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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
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Kemono Jihen
Buried beneath their clouds of comedy, lies the unforgettable truth, that these two animes truly are...two sides of the same coin... - They are nearly the same, with a very similar atmosphere, and dark and twisted moments around every corner. - Truly masterpieces! - Do not look at this anime/manga, and read the title, and be like, "Hm..TOILET BOUND? NOPE!" Because LET ME TELL YOU. I nearly dropped this anime/manga because of it, and it would have been the biggest mistake of my life. YES. THIS PIECE IS OH SO VERY POWERFUL, IT TAKES YOUR FEELINGS, AND TWISTS IT SO, TO THE POINT WHERE YOU'RE HAPPY ONE MOMENT, AND YOU'RE SAD   read more
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Both anime involve a middle school age boy who is not human. They both have a similar art style and "vibe" that they give off, both in execution of humor and story progression.
report Recommended by ionasan
Similar characters and folklore
report Recommended by ValkyrieRandgris
If you're a shotacon and you love Japanese folklore references then boy you're gonna love these
report Recommended by gleamblossom
-Both series involve Japanese supernatural folklore (such as yokai and kitsune). -While comedy is present in both, they also deal with darker themes and undertones. -The characters are all likable and develop a nice friendship with each other.
report Recommended by Star_Lullaby
Both have really unique art styles and supernatural stories.. Alot of mysteries and plot twists... Boty have dark themes and kinda of some gore or violence that's different ftom other shounen..
report Recommended by Stardust2000