Full Moon wo Sagashite

Searching for the Full Moon

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Full Moon o Sagashite
Japanese: 満月をさがして
English: Searching for the Full Moon
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Type: TV
Episodes: 52
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2002 to Mar 29, 2003
Premiered: Spring 2002
Broadcast: Saturdays at 07:30 (JST)
Producers: Nihon Ad Systems
Licensors: VIZ Media
Studios: Studio Deen
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: MusicMusic
Demographic: ShoujoShoujo
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.941 (scored by 4079140,791 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #6312
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1673
Members: 97,680
Favorites: 1,639

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Both have idol and singing themes, both are really cute. ^^ 
report Recommended by roseice
The story is alike, both shoujo and are sometimes funny and sometimes sad.. both drama's 
report Recommended by Jelly_Spaghetti
these series have a girl who changes magically for the sake of the boy she is in love with. but in contrast to other similar anime revolving around this theme Tutu & Fullmoon have really wonderful stories & unforgetable characters. at the beginning there is comedy and romance, later drama. plus the music is a focus point (Fullmoon=singing; Tutu=dancing to classic). in short: watch 'em both. 
report Recommended by DarkLaila
It's both about reaching out to your dreams/goals, though one is about singing and the other about ice dancing. Both involve death, but Full Moon Wo Sagashite develops a more serious tone in this aspect, which is quite logical considering that Ginban Kaleidoscope only covers 12 episodes, while full Moon Wo Sagashite has 52 episodes. Most important of all, both have great characters that won't give up!! 
report Recommended by SonnyGoten
Both are magical girl series with drama and comedy and, of course, romance. Mitsuki (Full Moon wo Sagashite) and Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura) are main characters with great character development, working very hard for their goals (even though their goals are quite different from each other), and for a time are confused with who they are in love with. 
report Recommended by storygirlash
In both anime the main character changes to older girl by magic and becomes singer/actress/photo model/..  
report Recommended by Jelly_Spaghetti
I think the art looks the same. The voice from Luchia reminds me of Mitsuki and both animes have singing main characters altough the plot is different. They also have the same amount of episodes. They gave me the same feeling and I enjoyed those two animes. I'm sure you will like this anime if you've watched this. 
report Recommended by Sisseltong
The story nearly totally different but both of the series based on music and dreams. So Oosaki Nana and Mitsuki's goal is the same to be a singer, but they doing it in different way and style. Nana is for adults rather, in my opinion, especially for females.  
report Recommended by boomkin
These two anime feature a young girl who can transform into an older, beautiful idol with the help of two magical creatures. The girls in both have certain restrictions on their powers. The style of the anime has a happy feel, but Full Moon includes a touch of tragedy.  
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
Full moon is gentler/sweeter than Skip Beat, but both are really great stories! If you like show-biz anime with humor and romance, watch these two! 
report Recommended by as3
Drawing (art style) is similar. Meeting spirits part Both really great! ^^ 
report Recommended by animefreak8889
Magical Girl genre. And it is from Arina-sensei. . . 
report Recommended by hellishsymphony
Both girls love singing and they want to reach their childhood love through music.  
report Recommended by Watayarata
In both the main characters are teenage girls who work hard in order to make their dreams come true. In "Glass Mask" Maya wants to be an actress and in "Full Moon" Mitsuki wants to be a singer. Both are Shoujo and also contain romance (of course) 
report Recommended by Talu
This show also stars someone who has a passion for music and wants to impress a specific person. But the main character here has a medical issue that prevents her from singing and is on her deathbed basically. She's granted two guardian angels to fulfill her dying wish. 
report Recommended by NatariDesu
Both anime deal with the theme of death along with having 'angel' charters. They are both very deep stories that rely on paying attention. Both stories have a very interesting cast of charters and charter driven story. 
report Recommended by NiniAlex
Both have bright color themes. Full moon has shinigami's which are good in this one, Takuto and Meroko. They make the series quite Magical girlish. Also, Mitsuki transforms into a older version of her to sing, so they both have transformations.  
report Recommended by NyaNatsuki
Both series deal about music and idols. It is more about the music or something to reach someone, to be famous. 
report Recommended by HotaruKiryu
Both of these anime have melodrama that put the characters through serious times and overly nice and ditzy main girls. 
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
They both have romance and magic in it and the main characters in the anime kinda start to fall in love with the bad boy :D 
report Recommended by Spirited_Away
Both girls like to sing and have as best friends stuffed animals. Both animes have romance and a bit of magic, fantasy genre.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both start as comedies with a lot of fun until an unexpected turn of events which leads to drama and near the end somehow it becomes darker. Both have a naive goody goody protagonist that ends up befriending people who are in a supernatural situation[shinigami/cursed family]. Both have extremely cliche situations but extremely well executed. Amazing ost and voice actors. Both have a lovely character that can turn into a bunny[Meroko/Momiji] and another one who can turn into an impulsive cat[Takuto/Kyo]. Both animes try to give you life lessons (the power of love, friendship, family, bonds etc). 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both shows have comedic elements and fun, but mainly deal with mature and dramatic situations, and mysteries revolving around the female leads. 
