Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

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Alternative Titles

English: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun
Japanese: 地縛少年花子くん


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 10, 2020 to Mar 27, 2020
Premiered: Winter 2020
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:58 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Lerche
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.831 (scored by 184097184,097 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7972
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #397
Members: 403,518
Favorites: 8,137

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Both supernatural shows that incorporate Japanese mythology and spirits, with a human female protagonist/narrator and a supernatural male lead with a secretive and dark past. 
report Recommended by gumrats
Roles are reversed in terms of gender of characters. TBHK/JSHK = Girl - human, and Boy - Ghost. It's very very very good! I recommend to all! Boy has dark past, mysterious, very likeable. Girl is hilarious, absolutely hilarious, and extremely dark when it comes to the boy's past. I really do recommend! 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Buried beneath their clouds of comedy, lies the unforgettable truth, that these two animes truly are...two sides of the same coin... - They are nearly the same, with a very similar atmosphere, and dark and twisted moments around every corner. - Truly masterpieces! - Do not look at this anime/manga, and read the title, and be like, "Hm..TOILET BOUND? NOPE!" Because LET ME TELL YOU. I nearly dropped this anime/manga because of it, and it would have been the biggest mistake of my life. YES. THIS PIECE IS OH SO VERY POWERFUL, IT TAKES YOUR FEELINGS, AND TWISTS IT SO, TO THE POINT WHERE YOU'RE HAPPY ONE MOMENT, AND YOU'RE SAD  read more 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Both work with rumors, but JSHK is better about it, and has better characters (exept Yacchio-san) 
report Recommended by Luskhao
Both of them deal with spirits and have comedy elements 
report Recommended by Aloofaang
These animes both have supernatural interactions and fun stories. Tanjiro and Hanako are both trying to beat the evil side even though their both afraid of doing it so. Tsukasa and Muzan both created a source of evil in a violent way. These two animes have a lot in common which is why I think their a good match up.  
report Recommended by Kong38
HxH 2011 has large similarities with Jibaku Shounen. It's dark, fluffy, goofy, psychologically traumatic (for the characters). The antagonists are just...everything you'd want them to be! One of the MC in HxH, named Killua has a similar story with the MC of this anime, and I'd 100% Recommend watching HxH 2011. Episode Comparison: 12 for TBHK, and 144 for HxH 2011 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
So these two animes are both very good. They have similar art styles and both deal with the supernatural. They both have very good characters and are horror type animes. 
report Recommended by Animeisverypog
Both shows follow young school students who are investigating the paranormal activity going on at their school. Both shows have great humour (if you're watching the dub version of "Ghost stories" of course). In both shows, there's a friend group that shares a unique dynamic. Both stories have paranormal activity and involve wildly known Japanese myths and urban legends. 
report Recommended by din_d_i_n_o_ya
If you're looking for Dark Twisted Fantasy-type anime's, then this is the one for you. Both have a MC who's "young", but has aged in a time-stop event, so essentially they look 12-13 but they're actually 50+. - Additionally, INCREDIBLE sad moments, that are littered with achey backstories that literally speak numbers. The backstory is "hidden", and that's what really keeps you on the edge of your seat, with ounces of Comedic humor, funny questionable scenes, and overall amazing atmosphere of glee and glum! 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
❃ Both anime are about Yokai/spirits ❃ Both protagonists ask for help to the other main character and end up working for them to pay off a debt ❃ Both protagonists meet the other main character at school  
report Recommended by RoseMildred
Both animes are about shoujo FL who get affiliated to a spirit ML, their relationships bonded through a contract. While watching both of them you'll notice similar relationships found between both pairs, where the FL will slowly fall for the ML through enjoyable rom-com scenarios. Both FL also assist other spirit entities through their journeys together! 
report Recommended by honeytaro
-Great comedy -Interactions with ghosts 
report Recommended by Slimmin
Both shows deal with the supernatural, the macabre, curses and spirits. The protagonists live a regular life, until one day, when they unintentionally get bond with a world of shadows they know nothing about. They understand that going back to their previous life is impossible, so they try to live as peacefully as possible, without results: they start to draw the attention of new allies but also of bad guys...  
report Recommended by micsss
both got the mystery factors with the monster-other forces. Both have romance between two different species, both have good visuals,TGCF has better sound also the relationships is similair except tgcf does not take place in a school 
report Recommended by Louvioun
Both have romance themes but have a larger plot. Both deal with a lot of supernatural elements. Both have enjoyable humor and narration. Fun, likable characters. 
report Recommended by momotarotea
Both have a very fun storyline and very heavy focus on characters, which are very exaggerated and lovable! ALso both have an amazing art style and BANGER OP xD 
report Recommended by MrCattyWolf
Same studio Both occurred in school 
report Recommended by Kurai_kako
Both are mystery series but what I am more interested about these animes is because their 'mystery cases' revolves about urban legends and rumors. The lead male and female are also super cute, always together with unbreakable bonds. 
report Recommended by berrypotchiii
