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Tensei shitara Ken deshita
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Kurt_Irving Yesterday, 3:54 PM
I didn't know Disney+ was in the making, I have to check it out some time for my BD player. Netflix doesn't even have a Rambo movie, really? the whole franchise is popular and very manly.

As for Vinland Saga, I love it! and never have I seen a historical anime this fucking manly nor did I see an anime with a Conan The Barbarian feel. Nice!!! very nice. I'm getting real tired of the whole battle shounen/isekai bandwagon, which gets mindlessly praised by kids. That whole battle shounen and isekai thing is overrated. Original anime is such an underused concept these days.

One of the reasons I love the 2003 FMA series is because the anime was semi-original - part adaptation, part original. Too bad Hiromu Arakawa had to make Father instead of a more original villain with better ideals. Father is just a shounen figure where as Dante was a complex villainess with more interesting ideals than ruling the world. One of her goals, though very implicit, was to be a goddess and live for all eternity in a world of mortals. Of course, another reason I love it is that it has great music and Dante had such wonderful yet ominous theme music.
Kurt_Irving Aug 16, 9:33 PM
So my DSL is somewhat fixed, so I watched 6 episodes of Vinland Saga and it's the show that I've been expecting. It's like Conan The Barbarian manly and I hope you're doing well.

Kurt_Irving Aug 7, 8:55 AM
Yes, they are durable like Great Wall of China and some old Andean rammed earth homes an expert builder mentioned. Though, they're only good for withstanding quakes and Hun invasions.

With this ping so high, I can only watch anime and movies on known streaming sites. I should have gotten Logan in physical format, because Netflix doesn't have it, nor does Netflix have Rambo movies and Operation Dumbo Drop.
Kurt_Irving Aug 3, 7:40 PM
How are you doing K.T.? I'm in a new home with mediocre DSL and I miss cable internet (not Comcrap) so much, but at least I can keep the ARRIS modem in case I buy optic fiber and move to South America, Ecuador more specifically. I want that calm weather and seafood plus a rammed earth home around a savanna or jungle. Could be hard to build, but so is mixing cement. Still, rammed earth walls can be gorgeous, unlike masonry.

Anyway, you seem to be enjoying Hokuto no Ken so much. I like the original more because of Raoh.
Kurt_Irving Jul 27, 8:03 PM
Btw, I just started reading Hellboy and so far so good, I'm enjoying it. Can't wait to see the medium Shane and the jaguar man Ben make an appearance in the comics. Hellboy had more friends than just Liz and Abe the whole time. Also, I'm a big fan of Ron Perlman, but he can't be in everything, at least Harbour filled Ron's shoes as the iconic big, red and anti-heroic demon.
Kurt_Irving Jul 11, 10:47 PM
Hi K.T.! so what do you think of the recent Vinland Saga anime? I want to check it out, but at the same time, I really want to watch Fafner: The Beyonder.
Kurt_Irving Jun 26, 10:18 AM
I don't like the F4 reboot, the characters just felt unnatural and out of place. I prefer Chris Evans as The Human Torch and he was a natural comedian in the first two movies.

Speaking of the Clone Wars series, I plan on watching them sometime and I heard that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (looks pretty decent for her age) is part of the Clone Wars cast iirc. I also found out that EA is making a new Star Wars game and the fact that EA has the rights to SW games makes it harder for Kingdom Hearts sequels to make use of the franchise.

As for remedial math, I can't wait to get into business calculus and high school math teachers think regular and business calculus are the same. From what I heard from seniors at the time. Oh yeah! and Professor Leonard as well as Yaymath (who is a daddy now) are the best math teachers that I know. At the same time, I'll have to fast-forward through Fafner Exodus to get to the movies.
Kurt_Irving Jun 13, 10:29 AM
So I watched the Dark Phoenix movie the other night after work and it was a decent movie. I was so tired that I didn't have patience to watch the post-credits if it was there and I almost thought Professor X was gonna go "poof!" like in X3.