report Recommended by Kuro-chan
-Both girl main character -Both girls searching for someone for many years. ( Chrno : searching for brother ; Full moon : searching for lover ) -Both involves romance, and a group of friends -Both extreamly sad, involves tragity ( someone dying. ) Only difference is that Chrno Crusade involves with fighting and action, however Chrno Crusade actually have an extreamly good plot. Try out these 2 animes, they will bring you to tears no matter what.  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
The World Ends With You The Animation and Full Moon wo Sagashite are both TV anime revolved around death (whether as just a topic or as a death game), friendship, and shinigami, the Japanese equivalent of the Grim Reaper. In fact, there are two shinigami that tend to follow the main character, though their natures between shows are obviously very different. Ryouhei Kimura also voices a prominent male character in both series. Expect some sadness—the original TWEWY game is a better experience than the anime though. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Both are extremely sad animes who will make you cry Both stories are about achieving your dreams. Both contain romance and Comedy Both are recommended at the highest. :D 
report Recommended by MonjaElisa
Likewise, Full Moon is a similarity of Cowboy Bebop. Both protagonist are assisted by a group of unknown people. Faye is like Meroko because Faye has an attitude, Jet I guess could be like Takuto. Since he likes to assists others and likes Spike. Can't recommend any other characters except for Spike who is like Mitsuki. I'd say that Full Moon is like this movie because they both have protogaonist going around the world like a rolling stone to things that they haven't been to before and are glad to be there. Full Moon is more happy, Cowboy Bebop is violent so let the children watch  read more 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both of these are idol anime TV shows that both feature happy and joyful times, but as well as hard and rough times.  
report Recommended by Rayla
They both have young protagonists who try to find someone that they love for their own purpose. They both have pretty much the same feel but except Full Moon is for children. Cowboy Bebop is for older teens and maybe older preteens (10 and up). 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Full Moon wo Sagashite and Ojamajo Doremi are two magical girl anime that follows the life of one young schoolgirl before magic changes her life forever. Full Moon is definitely less light-hearted and not as magical-girl-centric as Ojamajo Doremi, but both do share a good amount of both comedy and noticeably serious episodes peppered in throughout the runtime. Music is also very present, as Full Moon's protagonist wants to be an idol and Ojamajo Doremi's magic is music-themed. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
i recommend this strongly, the prootaganist in Full Moon has a tumor in her throat, but that didn't stop her from reaching her dream. she was able to become a singer even though she knew she will die sooner or later....  
report Recommended by luvanime030999
Full Moon wo Sagashite and Twin Spica are two anime from the early 2000s that feature a young schoolgirl with a very passionate dream as the main protagonist. She is able to see a character(s) older than her who helps her and cannot be seen by anyone else, and she lost her mother soon after she was born. Both anime can be quite dramatic and even downright tragic. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
I can't believe how no one actually have mentioned this yet. Both anime centres around music, love and healing. Both MCs find their voice and find out more about themselves and meaning in continue to smile and live through music. Both anime will probably make you ball your eyes out.  
report Recommended by MagicPotato98
Full Moon is about a girl faced with death, and all she wants to do before she dies is sing. Amazing songs, a sad anime for those who enjoy idol anime. :0 
report Recommended by Maki_3nzie
It does not surprise me no one related these two since they have such a different concept. While Ashita no Nadja is mainly an adventure anime where the action happens 100 years in the past, Full Moon wo Sagashite happens during the present time in Japan (and a bit in America as well). The time periods and anime tags might be quite different, but the similarities are present in the main character mindset for never giving up on their dreams and helping the others around them when they are distressed. Mitsuki might have supernatural entities aiding in her journey unlike Nadja, but the mysterious Black Rose  read more 
report Recommended by INU4SH4
Both main characters grows in entertainment world to find someone that love 
report Recommended by Konatsuu
Both are related to music and a main character that wants to sing even if someone important doesn't want her to sing. I recomment it because it's lovely and different to Chou kuse ni narisou in the plot and it's a little more mature when it comes to the story overall. 
report Recommended by Sealuck
First Place-you WILL CRY! the anime is about a shy and sensible girl like Nagisa, and she have a disease, and the appear two shinigami's to help help her, and she stay stuck between life and death, and by the way she sings :D 
report Recommended by Tuturu_Mayushii
Both of these series are shoujo anime about one girl who is one of rare people who can see someone no one else can see. 
report Recommended by HidamariSeashore
Both involve magic and both have dramatic themes towards the end 
report Recommended by Threwtheireyes
both are about becomeing superstars and becoming famous. the main protegonist both are not alone they have poeple with magic powers to help them through there trials and obsticles to become superstars. 
