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animeiscool561 9 hours ago
You seem to write a lot of reviews. A new friend of mine is planning something ambitious to basically make a MAL Metacritic, any interest in contributing?
animeiscool561 Feb 22, 7:20 PM
You seem to be the type of person who delves deep into a lot of thematic stuff regarding series in addition to its basic elements, highlighted by the boxes in your website. I've read a lot of those reviews. Since you haven't written reviews for them yet everyone else has, what are your specific thoughts on SAO I and II?

Reads review for Heavy Object

I guess you're tempted to crush the show with a Heavy Object?
animeiscool561 Feb 4, 8:35 PM
Any reason you disliked Season 2 of Assassination Classroom just as much as the first?

It was at least an improvement, it seems you asked a lot of questions about certain characters in your review of the first season that the second season answered more thoroughly. Granted, the cast was still spread too thin and it drags a bit near the end but I thought it worked out.
animeiscool561 Feb 1, 4:04 PM
New Polls up! Vote if you want to
animeiscool561 Jan 31, 4:59 PM
How goes Re:LIFE? Thinking of watching it soon
animeiscool561 Jan 23, 7:51 PM
"The more people we have in the community, the better off anime itself will be."

Interesting philosophy. You see a lot of "anime is dead" comments or ideas that it will never be as good as it used to be, but at that point anime was a niche medium, and now it's becoming more and more mainstream in popular culture. But it can lead other people to be able to form their opinions, see through the good and the bad, and eventually see into show making themselves
animeiscool561 Jan 22, 3:46 PM
Solid review of One Punch Man. Good show, it was worthy of its popularity even if it wasn't super amazing.
That1CluelessMC Oct 30, 2016 1:19 PM
That tokyo ghoul rootA rating was a bit overkill dontcha think?
It was at least a 5-6. I don't remember what I rated it but i rated it the same as i did the first season even though it was worse
Hyped to see Nonaka Yuki in your top characters list
Revaq Oct 9, 2016 3:18 PM
Damnit Banjo, didn't you notice today (in my timezone it isn't anymore) is my birthday!? Baka!


Yea.. I have to say that people are really forcing those goggles on them a bit too much. ,_, why can't Reina and her friend not do what you normally see in anime, holding hands and stuff. Isn't that what girls do normally? Or did Anime teach me wrong.

Nice to see you give Rakugo a 10. I think it is definitely well made but I can't really get into the characters. I wanted the story of the out of prison guy instead of the backstory of mr sensei. Forgive me for not remembering their names.
Revaq Oct 6, 2016 2:33 AM
On 'Yuri on Ice', did you also think that the ice skating choreography wasn't really that smooth and the lateral movement of the camera didn't really help with much? But there were times where it looked good. I expected something in the lines of Shigatsu where the protagonist has had a trauma which he must overcome and fight through it with his passion, the tone shifts were similar as well. I really hope to see a good sports anime from Yuri on Ice. I'm a sucker for people who share their passion with others and seeing them enjoy it.

Also, holy shit. The runtime for the first episode of Eupho. Seeing Kumiko's silly faces and cute sounds again brings a smile to my face.
Pixywing7 Oct 1, 2016 7:24 PM
Banjo and not Kazooie.

┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Revaq Sep 22, 2016 6:58 PM

Eh, I won't support MAL in any shape or form until they've removed malicious ads that pop-ups and is persistent not allowing me to close it or go back to the previous page without having to click shit.

I hope you'll enjoy New Game! and Amanchu since they're my favorites of the season. I dropped Mob Psycho since I got utterly bored and wasn't at all interested in the premise. We have Yuru Yuri Euphonium to look forward to in Autumn. :D Otherwise Autumn Season looks rather dull, perhaps the worst of this year, with only Eupho, Gundam and Ajin as the only titles of.
Revaq Sep 22, 2016 5:13 PM
You're a MAL supporter? Ehhh!? You're such a weirdo, Banjo.
animeiscool561 Sep 10, 2016 9:36 PM
He said: "You're damn right, Banjo Kazooie is a fantastic game". It's the one game he can always go back to, along with Melee and Wind Waker. He continually plays and beats the game once every summer.

Also, great things Btooom review. Really didn't like that show.

It's a rare show where even the concept has plot holes. If it was a dystopia messed up world with a strict government system, I'd forgive the concept, but it's so similar to the real world. Heck, the reasons why the main characters were even sent are incredibly shallow. The rape in episode 2 initially turned me off, but I would've been fine with it if she wasn't used for fanservice later, not used as a way to make Himiko a stronger character, and to have that scene of a bomb bouncing off her giant
animeiscool561 Sep 10, 2016 12:50 PM
Great reviews. My cousin's a huge fan of Banjo Kazooie as well, goes by auraknight647.

Excited for Yooka Laylee?