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Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!
Today, 1:47 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Dec 1, 11:46 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Red Garden: Dead Girls
Red Garden: Dead Girls
Dec 1, 8:54 AM
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Kirai de Isasete
Kirai de Isasete
Aug 12, 7:05 PM
Completed 14/14 · Scored -
Daughter of the Emperor
Daughter of the Emperor
Jul 23, 7:01 PM
Reading 188/? · Scored -
The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
Jul 8, 5:50 AM
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-SeRg- Jul 9, 5:23 AM
Oh hey there! hehe that is nice to hear ^__^ aye jing and kino are quite similar! hmm I dont think there are that many that are simialr to those but try Black Cat! Pretty nice main character =D
Soulsfear Jul 2, 8:39 AM
Ye..ending was pretty alright.Too bad we never got the manga ending..same with Reborn!
Ookiku Furikabutte is great..even nowdays..makes me feel laidback watching the main male and female lead there.Wonder how is manga gonna end.Though with how manga and its writting style has been for a long time I don't really need season 3 of this.Seems like A-1 ditched it in favour of Working!! insated that got adaptated in only 3-cours xD ..even Nanatsu no Taizai,they didn't have anyone who wanted to direct/animte these fights properly and it was way too budget heavy.

It's actually surprising how near perfect the OST usage was during the 2nd season of Kaguya-sama since in 1st season it was about 85% the right call and even with the not so perfect interaction during the first year or so of the manga they managed to make it great ride anyway...for both seasons anyway.Kaguya-sama and SAO is their ''milk'' factory for now I guess xD

Yup.Tokyo Ghoul anime was..not something you want to look back at after the 2nd season and the whole sequel rushfest in anime form xD The 1st half of the 1st season did good enough job to get you to make you read the manga anyway. was something that was enjoyable at the ''era'' it was made in but I prefered Special A to this back then.If I would rewatch some of these low-key hits now,I would question their worth I guess.With the never seen continuation it's a shame but Ouran High School should've had reboot by now his ''brother'' Soul Eater xD Though the manga ending in Soul Eater wasn't that much better than the anime one a sense it was the same,just reworked with some tweaks I felt like.Can relate to that since I had Soul Eater in favs when it was still at like 8.30s score back then - there really weren't that many animes where Mamoru voiced the best ''shota'' chara in all the shounens xD

But Bofuri uses it's characters pretty well for the most part..except for that the thing that stood out is the amount of screentime they give to real life and in-game is in perfect ratio...meanwhile SAO,or rather Asuna in real life and most of her screentime can be such a snorefest to me xD
Smartphone had ike only 2 interesting episodes to me but that's about it.With the pacing as it was I felt like it was better that way..I don't dislike these do-or-die tactics where at this point everyone saw isekai or two..xD Kenja no Mago was interesting but so heavily inconsistent...I mean when it relies on the character interacitons too much you end up enjoying like minute or two from it since it had somethign you could relate the way someone stated something.The power levels and fighting/match ups were just alright to me.Well,hang in there with Kenja I guess xD
Soulsfear Jul 1, 3:30 PM
Eyeshield was great,though the anime made be not care that much about the characters later on...just like Naruto Shippuuden xD Prince of Tennis 2001 was the first tennis anime that made me pumped because how ridiculous it eventually got with the character cast and the variety of moves that Ryoma ''borrowed'' from other xD His ''Mada Mada Dane'' used to be my nickname back in 2011 on my old account xD The manga is going for too long though but it's understandable with Jump SQ...the pages count in total is like twentish pages per issue but in 3 chapters which ''kinda'' is ridiculous.It runs nonstop since 1999 except for period march 2008 - march 2009..just to plan things out I guess.Like staying away from Weekly Shoune Jump and go with the ''sequel'' into Jump Sqare xD I wish the manga would end eventually.I mean they try give match to everyone relevant if possible but the writting itself is just way outdated at this point..or the same one could say.

Well,depends on genre and if it's show where the characters actually grow or are supposed to grow/mature.But ye,reminds me how Tokyo Ghoul anime got the promo treatment for both main and sequel series..xD
I used to have problem with watching these kind of complex animes while actually make quick sense of it in my head..the possible foreshadowing,the reason why the behaviour of that chara was placed/misplaced there like that etc. Now i'm fine with it...with connecting the bits and peaces,getting the rest of ''untold'' things in screentime by myself but that doesn't apply or don't try to when in shounen and this ''easygoing'' setting,if you know what I mean in a way xD

I only read some fast translations of the web novels few years ago and never peeked into the actual manga or the official LN so should be nice experience I guess.Well,if it's something that grows on me like BOFURI did by the end of cour than I'll be amused xD Slime-san is probably one of my fav isekai animes..even if the anime was ''weird'' 1st cour was LN adaptation and 2nd cour was manga adaptation :S ...still worked out nice I guess.Now they split the cour for the 2nd season,the casual trend for isekai animes nowdays (like Re:Zero 2) so I hope for both cour for 2nd season to gain some respect for fans to make them want 3rd season since 8-bit animation studio didn't to that much in the past decade.
Soulsfear Jun 30, 10:58 AM
I see..the lizard stuff would probably work more for the mass like 20-30 years ago I guess? You're not in the minority regarding that.
Akane was..fine,at that time I was first watching it.I mean for the contrast it's pretty interesting risk to make her behave like that and so on.As a whole it was really great experience...even the ''leftovers'' of 3rd season that were made into a movie made me without any doubt and answered what I suspected up to that point.There needs to be sequel just to see if it's going to be hated as 2nd season or not.Miyano Mamoru-san as a new chief probably won't be enough for the masses anymore with possibly more screen time for HanaKana once more - we're not in 2010 anymore,you see xD

