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Dec 29, 2013
(really a 9.5 but meh) Note: there are traps, men and women.

have you ever read a story but felt there was a little too little material? just not enough to interest you? nothing really happening?

well this, (a trap series) uses traps in a magical setting with cute girls? and handsome guys? with a romantic feel so it's really nice.

the art is beautiful; pretty much what I want our world to be,

this is a series with more of a serious feel with traps. serious as in it has a plot, not this feels depressing as heck.

overall, this is a good fantasy romance. if you don't ...
Dec 7, 2013
Ok. if you watched the first season you might as well watch this too.

in fact, it is quite amusing.

The protagonist opens the episode declaring he is a lolicon ( yes, I thought it was an error too ). unfortunately ( for me anyway ) this episode focuses on origami, and tohka.

The art is as crisp as ever and the song ( especially the introductions ) were quite pleasing.

if anything is lacking, I'd say it's the characters but you should be ready for a static tohka and origami, after watching season 1.

Oct 19, 2013
Doubt! (Manga) add
Preliminary (5/15 chp)
the central character in every story is the protagonist. However, many authors simply incorporate an unstable protagonist or even omit the protagonist. Though the story can still be enjoyable, it would be be tantamount to eating simply cream rather than Ice cream... if you know what I mean ( if you don't go and put the ice cream in the microwave. not pretty ).

If anything is the most enjoyable part about of this manga, it is the protagonist. He uses his wits and reminds me of both Keima from TWGOK and lelouche. He notices he most minuscule of details and uses his rhetoric to ...
Oct 5, 2013
Preliminary (34/53 chp)
It is a shame to see no review for this manga so I decided I'll try to convey my feelings so you don't simply decide to not read it due to its tags.

Is it ecchi? a bit, but not to love ru. mostly for comedy such as - you are the coach so you can't see us as women.

No, you do not need to like sports or understand pro wrestling. heck, I dislike almost all sport anime cause I'm jealous that I can't do such things ( so I did 10 pushups while reading this manga). the selling point is the character relations ...
Sep 28, 2013
Preliminary (5/14 chp)
I was attracted by the beautiful art and gave it a try, despite the synopsis sounding like a trite story about a group of people watching movies and a robot that watches movies with them.

However, the story is so much more.

If I had to sum it up, these robots want the protagonist's seed because of it may be able to create soldiers and there were two people who were sent to protect him.

This is better than most harems in my opinion because the story is somewhat coherent.

Also, the protagonist is far from cool but isn't that annoying.

The fights are quite fun and the ...
Sep 25, 2013
Preliminary (10/48 chp)
Do you hate pointless fanservice?
Well you aren't alone. Our protagonist here fights this world of panty shots, boobs and such with only his martial arts and his gut.
Secret technique of the ape! put on some pants woman...

But seriously. that's the general synopsis.

why is this great?

non perverted protagonist
many bad asses (especially our mc, understanding one should develop both brain and body)
Jul 31, 2013
Have you ever wished to be someone other than yourself? A person of the opposite gender, a wealthy billionaire or be more athletic.
A second chance in living raises a bunch of opportunities, and allows one to take actions that they may have been unable to do otherwise.

This manga is nothing short of a masterpiece. Through a beautiful introduction, it shows the friendship between two boys, only to have one of them die, not knowing if his friend truly appreciated his efforts. His friend's simple wish, to marry a wife and live an average life, could not be fulfilled with him. So then he becomes ...
Jul 23, 2013
Preliminary (2/111 chp)
This is great. It is about a person who supposedly has visions of the future and gets out of the visions suddenly, as quickly as he gets in. He does not have power over when to have those visions nor when to leave it. Thus, it results in hilarious situations and he tries to "change his future". Also, he is a really big loser, along with other friends which also benefits the humor. Though this may not be for those who seek a deep story or a badasses MC, it is quite a humoress romantic comedy and definately will get you your worth of laughtor. ...
Jul 16, 2013
Preliminary (4/12 chp)
This is fantastic.

The art is cute, the story is funny and the characters are funny as well.

However, what makes this series stand out is its use of scientific explanations for how an old geezer turns into a young girl, how invisibility works as well as how erections occur. It is partially blocked out so you have to guess parts of it but nevertheless it is amazing.

For example, it mentions how there are telomeres in DNA and chromosomes, REM (rapid eye movement), refraction of light and more. As someone interested in biochemistry, it is really exciting. But again, who doesn't enjoy knowing how things work and ...
Jul 9, 2013
Preliminary (2/3 eps)
The super cute Ika musume strikes back again.

As many may be aware, Ova rarely contain much of a plot so there is not much progression.

Nevertheless, this OVA is hilarious, cute, and gives a new view for each characters ( not that much but ok ).



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