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JacobMOX Sep 25, 8:13 AM
Mmm, sembrebbe quasi una perdita di "trazione". Magari se l'avessi vista tutta di seguito ti sarebbe rimasta di più, essendo diventata una storia continuativa. Vabbè, forse sono fin troppo di parte sulla questione, nel senso che da una settimana all'altra quasi dimentico cosa succede e per questo se non finisce prima, una serie non la inizio proprio. Se non fosse che sono un totalmente ignorante in materia ti avrei domandato qualcosa di più sui romanzi... mi limito semplicemente a chiederti di Mieruko, com'è? Mi ispira il chara da quel poco che ho visto.

P.s. Tranquilla per il ritardo, che tanto il profilo non scappa e anch'io mi prendo i miei tempi se sono occupato.
Akariiii Sep 17, 9:36 PM
Have you still been making cards for any clubs?
oh Sep 2, 3:14 PM
hey, don't worry about! i'm doing quite well, just been keeping myself busy and dealing with online classes
no i haven't :c i thought about picking one of them when i decide to start something new, lately i've just been reading stuff that's been on hold
Vanuhara Aug 29, 1:21 AM
Hello Rose! How are you?
JacobMOX Aug 23, 2:45 PM
Mmm, abbastanza bene direi. Nulla di cui lamentarmi al momento, ahah. A te invece?

Ho una curiosità da domandarti comunque. Deduco dal tuo avatar che In/Spectre ti piaccia. Cosa ti è piaciuto in particolare? Te lo chiedo perchè a me non ha convinto particolarmente per via del fatto che hanno concentrato l'intera serie su di un solo caso (a mio parere nemmeno particolarmente interessante).
dhb1048596 Aug 22, 1:19 PM
I again apologize if I went overboard with the suggestions. But I'm glad that you acknowledged it! You're welcome!

I don't have a specific genre of books that I prefer, I can read any books and I trust your taste when it comes to reading so you can recommend anything
Deminus Aug 22, 4:34 AM
Very glad to hear that! :)
Yea, I really haven't been that much into Anime this year due to many reasons. I hope that changes pretty soon haha
Charlotte1412 Aug 21, 8:54 PM
I got busy irl but I make gfx for clubs once in a while..
Charlotte1412 Aug 20, 7:58 PM
Oh no worries! What have you been upto these days? Have you been making gfx recently?
Deminus Aug 20, 3:28 PM
Hi! I'm fine thank you :D Very sorry. I only just saw the message you wrote me a few months ago. Unfortunately I was very inactive at that time D:
But thanks for asking me and also glad you liked my recommendation. Hope you liked the show overall :)
How about you? I hope you are fine too ^^
dhb1048596 Aug 20, 10:23 AM
Yes please, I'd love to get some book suggestions from you

Don't worry I understand all of your rant and I have many animes that I would like to recommend.

I've looked into your list and these are some of the animes you should try watching in the future

Steins;Gate - The best anime in my opinion, I instantly became a fan after watching it and even made a review about it. If you are into Time travel thrillers with excellent characters and an awesome main character, then you are in for a ride.

School Rumble - A romantic comedy anime filled with funny misunderstandings, as the series goes on it gets more hilarious. It's not plot heavy and if you just want a good laugh, then this anime is for you.

Asobi Asobase and Nichijou - Two similar animes that when it comes to absurd and surreal comedy will get you laughing for a good whole 5 minutes. Nichijou has a warmer side while Asobi Asobase is just plain hilarious from start to finish.

Hinamatsuri - For me the most underrated of this list as it is a very very heartwarming anime. It's funny and at the same time will teach you a lesson of friendship and family bonds and will get you teary eyed from time to time as the characters here are sweethearts.

Bloom Into You - If you are a fan of Shojou Ai, you will like this anime. It's not entirely a romance anime but more of a coming of age story of learning what love really is as a high school teenager. Very wholesome and you will learn a lot from this anime.

ReLife - It's a great story about second chances in life as the main character who is an adult is given another chance to be a high school student as he was given a drug that will make him look like a teenager again. Underrated in terms of funny moments mix with some dramatic moments and some life lessons along the way.

Girl's last tour - Also an underrated one, Civilization is dead, but Chito and Yuuri are still alive. So they hop aboard their beloved motorbike and aimlessly wander the ruins of the world they once knew. Even an existence as bleak as theirs has a ray or two of sunshine in it, whether they're sucking down their fill of soup or hunting for machine parts to tinker with. For two girls in a world full of nothing, the experiences and feelings the two share give them something to live for

Monster - It's about a surgeon who gets accused of murder and some more I don't wanna spoil anything but let me just say that the characters are very complex and the storylines as perfectly executed.

Code Geass - well the story follows Lelouch and his rebellion towards Britannian people who've invaded and suppressed Japanese people. he's really smart and during the course he gains a power with which he can control with his eye. A classic

Psycho Pass - At first you would think it's only about justice and, mystery cases but it's much more than that

Serial Experiment Lain - It is not for everyone a lot of people may dislike it and don't get what is going on at all. It'll be hella confusing and weird but if you look at it in another side of view you'll love it

I'm sorry if I went overboard with the suggestions. Have a nice day!
JacobMOX Aug 20, 9:24 AM
Grazie per aver accettato la richiesta, buone visioni/letture future.
Shirase-san Aug 20, 3:25 AM
looks like you look very busy,

I also read books, and I don't really like reading novels, but sometimes I read novels, my favorite novel is Five Feet Apart, the story is really good, and when the novel was made into a film, I was really happy and watching it, i cry in the cinema lol.

How about you? what is your favorite novel?
Shirase-san Aug 20, 1:54 AM
No problem

You're right, if we're in a bad mood, and watching the Monogatari series, I can't understand the storyline.

I'm fine, how about u?
cheyu Aug 20, 1:49 AM
Honestly, I can’t remember loool, but I really like your profile!