Kumo Desu ka..which was supposed to come out in late 2020 but got delayed to winter 2021 or something which makes me suspect that MADHOUSE may be involved since the 2nd cour of No Guns Life got delayed even with the pause it already got for the 1st quartal.They probably don't want the rumours to be repeated regarding the working conditions or late payments or whatever it was ages ago.Chihayafuru 3 looked solid for all the moments during matches..the rest is fine if it looks average.

I see..though binge watching 1-cour animes can make you feel biased for a moment I feel like,but ye..if you love the idea or how they use the characters,there's no problem going full speed ahead and question any decisions the characters were put into or something like that.It's probably harder to get momentum in animes with like Diamond no Ace..I mean the amount of episodes/chapters it took him to become an ace xD
Soulsfear Jun 29, 11:47 AM
I see...well,can understand it not being everyones taste but it was good change of pace giving screentime to something else that is not the main gang or the MC himself..from time to time even mortals gets the blessing being the main focus..xD
Well,I wouldn't mind really..but since they ditched Black Lagoon (or they just wait manga for it to end),Ippo and possibly No Guns Life - it wouldn't suprise me if they were more of secondary studio for majority of the animes.But since that Spider anime that is coming in 2021 doesn't have confirmed animation studio,one could think that that may be behind that least partically.Marathoning sports anime can be hard..if either of the main characters doesn't grow on you enough then it's understandable.It takes months for Eijun to get somewhat consistent as a player.Even when he gets his ace number it still takes few games from that point for him to be an ace in eyes of other teams.
HinomaruZumou was pretty good stuff despite it being ''GONZO'' lol.The manga didn't drag either despite it becoming predictable even with this unusual setting,I mean who else he could fight after that ending/last match lol..and he actually gets a girlfriend (it's hard to not guess whos the one lol).
ScantLeopard336 Jun 28, 7:13 PM
The movie was disappointing mainly because it could've been so much more. For me, hearing the OST in theaters was almost worth the price of admission on its own. But my one friend was not happy with the movie at all. It does it's job as a recap, but it simply cannot compare to rewatching season 1. Movie 3 ended up being everything I wished Movie 1 was.
Soulsfear Jun 27, 4:19 PM
But I actually enjoyed how they handled the 2nd cour/season...too bad that Madhouse probably won't touch any isekai stuff anymore..they didn't do any in 2 years ever since Overlord III which leads to the answer with sports genre and that is Diamond no Ace which is probably what Madhouse going to stick in for since they did the Act II 4-cours by themselves alone and by the end of it the manga was only like 30ish chapter ahead.It has plenty of characters so there has to be one you going to like..eventually xD There's 177 episodes alone for the TV series alone so you can take your time and maybe catch up by the time they announce Act II 2nd season or something.
Watching Yowamushi Pedal Movie I highly recommend..since the 3rd years won't get to race/get much focus after that but in the end it doesn't matter since it's more or less filler/delaying the progress of the main freshmen trio and their goals.But if you like most of the characters in it it should be fine watching it.
Soulsfear Jun 27, 1:26 PM
ye...he was the most interesting ''dark horse'' out of all characters and his backstory pretty much leads up to his personality/mentality up to this point,though he changes throughout the series without showing it much to others.He has pretty interesting 1st year under his helm as well later on.Dunno what is gonna happen in the manga (with most of the characters) since it's only Onoda that is getting main focus in his new ''mountain bikes'' love interest at the moment xD
You Should definitely check them out the remaining 2 seasons,despite the 3rd one being mostly a set-up for the 4th one which results the 3rd one being slow as a whole compared to 4th one,since there are new members and stuff like that..and some side developments that some like or dislike.
Soulsfear Jun 27, 12:40 PM
Yup.Kinda interesting someone having Midousuji in favs as well.
Soulsfear Jun 26, 7:30 AM
thx for accepting my FR..nice to meet you.
I found you via Kabuto77+Ayato-Hiragi..xD
JasserHamrouni15 Jun 23, 1:45 PM
Kabuto77 Jun 10, 7:31 AM
Happy early Birthday, Swede!
Ezekiel_01 Jun 1, 4:43 AM
Hello how are you?
mbyhmma May 24, 7:06 PM
Hahaha oh no! (I did too though lol; I was proper disappointed in myself hahaha)

Oh man who was that dude from the first link - a main character of the anime? Was it good? A ripped dude absolutely destroying someone while singing - I'm already intrigued XD

Girl singing had an amazing voice. Was not expecting that at all :O and a cappella too! Omg, so many new anime to watch, so little time!
Moomochi May 22, 5:02 AM
Thank you! My reviews are mostly to compile my own thoughts but I'll generally always include a notification that spoilers will be in a review if they're there.