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Fruits Basket: The Final
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Fruits Basket 2nd Season
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Good Morning Call
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Fujoshi Kanojo.
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Azumanga Daioh
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amoonwuw Aug 17, 4:05 PM
saw your review on skip beat! and immediately knew that you had amazing taste in mangas. so I obviously scrolled threw ur manga list and put the ones you gave a high rating in my "want to read list". so I thank you very much >_<
kazykoki Feb 19, 3:28 PM
Sigh, thank you my dear. reading how happy getting that message from me made you makes me even happier. And I absolutely feel the same way too. Getting your messages is always like getting a pleasant surprise when you least expect it. It's nice to have people who bring light into your life, and you my dear are one of them.

Happy not-so-new year, haha. It's February so I think we can still greet each other like that? Right?
Let me tell you these days I am talking like a Korean. The English I use is sometimes English that can only be understood if you have an awareness of Korean cultural references. So girl just know that you are in good company with that Manhwa life because your friend over here is experiencing the same thing with Korean Dramas hahahaha So I'm not really sure who will be saving who?

Also I am in a state where I could easily be in love with love (don't even ask, such a long story, lol) so I will absolutely try Nice to Meet You. hahaha

So glad you're still able to work and also from the comfort of home. I had a major career change and have been working from home myself and I find it to be so delightful. My being never agreed with office life and now that I am firmly and surely going to continually work from home, I see why. This is where I have always wanted to be hehe

Hahaha your plant babies' names have just put a huge smile on my face! You are clearly fully in. Once you've named them that's it. I'm afraid to name the mint and lemon grass plants that I am caring for (even my wording sounds non-committal "caring for" hahahahaha) because I am worried they will die and there'll be a hole in my heart. I am the really get attached type. My plants would probably even have my surname! hahahahaha So I am keeping an emotional distance lol

Ps, the One Piece cup noodle collaboration you linked for me made all these wonderful memories well up within me. Watching One Piece for over 950 episodes has left an imprint on my heart. We've laughed, mourned (and I mean mourn) and gone on all these exciting adventures with the crew. At this point I feel like I know those guys. Like I'm a member of the crew. So that video is a very special treat. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Made my heart smile so much!!

Sending love and good wishes always!!
kazykoki Dec 11, 2020 3:38 PM
hahahahahaha I was literally smiling about taking a warm shower, slipping into comfy pjs and jumping into bed with the world's silliest happy face just the other day! Preaching to the choir sis. I know the power you speak of! hahahaha That nice bathroom experience and some great friend time coupled with your fave manga...girl, I'm legitimately smiling for you while typing this. It's the little things I've come to happily realize that truly warm the heart and lift the spirit!

I haven't even finished reading the rest of your message. I was just happy about your happy and had to write it out first. lol

Oh vegatating... it's the best. I was having the time of my life catching up on One Piece episodes. The new arc is just mind blowing hilarious, fun and cheer-worthy amazing. Every time I sit to watch it have to disappear to my room lest I burst out with excitement in the living room while people are peacefully going about their business. hahaha

I've also been reading this really nice little manga called Usotoki Rhetoric which is a treat of a detective short manga. Along with Kingdom which I started reading the other day and I am just so greatly shook at how much I am enjoying a manga about war essentially. IT IS GOOOODDDD!!!!

And yes, Ren and Kyoko are actually so young! In fact the way Ren carries himself is extremely mature considering in the manga he's in his early 20s. So it's okay for him to take his time and build something sweet with our Kyoko chan as he heals and builds his career. I'm here for it. Also here for the new characters as well and looking forward to exciting times. I also really hope for a Kyoko Ren chapter release soon. I miss them together. They are always fun.

And lastly, I just read Skip Beat's latest chapter yesterday and so that is why I'm replying in December..sigh. I'm so sorry about that. Plus my life has been really wild lately so I haven't been as social with friends as I would have wanted to be. I'll try not to fall off the face of the earth for so long like that again. Our little talks are always a treat for me. I hope you'll bear with me still my dear friend.
kazykoki Sep 30, 2020 12:08 PM
Hi my dear! Missed you!! I'm doing great despite the circumstances and I can't thank God enough for it. How about you??

I've been reading other manga but definitely still keeping up with Skip Beat! too. Though it's pretty calm now but that's okay because it looks like things are loading interestingly.
kazykoki May 21, 2020 9:42 PM
I have literally welled up with tears after reading that chapter!!! I was so blown away!! Wow! It's like sensei understands us! Is like sis in our heads!! She probably understands that if anyone is reading Skip Beat at chapter 282 then the majority of us grew up from girls to women while going on the journey with her! She knows what we want. She knooooowwwsss!! hahahahaha

That is something that only a mature audience would melt at! Because girl for sure I'm in a puddle of warm feels right next to yours!! T_T
The fact that they laid their cards down and just talked about everything so maturely without unnecessary dragging and misunderstandings! It made me do a double take! And that statement and necklace at the end?? Reeennnnnn!!! Being my bwoy all over again! hahaha It's a promise and a beyond a shadow of a doubt way of solidifying the fact that he will honor his commitment to her! Girl.... I was just done! It's too much!! My heart!

