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CodeBlazeFate Dec 10, 2:33 PM
I received a link to your latest blog and I must say, you are a fantastic reviewer. You did a marvelous job analyzing what made Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen such a masterpiece, and it honestly brought back some of the nigh tear-inducing feelings I experienced upon watching the show, especially in regards towards the final gauntlet of episodes. Can't wait to read more of your content.

The last two epiodes, as well as episode 7, are definitely among my favorites in all of anime. 7 for the phenominal directing and performance and shockingly accurate (mostly) details in regards to the setting of one of the 2 performances which was also featured in season 1. 11 because of just what a perfect sendoff it was for Bon and the initial trio (my god, the latter half of the episode was just perfection from a directorial standpoint and the final scene of Bon passion on was just marvelous). 12 for truly completing the circle and showing just how far the art has come, with Matsuda being alive being the cherry on top in terms of just knowing that like us, he got to see all of these people and witness all of these major events unfold throughout the medium of Rakugo. The nostalgic vibes of the final scene made a perfect sendoff to the show and left me grinning and near the point of tears for two hours straight.
Jex Dec 9, 1:27 AM
The second season may be more melancholic but it has a much more positive tone since it focuses on the future. The first season seemed to be cheerful and pleasant, but ended up being more depressing because it focused on the past.

The second season doesn't have Sukeroku so it tries to have multiple foils for Yakumo. Sensei is a waste of screentime, the various rakugo performers they meet along the way are irrelevant, and Yota is too bombastic to be a true counterpart to Yakumo. Konatsu almost makes up for this, but not quite.

The last episode shouldn't have existed. Matsuda was shown to escort Yakumo to the end, implying he died, but for some reason he's still alive in the last episode. It acts as nothing but fanservice with Sensei acting as the voice of the audience when speculating about Yakumo and Konatsu's relationship. The show should have ended on episode 11 since it was nothing but catharsis.
Jex Dec 8, 6:10 AM
Rakugo's second season wasn't as good as the first.
moondragon84 Dec 5, 4:29 AM
Hi there, i wanna drop by and say that you have an amazing blog, i added it to the bookmarks, fantastic review of Twin Star Exorcist. I have no idea how you managed to finish that but dear god is it awful in so many ways. So generic to the core that it does not mass anything, from "gonna be the best exorcist" to "running in to the boobs" thing that thise medium is kind of known for, regardless it was terrible.

Once more, keep up good work, i am loving your review and i am going to take some time to read more on your blog.
Tebls Dec 2, 2:39 PM
Keep up the good work! It's good to see you active on Reddit as well.

Thanks for your reply.
TypicalAnime Nov 12, 2:01 AM
Sadly i don't do reviews but i do read manga, I've read few mangas such as the ones you see on my list but mainly read manhua or manhwas.
p.s as of now I haven't reached my 400th anime so I have no idea.
TheEliteNub Oct 30, 12:54 PM
Considering how much more acclaim Penguindrum and Utena received in comparison to YKA, I'm sure you'd absolutely love them.

I just finished Penguindrum yesterday and thought it was quite good. Like everything Ikuhara touches, the presentation blows most things out of the water, with style oozing from every crevice. The aesthetic elements are extremely engaging, from the beautiful, expressive character designs, dense, colorful backgrounds, to the luscious piano and orchestra tracks. They all work together to create this very unique space upon which the story unfolds.

And of course the narrative structure is completely Ikuhara as well, which is where the show sometimes loses me. Locked behind the endless walls of symbolism and repetition are well explored themes with interesting historical/literary/cultural contexts, but there are stretches of the show where I just get bored honestly. In Penguindrum and Utena both, there are times I feel they're too self-indulgent. I can only handle so many deep monologues, surrealist representations, and characters throwing philosophy at each other before I zone out and wish for the episode to end already. I will say Mawaru Penguindrum was a lot easier to sit through than Utena in this regard.

Not that I would necessarily want to change anything about these shows either though. They're like a long puzzle that can be very gratifying to figure out and complete (one of my favorite moments of 2017 has been attending a Crispin Freeman lecture about the Utena movie). I just have to be in a specific mood to really enjoy them.

Overall I'm still pretty positive on Penguindrum. The sheer presentation and aesthetics are so strong that I'll probably never stop listening to the soundtrack or admiring the brilliance of the production. And while the storytelling sometimes makes me sigh, the actual content covered is interesting nonetheless. Strong 7 to a light 8 for me.

I think you'll have a great time with it Banjo!
TheEliteNub Oct 29, 7:27 PM
Wait Banjo how have you seen Yuri Kuma Arashi but not Utena or Penguindrum? :o
Spooky_ Oct 22, 10:47 AM
Just came from Reddit after seeing your comment and kinda got surprised seeing your fav character list. you must be a very dedicated chunnibyou fan.
TypicalAnime Oct 9, 9:57 PM
do you do any manga reviews, or read any mangas? much help would be appreciated.

p.s wheres the 400th anime milestone?
Atsuchi-kun Oct 6, 8:19 PM
Thanks for accepting my request banjo senpai . I read Some of your other reviews & they were really helpful too .I always make poor anime choices .So, your reviews really helped me a lot . I'll definitely check out your blog too . And , Thanks again ­čśŐ
animeiscool561 Jul 14, 8:27 PM
Shinoa Best Girl. She made Seraph of the End a lot better than it would've been without her. Her teasing was cute without being annoying, and in one case, she even did it to earnestly help Yuu bond with the other guy.

Plus she actually thanks Yu for saving her life, picks up both on what skills he's gained but also what could put her team in detriment.

Uranimesucks Jul 4, 5:04 PM
what did u like about no game no life more than mondaiji cause a lot of people are syaing "its a rip off of it"
Revaq Jun 22, 3:30 PM
Banjo, when you watch those last few episodes of Saekano S2, ESPECIALLY THE LAST EPISODE, please make sure you have something to put you back in a good mood again. The way it ended.. actions really lack consequences in this show is all I can say. It is damn upsetting and a waste of time. Sorry for being this vague, I guess I have to vent my frustration with the show. :(
pondipat Jun 11, 3:07 PM
Always happy to see Rakugo fans!

Greetings from Portugal!