAR anime who have gentlemen main characters with simplistically developed romantic interests. Main characters have supernatural powers that require punching to defeat the enemy, and art styles are both stylized to make the characters look tough and ripped. What makes these two anime great is the journey to their destination, shown more in FOTNS, but still noticable in Jojo's. Epic and thrilling, fans of either series will like the   read more
report Recommended by IceWelder