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Alternative Titles

English: BTOOOM!
Japanese: BTOOOM!


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 2012 to Dec 20, 2012
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.541 (scored by 310,612 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #15582
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #97
Members: 532,393
Favorites: 3,159


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May 23, 2013
Hazegurl (All reviews)

In my effort to find animes that don't star some stupid little high school boy I decided to focus as much as I could on finding animes starring adults. My search didn't take that long surprisingly when I came across of a description "A 22 year old..." that my friend was how I discovered BTOOM!

I decided to give the anime a shot to see if I like it and ended up watching the whole thing in two days. :D Let me first talk about all the things I liked about it.

The story is about a guy who sits at home playing videos read more
Oct 29, 2012
GrimiReaper (All reviews)
The following review DOES NOT contain any spoilers.

Story: 9
Btooom! follows 22 year old protagonist, Ryōta Sakamoto. Ryōta is one of the world's best Btoom players, an online multiplayer where the objective is to seek out and destroy your opponents using BIMS (bombs). However, after being kidnapped and transported to a secluded island, he is forced to play the game for real.

The story entails a mix of survival and psychological. The story is literally booming with ideas. From the unique BIM variants, to the psychotic inhabitants trying to blow you apart at any opportunity.

Art: 8
In terms of art, Btooom! has a lot going for it. read more
Apr 26, 2014
mercury1980 (All reviews)
"This is where tomorrow brings a new game. It's time to learn that pain is gain. Ready FIGHT!"

Survival games have been very prominent in Japan. Normally, survival games will involve who gets killed and who will become the last man standing. Some of the survival games like Mirai Nikki, Fate/Zero, Danganronpa and others.

STORY (5):

Ryota Sakamoto is a NEET which stands for Not educated, employed or trained. He plays a new game called BTOOOM! and he became one of the top players. One day, he woke up in a deserted tropical island and he realized that he is trapped in a real-life game BTOOOM with read more
Dec 14, 2012
Stark700 (All reviews)
That feeling when you get when you realized your life is now fucked up, turned from virtual fun into a bloody reality, and your only chance to survive is to trust in no one (I mean it here) but yourself. With only your disposal – a package of bombs, a strange gem on your hand, and your own intuition, you realize that your life has been changed forever with your new life now residing on a strange island in the middle of nowhere...

So, what should you choose to do?

A) Panic! Scream and hope someone will help you out
B) Try to team up with someone and read more
Nov 12, 2014
BanjoTheBear (All reviews)
(This has been adapted from my reddit thread)

Sometimes the decisions we make aren't always the right ones. During the process, though, we often think that there is zero chance that we are doing could be wrong. But as we all know, "hindsight is 20/20." Most of the time, our choices not only cause a radical affect on ourselves but also on the people around us. Taking this in stride, BTOOOM! is an anime about bombs, psychology, and a host of problems that make the entire experience less than favorable.


BTOOOM! is a tale involving Sakamoto, one of the best players to play the game the anime read more
Dec 12, 2013
Shinatosark (All reviews)
When I started watching this anime I did not expect much, maybe it was going to be another sword art online? I was soon proved very wrong. First of all the anime takes place in the real world and not a virtual reality, so somewhat of the opposite of sword art online. We all love a good old game of kill or be killed btooom! offers another one, always been a fan of those sort of animes so it was a good choice for me to pick up. If you are into animes such as mirai nikki or danganropa then consider giving Btooom a try read more
May 7, 2014
Crim (All reviews)
As my expectations for starting the show "Btooom!" were relatively low, running into this action packed Dark Thriller, was actually quite a blast, It is hard to put away, despite the noticeable harsh flaws, it has great character backgrounds, and throughout most of the time, great execution.

Story:10, Like most popular shows recently, it is resolved around a video game. In this show, its resolved around a game called Btooom, a game where you attempt to kill a team of other players with bombs, obviously not sounding very exciting, that quickly jumps into a real life psychological triller death match on a island, leading you to read more
Dec 21, 2012
Roland1979 (All reviews)
Story is decent but not highly complex. Not complex but detailed.
It does it's job. 7/10

Art is good, not very good. 8/10

Sound is good, not very good. At times certain sound effects felt very realistic and I remember thinking the the sound-sample used for the situation was just right. Other times it's just good, not great. At times I felt the jungle environment could use a bit more background noise. It's there, but not consistently. 8/10

Characters have enough background and develop over time. 9/10

Enjoyment... well, as a FPS games fan I love it.
Removing the guns is just brilliant, and you can't help but hoping that some read more
Aug 31, 2013
MeIsAnOreo (All reviews)
Here is my review of Btooom!

STORY: 8/10

The story was great. With unpredictable twists and turns, you will be on the edge of your seat. The story was original, not like the genre of people being pushed into games of death has been used before, right? (cough cough, Sword Art online, Mirai Nikki, battle royal Cough, Cough)

ART: 9/10

The art used in this series is not like the type of art from anime today. The fight scenes were well drawn, and the use of lighting was fantastic.