report Recommended by animegirl16091
They both make their own songs and sing with their heart out 
report Recommended by aznice1234
Both of these anime's have a sad background story. The female characters seem to struggle a bit. It's got the same atmosphere though. There's the cute/happy moments, and then times when you feel that you need a tissue :3 
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
Despite a lot of differences such as VoaDS being a short movie whereas FMwS is a extremely long TV series. Or the dramatic difference in animation quality, VoaDS is noticeably better looking than FMwS. Not to mention the fact that some might view FMwS to target a different audience, they may say FMwS is childish whereas VoaDS is more mature. It is my humble opinion that a lot of people who liked VoaDS would also like FMwS if they give FMwS a decent try. Note: I myself got turned off FMwS after watching the first ep. However once I got pass the first ep FMwS  read more 
report Recommended by helms
The stories have very different feels to them, and the characters are very different too, but both are interesting and unique mangas about characters pursuing careers in music. Though NC has a more mature story. 
report Recommended by as3
Both lead characters are TV idols which have love problems. Full Moon wo Sagashite takes a more conservative and serious tone, while Kodomo no Omocha OVA is more comical and less deep. Both are tear jerkers at times, and it is easy to get attatched to the characters. 
report Recommended by Chidashi
It focuses on music... and I think Luchia and Mitsuki looks similar... Mermaid Melody's story has a light atmosphere, but Full Moon has a sad atmosphere... But I recommend this to those who like Music ^^ 
report Recommended by MizuiroSakura
Legendary Idol Eriko is a classic anime and it has inspired a lot of musical series. One of them is Full Moon. Both animes are about a rising star, an idol. Both girls, Eriko and Mitsuki are fighting against their tragic destiny and their traumas from the past. Both animes have beautiful songs and mix drama, romance and comedy. 
report Recommended by subarusum
Although different, both stories explore the idea of pursuing your own dreams within the arts. Both have a very cute story, light humor and romance. 
report Recommended by as3
Ayashi has a much darker story than Full Moon, but both provide a bitter-sweet experience, a beautiful love story and some supernatural stuff to boot. Plus, both are just great animes! 
report Recommended by as3
both start off light/fluffy and get darker and serious, you know gets really good. 
report Recommended by midori-
both shows are aimed at kids but can be enjoyed by older audiences too, good characters, and both start off light and fluffy for the most part. 
report Recommended by midori-
Mitsuki-Nike both seek to mend relationships and use their singing talents to help other people. Takuto-Livius are unable to admit they are in love, show stubborn attributes, and protect the people they value the most. Overall both animes have a kind- hearted kid-like feel.:) 
report Recommended by Coolcatsa
Both stories involve a 12 year old girl who pretends to be 16 to achieve her dream! "Full Moon wo Sagashite" involves singing, where "Nijiiro☆Prism Girl" involves acting. 
report Recommended by Kuro-chan
The atmosphere in FMwoS is very similar to Gakuen Alice, both have sweet and serious undertones and you will fall in love with the main characters, for sure!!! 
report Recommended by as3
Both have a story set around some kind of magic, and the art styles are similar. Although Fullmoon has a theme of shinigami and Ultra Maniac has a theme about witches, both have some magical mishaps and funny moments. 
report Recommended by Squirrelpaw4970
Both are about becoming a singer. Similar hardships, achievements and two of three male characters in "Chance Pop Session" look like Eichi and Wakaoji (and not only look). And, of course, the idea. Of singing, singing, and... again singing, no matter what. I guess that "Chance Pop Session" is less cute and a bit more mature. But only a bit. 
report Recommended by MadHatterBelial
- Both are shoujo animes - Both protagonists can see and talk with spirits - Both protagonists feel in love with her male partner spirit  
report Recommended by Biishoujo
Both of the main characters are ill and don't have much time left to live. But they both have some one special by their side. A special person that they can talk to who's also helping them out -making sure that they're happy :] 
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
They both have a sense of humor....and the guys are in love with a girl who knows the guy loves them but they're just afraid of getting their hearts broken 
report Recommended by VampireMokaSan
It takes a look in how the music industry works, and has catchy songs too. 
report Recommended by princess9
Both deal with death and shinigamis, but Full Moon wo Sagashite is more light-hearted, at least in the first half of the series. 
report Recommended by grklein
Both love stories, both are about young girls who want an older boy to notice them.  
report Recommended by sailorstar
death sprits visiting little girl.Although "full moon" has a deeper storyline. 
report Recommended by melody423
Both have the most amazing, dramatic and beautiful love stories I have ever seen. 
report Recommended by Dixy
The same maho-shoujo style and quite similar plot: - the heroine's beloved is somewhere far (namely in the USA) and they will meet each other someday; - meanwhile another candidate for being beloved appeared (by the way both guys are singers ;)) The difference is in heroine's choice and plot variations. Watch both: the feeling is pretty the same. 
report Recommended by Nikkicat
Well, TTGL has nothing with the story, style, shoujo, song or something with Full Moon... But i TOTALLY recomend you to watch it, cause both of them show the real importance of a goal/dream! The two ones are a lesson for all your life, watch it... 
report Recommended by NikoCat11
yumerio patissiere gives me a similar feelings especially when enjoying the interaction with takuto ,meroko and mistuki , ichigo and the others with their spirit  
report Recommended by setogirl2
What these series have in common is the modern day setting and element of transformation. The way the production of the Full Moon anime was done also feels like a throwback to what could easily be felt in the first Sailor Moon series. If you enjoyed one of them you should at least give the other a try. 
report Recommended by jocoram