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Sep 23, 2015
A very peculiar creature is living among us, elusive for so many years due to its ability to perfectly imitate a human being. First discovered by SankakuHead in 2013, but his findings are in a language known only to few, but thanks to the hard work of cryptologists at Dogakobo they have provided us with SankakuHead's findings in a format we can make sense of and I am writing this report after going through their findings.

Though without a botanical name as yet, but persons around it refer to the creature as 'Umaru', so we shall refer to it as such within the course of this read more
Oct 3, 2014
You won’t be blamed if you come into redial with a bit of hesitation, whether you enjoyed or hated the original series, the fashion in which it concluded didn’t leave much in terms of stones unturned that viewers might be too curious to unearth. Redial however could leave you pleasantly surprised.

Redial takes place in the 3rd world following the end of the series. A girl named Gasai Yuno experiences a sense of Déjà vu from most things around her and faintly recalls fragmented memories that she doesn’t know of and someone whose face she can’t seem to remember, Kingdom Hearts-esque stuff. There is an amicable read more
Mar 4, 2014
Haruhisa’s retelling of China’s warring state times is now in full swing, the first season came off as vastly impressive and the second was expected to do nothing but hit new heights.

The biggest talking point of the 2nd season would without a doubt be the art. If you were worried coming off from the mostly CG first season then you can put your worries to rest. It would seem that at the start of the first season, producers had very little expectations for Kingdom and its budget was kept low, but with the advent of soaring Manga sales and anime popularity, they decided to spare read more
Jan 1, 2014
On the surface Arpeggio has a few detractors but if you allow people to finish airing their subjective complaints about how CG never blends well with anime, the harem genre is overused and how they don’t want to be made to remember complicated words like Super gravity Cannon and Klein’s field, you’ll find that Arpeggio has a decent story, a setting with rich possibilities heavily untapped by the anime world, interesting characters and an all but obvious moral lesson at the end.

For 7 years the Fleet of Fog, an armada of highly advance naval vessels have taken over earthly waters, with every attempt to reclaim read more
Jul 8, 2013
Aiura (Anime) add (All reviews)
Anime shorts are quickly becoming a new trend in the industry, and while quite a few people see them as nothing more than annoyances and most times space consuming drivel, it really isn’t the case, as they more than in one way help to promote the industry. They can be viewed as akin to indie developers, there are a lot of animation studios in japan but not all of them have the manpower or prowess to continuously dish out 24 minute episodes for 12 weeks. Shorts give a chance for the smaller studios to make a name for themselves using very limited resources, and just read more
Jun 28, 2013
Given the recent popularity of the horror survival genre in games and live action in the west, it’s a bit surprising that the east hasn’t shown too much keen in this rich genre, needless to say there will be some oddballs such as Iwahara Yuji who try to give it a go, and he achieved this with a few shocking results.

With a cure yet to be discovered, the disease Medusa scourges through the human race, leaving only suffering, sorrow and ultimately death in its wake. It is in such a world that Kasumi finds herself in, and with the disease already plaguing her, it’s only read more
May 23, 2013
For almost 3 decades, the world of ‘The legend of Zelda’ has continued to astound us with not only great gameplay mechanics but with a setting so immersive and well thought out that to this day remains to be a pioneer figure in the video games industry. We are all aware of the hugely impounding popularity of the games, but how does the manga installment of skyward sword fair up to its game counterpart?

Unfortunately that last statement doesn’t hold, there is little comparison between this one shot and its game counterpart. Unlike the other mangas of Zelda that are a retelling of the games’ story, read more
Apr 6, 2013

Vampires; Unfortunately writers have not been kind to our sharp toothed and blood thirsty friends, as they are constantly subject to antagonism, animosity, resentment and moral bias in most franchises that they appear in, Blood soul is no exception.

Naoyuki Fujisawa’s manga takes place in a world where both humans and demons exist, with the humans living in constant fear of the demons, to their salvation comes the Van Hellsing church, an order who prioritizes its main job as the ‘purification’ of demons with the ambition of one day creating an all human world. Our protagonist here is Red, a fallen vampire lord out for blood read more
Feb 25, 2013
Kingdom (Anime) add (All reviews)
"War educates the senses, calls into action the will, perfects the physical constitution, brings men into such swift and close collision in critical moments that man measures man." – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1882.

Yasuhisa Hara’s Manga takes place in the warring state period of China, as the country is divided into seven smaller nations, each trying to conquer the other. It follows a young war orphan named Xin from the Country Qin, who one day on his way returning to his village with his best friend witnesses a battle between two armies, inspired by the spectacle before him, he vows to one day become one of read more
Jan 21, 2013
Btooom! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Despite Moral Values which are supposedly instilled in all human beings, Violence and Lust are two sensations that will always be prevalent no matter how much of a saint you claim to be. Taking the violence route, deathmatches are activities that people enjoy watching to appease this sensation, however since this activity is not something that is practiced in a modern world anywhere, most shows like Mirai Nikki for example will try to involve some sort of supernatural event to give the story more depth. Therefore it was with great surprise when I stumbled upon btooom and discovered it threw away such ethics and read more