SOUND: 9/10

The opening and ending songs were great, with the opening standing out more. The music in the background went read more
Mar 10, 2015
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
Popular anime with the concept of survival game (example: Mirai Nikki, etc) gave birth to a lot of anime who want to be famous too without changing the concept but change it slightly to create originality.They try to be great as their successor. One of those anime is Btooom! , came from studio Madhouse (king of anime studio) makes this anime has a heavy burden to be displayed. A lot of people expecting Madhouse's greatness, which make Btooom! looks very small in their eyes. Btooom!tells us a story of 22 years old Sakamoto Ryouta, this guy is the top scorer of the game Btooom! placed read more
Jun 28, 2013
paksheet (All reviews)
From the summary, I immediately thought that Btooom would be a crossbreed of Sword Art Online (which I watched first) and Battle Royale (live action movie, never read the mangas). As I liked BR a lot and thought SAO was decent, I had some expectations for Btooom, which it spectacularly failed to meet.

And the main reason is that both the protagonists are weak minded fools who become dumber and more useless as the show goes on.

Ryota, the main male protagonist, is a mixture of so many conflicting character traits he is like 3 different people. He is rude and violent towards his parents read more
Jan 23, 2014
Bear1211 (All reviews)
Videogames, and Anime seem to go hand in hand. A combination of the two should be a perfect union with the similar niche audience they target. There have been several attempts at such a union, and why not? Should be easy enough. For me, though, these shows never quite hit their mark. However I think I've come across one particular show that did - well, mostly.

Story: 7

"Btooom!" as I stated blends the two concepts of Anime and videogames together to form its narrative. Unlike other attempts at this such as "Sword Art Online"/".Hack Sign" "Btooom!" does something different. Instead of bringing the players into read more
Feb 26, 2014
xelyak (All reviews)
‘It’s just a game, right?’ – Ryouta Sakamoto

Btooom! is a psychological-action-thriller anime which is set predominately in the serious tone.

The Story: 7/10
The ‘game-then-not-a-game’ setting in anime has been used quite frequently these past years. They’ve become the main storyline in romances, harems, actions, thrillers and even horrors. Btooom! is another type of example, but it’s the most serious one that makes it different to all the others. The story is set like this: A young adult who plays the game Btooom! suddenly finds himself stranded on a mysterious island equipped with a bag of bombs where they need to kill other people, and take their read more
May 16, 2013
tsuyo_sama (All reviews)
NOTE: Although it’s not my first time writing a review, I’m still inexperienced with it (with this review being my first spoiler-free review), so please bear with me.

When I heard that Btooom! was going to get an anime adaptation, I got so excited about it, being a fan of the manga. Although I’m not a fan of it since the very first chapter, I could say that I’ve been a fan long before the news about its anime adaptation was announced, having read the manga for the first time when Chapter 13 was just released by the scanlators. The idea of people fighting and killing read more
Jan 17, 2015
Tiri (All reviews)
As a warning, I'm just going to start out with saying anime was pretty bad, and it really didn't even have an ending at all.

Story: 4
The overall concept of Btooom!'s story sounded really cool, and was the sole reason I decided to give it a try. It was a great show idea, and had so much potential, but that's really the only thing keeping the story's rating from dropping below a 4. There were no surprises in the plot, and any questions you may have had were given away within the first few episodes. From then on, it was more or less bland battles where read more
Dec 21, 2012
weewaaweewaa (All reviews)
Ever imagined what happens to Yagami Light if he doesn't pick up the Death Note?

BtOOB! (not a typo), is the story of a 22 year old NEET. 5 years ago, Yagami Light picked up the Death Note, only to find out that it is, in fact, a hoax. As a result of failing to rid the world of criminals, Light's father was buried by the Police forces' busy work schedule. His parents then divorced due to the neglect of the family, with his mother remarrying to another male. In the chaos of the family disputes, Light, bored of life and no longer inspired by read more
Nov 16, 2012
Andyis (All reviews)
Btooom! An old idea with a twist.

First person shooters such as Modern Warfare as well as Halo have been around since the turn of the century. However, even with guns, grenades and carepackages, none have ever decided to remove the most essential element of the games- GUNS.

If I had to explain what it would be like it would be somehow be similar to Ice cream without ice or chocolate cake without cake. However, it is not as bad as it sounds.


As you know, it is a survival game where only bombs are used. There is a set limit to the number of bombs and they read more
Oct 23, 2012
Rexzazel (All reviews)
As a reader of the manga, I came into watching the Btooom! anime expecting alot. When I heard it was being made into an anime I was ecstatic.

The thing about Btooom! that worried me the most was, nowadays, there are alot of "I'm in a video game!" anime out there, so for the anime Btooom! to come out now was pretty risky. But, since Btooom! isn't actually in a video game, it strays from the norm, and presents us with something new and exciting. Btooom! story wise, does have a video game undertone, but also has the psychological thrilling side like Battle Royale.

I read more
Mar 25, 2017
Sonal1988 (All reviews)
*mild spoilers*
The trouble with 12 episode anime not meant for school children is that they often go a bit too far to make it more “mature”. Which is exactly why I felt the rape scenes, sexual assault and abuses were completely unnecessary; they were included for shock value and judging by the positive reviews of how realistic this anime was, they worked.

I’d have given the anime a solid 8 if not for the extremely annoying female MC. Blonde, blue eyes, big breasts and a chubby face – the animators thought it’d be enough to make men swoon over this sniveling piece of mess, but nah. read more
Mar 7, 2014
Rawrzz03 (All reviews)
I found this anime searching for something like Sword Art Online and this one was one of the top recommendations an many sites. I have to say that it's very different from SAO, it's more like The Hunger Games because the action takes place in the real world.

I sincerely don't know why Btooom is not so popular because it has a pretty interesting story with different types of characters and the animation is really good. As I don't want to give any spoilers I will just say that the game follows the rule "Kill or be killed.", so the participants need to kill other read more