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Oct 11, 2014
I've just watch this special, and I got to say, when they say "Special" whoa, they mean it, co'z what it is was an uncensored much awaited 14th episode (if we can call it that way). But actually it was suppose to be episode 12 since the setting took place in the observatory where she met other witches and Kotori there hasn't been captured yet, but then again, the OVA would have been regarded as a filler episode, so frankly for an OVA to have a story would have been pathetic since it was still related to the parent anime. S I'm gonna present my ...
Oct 10, 2014
D-Frag!* (Anime) add
Ok, according to info, this OVA is taken from ninth special-edition volume of its manga, and I just gonna cut to the chase and just present my ratings for this OVA:

Story and art: Mediocre 5.

Because it was still the usual plot where there is no plot and everything rides on the male character, Kazama, so therefore there is nothing more to say on something when it was pretty obvious that it was the usual, same thing with the art since the one who did the illustration of both the manga and parent anime is the same one who did it anyways.

Sound: Poor 3.

Now I may ...
Oct 3, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Ok, so I've just finish watching this 24 episode anime and quite frankly I have mixed feelings about it, so I'm gonna cut to the chase and just present my ratings for this anime:

Story: Decent 4.

The problem with the story was that it has too much in it that the plot and the story-line itself wasn't easily understood, especially when it has a mixture of sci-fi mixed with supernatural, in my opinion the two genres are like oil and water that don't mix, it also has a combinations of "SOMEWHATS" and SOME SORTS"and I do mean "SOMEWHATS." First of all there is that somewhat of ...
Sep 29, 2014
Tokyo ESP (Anime) add
When I watch this thing, there are a couple of things that remind me of:

1. Batman
2. X Men
3. From Paris with love (the 2010 action movie)
4. 300
5. Big Boss
6. Taking of Pelham 123 (2009 action movie)
7. Dan Inosanto ( the Kali guy whom Bruce Lee fought in "Game of Death")
8. Jumper (A 2009 Sci-fi movie)
Sep 28, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Ok, lets just cut to the chase, what do we have in here? Well, is nothing more than your usual harem type anime, where everything and anything in it was all about the harem, nothing more and nothing less, so I'm just gonna present my ratings the way it is:

Story, enjoyment and overall: Mediocre 5.

The title of the anime is "Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?" I can't help by notice Takehaya san's misused of the punctuation like the question mark and exclamation point , well I guess them Japs have a lot to learn about its proper usage, but enough of that, there isn't any story at ...
Sep 27, 2014
The Irregular at the magical school........Frankly the title alone was a bit misleading, since the main character-in this case Tatsuya was more like a overly protective brother to Miyuki. Whether it is an anime, light novel or manga, we can't deny that this anime is a combination with bits and pieces from "Harry Potter" and James Bond sagas, and frankly, the series' combination of Sci-fi with magic wasn't bad except that it lacks one thing........and yes, it lacks a formidable antagonist, also there is the geo-political thing added to this anime where it indirectly concerns Japan's current conflict with China. But enough of that ...
Aug 17, 2014
Preliminary (17/23 eps)

Ok, so far nobody hasn't made a review of this retro type of anime, well, we all know that its manga version "Notari Matsutarou" was started in the 70's and ended in the late 90's and I can't blame anybody for probably having some lack of interest of anime since it has a rather slow progression and underrated, so I'm gonna give my ratings as to this anime's category, but take note that I'm gonna subject this review for updating on its last episode which right now (9/29/14), so here are my ratings, DOSUKOI!!!!:

Take note that this is an updated review, co'z when I ...
Jun 29, 2014
What does this anime remind me of? Ans, "The King and I" yes a classic 1956 movie (with its 1999 re-make) that you're great grandma has probably watched when she was younger and re-watch several times in some of those classic channels.......that is, if they have access to 'Turner Classics" or "MGM Classic, " hey, let's face it, it was almost identical to the classic where the king is a cold and uptight ruler and the girl is an independent outspoken individual, even thought there is that reverse thing, where in the classic it a east meets west kind of thing, here it was ...
Jun 26, 2014
...........................ok, so another mecha anime has just ended...............and I don't have much to say about this rather chaotic anime thing that combines with mecha, action, historical, harem and with some ecchi element, in fact I see this anime as something that desecrates the Tokugawa clan and its retainers, if I were one of the descendants of the Tokugawa or any of its retainers, I'd sure be suing studio J.C Staff and A.C.G.T for such embarrassment to the clan, so no more BS and here are my ratings for this anime:

Story and Character: Poor 3.

The story plot was chaotic, misleading and above all one ...
Jun 23, 2014
OOOOOOH, that was sweet another harem theme anime has ended, so time to make my review........and I'm gonna keep it simple.

Story, Enjoyment and Overall: Very Good.8.

Ok, there isn't any story at all its just a plot where it revolves around a perverted manga artist and his pretty assistant, even so the plot alone was sufficient enough to carry this anime's 13 min per episode around, sure there were the usual fanservices, but I have to admit it really does add to this anime's enjoyment and I really have no reservation to give this anime's overall a high score.

Art: Good .7.

It's the ecchi and I ...

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