While their story might be nothing alike, if you enjoyed tatami galaxy for its unique art style then toilet-bound Hanako-Kun should be next. Both have unique and interesting art styles. 
report Recommended by Scented_Candles
❃ Both anime are set in a school ❃ In both anime, there are seven famous "supernatural creature" and the main characters try to help them  
report Recommended by RoseMildred
It’s about solving problems but there’s still a lot of shounen in it. Jshk is about school ghost mysteries while hyouka is about ancient stories of the school. 
report Recommended by kageharu
Both have very unique and striking art styles with bold, exaggerated colours. The stories are not similar. 
report Recommended by Eziprez
Both include ghosts and many different stories each episode. Both include a main character that is alive working along with ghosts Also are both in the "supernatural" genre. And with a that both main characters come with a helper which helps in their journeys. (Hanako: Minamoto Kou) / (Natsume: Madara or "Nyanko Sensei") Finally, both have to solve something to make it t the goal or end of the story 
report Recommended by Cynnamoni
If you're into yōkai lore, you'll really love both Hanako-kun and Yōkai Watch. Not only are both shows about yōkai. They're also both mostly episodic with a new yōkai being introduced each episode. In both series the protagonist has to befriend the yōkai that are causing trouble for their classmates and family. (Well, just classmates in the case of Hanako-kun.) Both protagonists have a yōkai assistant who claims to be more knowledgable about other yōkai then he actually is. 
report Recommended by Ameonna93
Black Butler #2 specifically. No spoilers. In BB2, there is another character who acts as a polar opposite, yet still apart of the same coin. There are ounces of dark twisted scenarios between the MC and the other character. - Both anime's are shounens, and the MC's are roughly ~12-13. - Dark, psychological, and traumatic, for both characters, and yourselves! (Not scary, just...SAD, SO VERY SAD, yet totally AWESOME at the same time!) 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
- Essentially a girls' show; female target audience - But not overwhelmingly so. - Juvenile supernatural (youkai) elements - Faux-light-hearted-creepy-darkness-looming atmosphere - Multiple pairing casual(?) romance 
report Recommended by Lanz
Both are colorful anime are about Japanese monsters. 
report Recommended by okamikotori
The art of both shows are very unique with thick lines, bright colours and a style that isn't very common in anime. I felt the same watching the two shows and I was impressed with the art in both shows. For me personally the aesthetics are a big part of why I've enjoyed a show and both of these two shows left me wanting more anime with a unique touch to the artwork. Other than that both shows are good quality stories that you get invested in. So if the feel of a show is important to you I would recommend trying it out.  
report Recommended by Aizo
If Soul Eater have a child, this is it. - same vibes (albeit hanako-kun is tad cuter cos it child) - same colorful and unique environment - supernatural stuff - both MC have a contract with a spirit 
report Recommended by iamiracanlas
- Both anime are set in a school - Both shows deal with spirits, ghosts, urban legends - same vibes - similar type of humor 
report Recommended by sourlatte
They both have dreamy storytelling phase in each episode. 
report Recommended by sakeduck
Both shows deal with spirits, ghosts, urban legends and the exorcising thereof, and have a slightly creepy element to them. Both shows also have a young, enigmatic and charismatic title character whose past is shrouded in mystery and is hard to figure out in terms of what he's actually thinking and feeling. Both shows start off more episodic with a monster-of-the-week plot. The overall vibe and atmosphere I've gotten from Hanako-kun reminds me a lot of Muhyo and Roji as well. 
report Recommended by ConstantReader
Both have a lot similarities on the series: the main character are youkai, they're exterminating youkai(s) that have been too exaggerated on their (youkai) task. Based on appearing, they'll appear some time at afternoon-evening, AND THE MAIN CHARA ARE SHOTA. :V But the differences, there's plenty of them; - The place plot: GeGeGe is kinda random, but Hanako-kun is only on school. - Weapons for exterminate? I think so - And some of them that categorized as spoiler ._. 
report Recommended by nattadasu
Both are about humans connected to ghost and on the surface they are both comedies but do touch on more serious subjects.  
report Recommended by Kotoha
The animation is great in both series and they both have characters who are onedimensionally written.  
report Recommended by ErkiSture
Machi & Nene's romantic desires seem similar in few ways. One is about "Fashionable" and other is about "Ikemen" 
report Recommended by Shiina_M
There are a lot of similarities in character dynamics. *Both have a girl being taken into the world of the supernatural by some mysterious/secretive boy she just meets. *It’s not really a romantic relationship, at least not at first *The girl ends up uncovering more about the boy’s tragic past. *The character Kyou Souma is really similar to Kou since they both have orange hair, cat-like features, are very loud and kind of a tsundere. They also both happen to hold a grudge against the guy the girl meets. Some people might be put off by the old style, but if you like character development you should  read more 
report Recommended by scarfhats
Welp, I can say, the shows is kinda same, but most of them not. Unlike Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, the main character of Kyokou Suiri serial is a demigod. Both series is talking about somewhat of "demolishing" the exaggerated youkai(s). 
report Recommended by nattadasu
A young girl getting caught up in supernatural affairs alongside a boy spirit and with similar moods to their stories. Both involve ghosts and action and the pasts of the supernatural boys that the stories revolve around. 
report Recommended by Kong38
Both shows have distinctly vibrant and unique visuals. 
report Recommended by Cozye