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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season
Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season
Sep 20, 6:23 PM
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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu
Sep 16, 7:21 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Sep 16, 4:45 PM
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SceneryExplorer4 Sep 18, 7:19 PM
Agreed! I very much respect your work ethic, participation in the anime community, writing ability, and overall taste. Looking forward to watching Chuunibiyou, I'll put it high up my PTW!
Kano Sep 3, 4:05 PM
────────────────────────▄█──▄█▄─▀█ LET THE VOICE OF LOVE TAKE YOU HIGHER
SunlitSonata Jun 27, 9:31 PM
Still, the essays when present are interesting. Part of the reason I enjoy so many of your reviews is that by having your own website, you're able to get into extensive detail, include pictures and have analyses filled with plenty of actual proof from the series.

It depends on the story. If a story resolves its world without answering vital components of the setting, it is more at fault. However, not answering every question in a franchise that will continue to explore that same setting in latter installments is perfectly acceptable. Enough needs to be done in the first go to get a unique feel for it even if juicier details are left untouched atm.

The first season is solid with some high points where the novel's strengths get around some shifty production, but what I like about Rokka no Yuusha as a series is that it constantly challenges the mental state of its characters, escaping the usual "we-all-get-along-like-fated-buddies" thing of any shounen. There's always a lot of tension, without the OPness of any particular character, which for a Light Novel show I appreciate a lot, since many of those are infamous for the overpowered all focusing nature of their protagonists. In every book, characters have some sort of desperate idea or gambit they want to convey/pull off, but they are put in compromising positions that will turn everyone else in the moment against them for reasonable circumstances. You saw that in the series with Adlet, but later installments put that on Maura, Goldof, and SPOILER character, which does the Mikaela thing from Seraph of the End only way less awkward. There's a rhyme and a reason to why
was chosen as the 7th Brave, since it goes to affect other character arcs and the worldbuilding fed out overtime, constantly making you ask questions. An action series (with tactics!) cross bred with a paranoid thriller makes for a doubly compelling read in a market full of JRPG inspired Isekais, or high school drama/battle anime.

OK, I'll keep up with it. Sakura Quest didn't hit the highs of Shirobako for me, but it was still enjoyable enough.
SunlitSonata Jun 23, 7:24 PM
Great Made in Abyss review! I enjoyed reading it but I liked your essay regarding worldbuilding even more. The author put a lot of thought into even tiny details, as well as the way aspects of culture are seen amongst the residents. Questions regarding the makeup of the Abyss, or the disease referenced in that one episode are fine things to leave hanging. Answering every question immediately wouldn’t give people a reason to come back.

I also enjoyed your Rokka no Yuusha review a lot. It didn’t have the greatest production value and it ended incomplete, but the mystery was a fair mystery that didn’t hide details from the audience, providing introduction to the concept fairly well with a unique character/setting aesthetic. Great character designs. Reading the novels forward, it manages to keep the suspense and mysteries in settings of grand battles, and provides backstory for more of the Braves.
tekkengod1234 Apr 29, 3:40 PM
thanks! i really needed that haha, i wish the same for you
SunlitSonata Apr 11, 6:52 AM
My man! How goes Made in Abyss for you? Looking forward to your essay and eventual review on that. How you liking it?
UWUGOD Mar 31, 6:59 PM
I love you
UWUGOD Mar 31, 5:22 PM
How do I report people for bad taste
Jex Mar 14, 4:13 AM
Konosuba 2 is awful. Unfunny and a step down from the mediocre first series. Such a reddit show.
-Alians- Mar 9, 12:43 AM
I see you like Rikka. Just like I do. Your secrets are no longer secrets. I know them all!
Captain220 Feb 27, 10:00 PM
Was gonna give you some criticism regarding formatting from glancing over the Orange review off the front page but noticing the amount you've written, I don't feel like it's my place anymore lol. Nicely done!
AkuseruVIII Feb 22, 7:44 PM
I like a lot of your Berserk 2016 review because it's very clear that you never watched and read Berserk before yet it was great review. I just wanted to explain something about Berserk 2016 and Berserk as a whole..

''In the past, when people asked, “Which character has suffered the most?” Guts would nearly unanimously be the top reply. I never understood why. Not that I doubted the answer, but I didn’t think it was as bad as people made it out to be.''

To understand why people say that you should watch 97's Berserk/Movies or read the manga because the anime is a adaptation of the third arc of the story ( Conviction) while mix some part of the first arc ( Black swordman ) and other from Lost Children arc ( a mini arc before Conviction) in the three first episodes. Also a lot of the flashbacks are from the Golden age arc , the most important arc in Berserk.

Annd Keep in mind that only this arc, the next and Golden age was adapted to anime..

I highly recommend the manga because is way better but old anime + third movie combination would help you more about Guts , Casca and especialy Griffith already.

'' The whole forgotten-man-turned-world-egg seems a bit more out there and a lot more convenient in regards to the narrative. ''

In the manga that make more sense because you don't have all behelit concept because that anime skip over..

