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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Both supernatural shows that incorporate Japanese mythology and spirits, with a human female protagonist/narrator and a supernatural male lead with a secretive and dark past.
report Recommended by gumrats
- mischievous and funny MC who is a supernatural entity (Yato is a god/ Hanako is a ghost) - girl MC who is 'bound' to the male character in some way - similar type of humor - romantic undertones in the relationship between the boy and the girl, with a slow development - great combination of comedy and dramatic/emotional moments
report Recommended by Danae
Yokai anime with an mc with similar personality who befriends a young girl and blonde male main also joins their party afterwards for both shows. The main characters from both shows are pretty much the same. Hanako= Yato, Nene= Hiyori, Minamoto= Yukine. Both of these series seems to have monsters/yokais that are created by the minds of the public. The comedy and action sequences can also be very similar. Main character seems to have a dark past that he hides by acting silly. Their backstories are very similar.
report Recommended by Spoonmaster12
Both dabble in the realm of will-they-won't-they relationships between supernatural beings and humans. While Hanako-Kun has ghosts instead of gods, it still has similar charm and action to Noragami, as well as a very unique artstyle.
report Recommended by peridoxikal
Really hard to not admit that Noragami and Hanako-Kun are similar, which both invole the story of urban legends and wish for gods to save the main character life in some way. Both having an adorable overpowered godlike main character with dark backstory with his assistant schoolgirl going through numerous enemies harming them for the sake of harming them. Do I also need to tell you about alternance between the world of gods and humans.
report Recommended by Gud91
Both MC are supernatural beings, one a ghost, one a god, Both have human girl becoming less human in a way, its hard to explain if you havent seen it, Both MC grant wishes for a price Both have a bit of romance
report Recommended by makismom
Okay so both worlds have youkai/ apparitions/ ghosts and the main trio is trying to fight them off. Both Yato and Hanako are supposed to grant a wish for the main heroines (Hiyori and Nene) thus both girls are stuck with the boys. It's kind of funny that both Yukine and Kou, who are basically sidekicks are both blonde. Nevertheless both shows are absolutely amazing and worth the time.
report Recommended by mokuRat
Main girl having some kind of problem that connects her with the supernatural world. Main boy from the supernatural world that can't be seen by most people. Plus both are funny/action series with a slight touch of romance and dark history behind all.
report Recommended by IsErnesto
Both series have a main girl who meets a boy who is not human. Both girls get involved with the boy and end up messing up their body. Then they both stay close to the boy in hopes of getting back to normal. Similar comedy in both series and both are revolved around how humans live among spirits etc. without knowing it. The main difference between the shows would be the art style.
report Recommended by Lizzy2407
Toilet bound hanako-kun carries legit the same thing with gods but make it Japanese myths and legends at a highschool <3 TBHK carries an amazing unique steam-punk art style and,, THE MOKKE OMFG THE BEST THING EVER I STAN PLEASE WATCH IT TO SUPPORT THE MOKKE ISTG <3
report Recommended by mokidoki
To start, both have fairly similar premises. Noragami is about a girl named Hiyori Iki who is hit by a car and saved by "Delivery God" Yato. However, as she did not get completely protected, her soul now randomly separates from her body, causing her to get mixed in with the world of the gods. Hanako-kun is about Yashiro Nene who summons the Seventh Wonder of her school, Hanako-kun of the Bathroom, to wish for love. Out of desperation to fulfill her wish, Nene accidentally gives herself the Mermaid's curse. In order to help weaken the curse, Hanako shares it with her in exchange for   read more
report Recommended by KugaTheCougar
-Main characters are exactly similiar to themselves. -Plot is also similiar. Just insert bounds instead of gods and supernaturals instead of ayakashis. -Both anime can be funny, heartwarming, exciting and serious at the same time.
report Recommended by RahibeAlex
It is very similar. Both Mcs have dark backstories and both do wishes. The only difference is that toilet bound is more comedic and instead of Gods it uses superstitions.
report Recommended by Kaikyou-kun
- 2 male 1 female trio - supernatural elements - fem lead went through a situation in which causes her to be stuck with the supernatural being till her problem is solved - has romance and comedy - a good balance of drama and comedy - darker/dramatic backstory of male supernatural lead
report Recommended by Ryelle
Both series are similar. In noragami you have stray god, in hanako you have toilet apparition which can be seen only by main characters and other apparition. Like Yato who can be seen only by main characters and other gods. Yato = Hanako Hiyori = Yashiro Yukine = Minamoto Both series are comedy, supernatural and shounen. In hanako you discover more apparitions, in noragami you discover more gods. Also at the beggining Yukine/Minamoto hates Yato/Hanako and maybe there's something beetween Yato/Hanako and Hiyori/Yahiro.
report Recommended by Evine
- Both incorporate Japanese mythology and various supernatural elements (ghosts, gods, phantoms, etc.). - Both have a male protagonist who is a supernatural being and has a cheeky and flirty (sometimes) personality, but has a dark past and tries to keep it from his friends so they won't hate him. - Both also have a female protagonist who has a very close relationship with the male lead, comes along on the adventures, and is part-supernatural and part-human. They can both see the male lead even though no one else can. The female lead is in charge of emotional support but has saved and protected the   read more
report Recommended by queenmichimiya
The genres are pretty similar and has the same forbidden romantic tension between the main characters
report Recommended by KoriTheFujoshi
if you liked Noragami, you'll like Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, and vice versa. both have: a main trio consisting of 1 non human dude with a mysterious past who constantly interact with spirits, 1 high school girl who becomes entangled with the supernatural because of their encounter with our main character and 1 blond boy that is also involved in supernatural shenanigans before the show starts both are decent (although hanako-kun's art style is a real stand out)
report Recommended by Cleptomanic
Yato and Hanako have a great similarity of personality, both incorporate Japanese mythology and various supernatural elements such as ghosts, gods and etc ... Hiyori and Yashiro both female protagonist characters have a supernatural and human side. Finally, both animes have comedy and a dark story behind it all.
report Recommended by MatheusYato
The shows have a main character that is not human but can interact with a certain human and only that human can see them.
report Recommended by Kwaxiiiii