Oh! and I have remedial education because the grades that I got in high school math are like mediocre. I have to do better in math (precalculus and beginner calculus) so I can get new jobs. I'm good at linear equations, geometric formulas and even Cartesian coordinates, but functions is where I need to excel.
Kurt_Irving Jun 9, 11:50 PM
The first two Hellboy movies are non-canon and family-friendly (though, they got their own charm), but the one I watched not too long ago closer to the source material for sure, so very canon.

I was just thinking of watching Dark Phoenix and compared to CM, I don't think it's gonna be another political agenda or some social justice whatever (which I haven't found in spoiler-free reviews and would hurt the Fox/Disney CEO for that), so I hope Dark Phoenix is pure entertainment like Marvel movies should be. Look at the F4 movies with Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, they scored less, but I still like 'em and to me they already achieved their goal of being pure entertainment.

So yeah! I don't like it when blockbusters try to be documentaries about social issues like racism or discrimination, I just want movies to entertain (I want to see more explosions like in Die Hard 2). Movies in general can't all be like Malcolm X and I remember when Star Wars movies tried borrowing Malcolm X-ish elements and that didn't do them any good. A dog could write a deeper war story than Star Wars.
Kurt_Irving Jun 6, 5:05 PM
As for movies, I also watched Endgame and Hellboy this season. Hellboy, on the other hand, is underrated and I don't get why it would get so much hate, I like that the reboot is dark and violent like in the comics. It's the closest thing to the original Blade so far plus I like metal music.
Kurt_Irving Jun 3, 8:19 PM
You're welcome and I just finished playing Area 51, but the PC version since the PS2 version is harder to find. Better than those overly linear military shooters we have today. I love how the savage aliens come at you like the monsters in Doom 3, but are nowhere nearly as frightening. I remember how random those monster encounters were in Doom 3.

Area 51's graphics are definitely on par with the whole Halo series and Doom 3, hell! even comparable to modern shooters. Oh! and the alien weaponry in the game are so much fun. I feel sorry for all my fallen HAZMAT associates that died in the game. They we're there trying to clean up the alien biohazard or epidemic, but the job got complicated and ended up getting infected plus all hell broke loose.

Too bad Midway is defunct now. Mortal Kombat is in the hands of Warner, but the Area 51 franchise is doomed.
Kurt_Irving May 28, 10:02 PM
Btw K.T., all I got to say so far is Happy Birthday!
Kurt_Irving May 26, 6:43 PM
Btw! only three more days till your birthday comes. :)

As for anime, I'm waiting for the Vinland Saga anime to come out and I was looking at Tokkou on MAL again since I forgot the details. Too bad the Tokkou manga wasn't popular enough to continue. That's the series I used to watch on Veoh 12 years ago, back when I was between junior and senior year in high school, it was the anime I found on SyFy's channel. Why they we're airing that and Rave Master on a channel dedicated to sci-fi stuff is beyond me. Last Exile, Argento Soma, EVA, Infinite Ryvius, Solty Rei, Vandread and even various Gundam anime would have been a perfect fit for SyFy back in 2007.
Kurt_Irving May 20, 11:15 PM
So, how are you doing K.T.? I had shopping to do today.
Kurt_Irving May 11, 7:36 PM
Hi K.T.! hmm! I take some time to watch some Eric Landon's videos. I do like some rpgs a lot, but my tastes in games are still very ecclectic and I wish game developers can come up with a new sci-fi action game comparable to Doom 3 as well as Breakdown.

As much as I want a sequel to the 2005 Punisher game, it ain't gonna happen (like Wolverine once said), but that game was the best adaptation to the Punisher comics. I would have loved to see Kingpin plot some assassination against Frank Castle and maybe have The Punisher use a War Machine suit.

Btw, I'm re-watching the 90s X-Men cartoon. Even though Evolution has better animation with very interesting Canadian voice actors, the last few seasons still bother me while the 90s X-Men cartoon plot is more consistent.