''The plot itself also has problems. The first few episodes are there to establish the setting (a disease-ridden world swarmed with monsters) and introduce some of the main players (Guts, Farnese, etc.) Afterwards, though, the show doesn’t know what to do. Guts’s self-proclaimed mission to take out all the Apostles gets pushed aside, and the whole second half of the anime can be boiled down to “save Casca for the four hundredth time.”'

Again the anime skipped over one arc and mini arc (and keep in mind that this two arcs are separated by Golden age arc..) but tried to ''fix'' mixed up them for no reason. Also complete skip and never explain things like what hell is that fetus or why Zodd do'nt have a horn.. They made a huge mess.

''Near the end of the third episode, the anime depicts a large city rampant with troubles, the death of a king, and a young woman (who is calling out for Griffith) who will inherit her father’s role – just as another nation begins their attack. Yet, afterwards, this city and this girl are never shown again, and that attacking nation (presumably it’s them) only shows up twice more. Once as they tail Guts and once more right as Griffith is reborn.'''

To you understand all this plot you need to read/watch the golden age and the rest of the manga because the anime tried to be faithful to the manga but never give you all this plot about Midland vs the attacking nation and for some reason they added more in second season but again stopped halfway through.

This anime adpatation aswhole is a huge mess.. Berserk is really good story that make sense and have amazing themes but this anime fail to show this and mess up thing for newcomers. Again i can't recomend enough the manga or the old anime+thrid movie.

Oh sorry about my english..

PyroPearl Feb 17, 9:57 PM
I like the way you wrote your review about ansatsu kyoshitsu, but a good part of the critic was bad.
Well written, not a good opinion tho.
Most part its your personal opinion, because you just dont like this specific anime genre.
Like One Punch Man or another anime that you basically knows the end, before watching, Ansatsu Kyoshitsu has the same premise.
So the first part of the critic, saying that its too repetitive, just dont make any sense, because the whole plot was built in killing Koro-Sensei, like One Punch Man was built in Saitama killing everyone with one punch, and both of the animes have a good character and plot development.
You said that the jokes werent good enough for a mature crowd, but i have to disagree with you, the jokes are fun, IF you like the premise,and yes, of course, an yellow monster full of tentacles, weird and crazy, but if you think that is dumb, or the chances of that premise fails are high, your critic will get stuck to that.

The thing you said about, the feeling of being rewarded, watching Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, was very personal, but i also disagree with you, the good part for me was watching the good life lessons, maybe because the problems im staring are similar, but in another level, this is just a opinion, not a critic to your critic.

About the focus, nothing to say against here, but the focus, just the focus, was not a big deal to me, i was wanting to see more of the actual students and less about the BG, im not saying its not important, and im not saying ur wrong, im just saying, its not the biggest problem.

The Opening really has the thing that you said, but that repetition adds in the show, a personal touch, like the Death Parade Opening was to me. different, not annoying, but that is my ear, and musically you are right. Just another opinion.

The critics about the characters, i agree that they dont have any bg, and the protagonist was little explored, but saying that Koro its a bad character, is forcing a general critic, maybe his personallity was too short, or his motivations, but its fun to watch his attempts, reactions and the whole mannerism.

Now, the last part. Too Kiddy, welp. Maybe, but having this crazy premise and having cliches, jokes about death attempts, or just silly nicknames, like the bitch thing, making a little juvenile, isnt necessarilly bad, like no game no life, or any other ecchi you find. Maybe your taste its beyond that type of joke, or plot, but saying that the anime is focused on this type of crowd, its not true.
I like to think this anime, was made to a great number of crowds, but a personal opinion about jokes, or cliches, is a personal opinion, so, i cant refute saying your taste is bad.

And sorry for the bad english.

Eruka Feb 15, 8:49 PM
I enjoy reading your recent reviews. They give me the image that you're open to see the best in shows and despite disagreeing with parts of them I can say you're as fair but at the same time as relatable as humanly possible. We all have our likes and dislikes but I respect your POV.
MetaThPr4h Feb 14, 7:24 PM
> If recall correctly, Tanaka-kun is one of your top favorites, yes?

Yes it is! Still loving it since the day I watched the first episode n_n

> It's always such an awesome feeling to stumble upon those shows that really resonate with us. I was lucky to have that happen with me twice over quite recently with Rakugo and 3-gatsu.

You couldn't be more right! I'm also experiencing this really hard lately after I watched Bakuman, and now that I finished (or will finish really soon) the rewatches of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and Nagi no Asukara, so many series I'm loving in such a small span of time! <3

Rakugo was a nice series! /r/anime will start a rewatch of it this Sunday and I'm considering to join in to watch the series again. I can't say I'm too much of a fan of 3-gatsu sadly, but the second season has been a considerable improvement IMO, that 3 weeks break tho q_q

> I do still have to get to some other fan-favorites like Made In Abyss and Houseki no Kuni (within the next few months)

They were 2 of my favorite series from last year! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, looking forward for a review of them from your part if you get in the mood too!