I've seen some comments online (while I was going on twitter to melt with the rest of society lol) about how people are upset that the two aren't still together. But then again I felt like this is true honest Skip Beat development. It wasn't ever just about the two being together. It was about the two finding their path to their dreams and working towards attaining them! SO to get to watch them climb that ladder, supporting each other, overcoming hurdles together, and being absurdly adorable while growing even closer is literally every authentic Skip Beat fan's living dream!!

Bruh, I donno about you but I am way too pumped for the future!!!!!
kazykoki May 1, 2020 3:08 PM
hahahahaha really?? Knowing Ren it's probably because he absolutely hates the fact that Morizumi's toxicity possibly could have (and might even in the future) poison(ed) the budding love he is trying to build with Kyouko. I think it's purely for that reason to be honest hahahaha

I'm saying this because I started reading the manga again to look at how things started for Ren from the beginning and led to today (its such a laugh btw! never thought I'd enjoy a re-read this much tbh) and I'm realizing just how cheeky Ren is. I had like a glaze over my eyes concerning him. In my mind in recent years he has been such a perfect gentleman that I had completely forgotten about how cheeky he was in the beginning. Hence my theory lol
It looks like Skip Beat is beginning to look like how it did in the early days of the story once again and I just LOVE it!!! Bring it on sensei!!
kazykoki Apr 22, 2020 1:14 PM


Minoo_ Apr 13, 2020 3:28 AM
Aww thank you so much, that's so sweet of you <3 Wanted to change things up a bit hehe X) Hope you have a wonderful time as well! :D
kazykoki Apr 1, 2020 7:48 PM
hahahahaha girl I even thought that either someone accidentally took over Nakamura sensei's work studio and decided to just do it or she was bit by some rare insect specie and was in a feverish trance when she drew the last 3 chapters!!! Girl even forget sensei, I was sweating buckets when reading said chapters!!! I kept checking myself every time!!
In fact let's just start with when Ren ran after the elevators!! I remember I stopped there and looked up!! I was like "wait whaaaaaaaat?? Did he just??" I was so shook!! I was like what is with this sudden burst of courage!! I was way to pleased!

And little did I know that it was just a taste! Sensei really kept them coming in those subsequent chapters!! My heart still cannot!

I must say I really loved how she handled the confession and their reactions to each other. It was so reminiscent of the old Skip Beat style and also so carefully done I think. I loved every second of it. I read it over so many times and just smiled!! I'm so proud of both Ren and Kyouko! As I read it I just kept going "Mmmhm, mmmhm, now that's how a man should handle these things! Mmhm mmhm" hahaha I was so jazzed! Ren my buoy! hahahahaha

And Kyouko was just way too adorable with her little nod!! Shucks!! Right in the feels!! Hearts were totally skipping beats all over the world!!

It was totally worth all the wait!!

I was also so happy she didn't run away!! But I am kind of worried about her little flashback to when Ren told her he didn't deserve to love or be loved. I wonder what she will do with that. It is literally what sobered her up there at the end! She better fight for her mans though! Seeing as how trouble has just walked into the LME doors!!

Wow, Skip Beat is suddenly extremely exciting all of a sudden!!! hahaha Love it!!

Ps: I'm so so happy all your people are okay!!! Been checking on my friends in various parts of the world and my heart is just glad that everyone and their people are okay! My heart is glad <3

kazykoki Mar 27, 2020 10:22 PM
Hey gal, how are you?? I haven't had a chance to read the last 2 chapters (life things hehe) but I thought I should just check back in. Hope you're okay and keeping healthy. Seeing that you've literally just messaged, I trust you're okay and that you're people at home are okay too. Stay healthy and I hope to get into the chapters some time today. My heart is beating so fast with excitement!! hahahahaha I've really been trying to keep myself together as I waited to dive in all this time. haha Check back in after!

ps, I assure you I would have had a mega melt down if that last chapter Impatient Scans did would have been the last chapter of Skip Beat we would have ever read! I would have been destroyed!! As in?? Right now?? Really?? At this juncture?? At this point in the story?? When this is literally what we've been waiting for for 200+ months??? hahahahaha I would have lost it gal!! 100!! So thank you to the dears who stepped up... mega thank you!! hahahaha
kazykoki Feb 7, 2020 4:45 PM
Giirrrrllll.... Give me 5 minutes to collect myself here!


I am mentally crying and rolling on the floor and laughing and screaming and just being in utter shock all at the same time! It's a lot!


Let me recap. The last chapter I had read before you messaged me was 272 last year when it came out. But because I just couldn't handle the slow unfolding of affairs and it was getting to me, I decided to stop and wait. So life happened and I was so busy I even put Skip Beat on the backest burner possible and that was that! But boy am I glad I did! Reading those 6 chapters in succession has made me all kinds of hysterically happy!! You know that Skip Beat binge reading feel that we used to have back in the day when we were 100 chapters behind current releases? It all came back and Skip Beat literally made my heart skip possibly several beats with all that excitement!! Chiilllleee!! I am way too happy and ready to unpack with inexpressible joy at this very SUDDENNNNN beautiful developments!! Like woah!!

MVP tied chapters though are hands down chapter 277-278!!! From the dramatic chase and relentless determination of our Ren, to that hilarious ground breaking elevator scene and conversationnnn!, and finally To Kyoko realizing-as Ren hovers over her, that it is she he loves so desperately!! Giirrrrrl they need to collect me somewhere because I can't even get up!!

So please come and recover from your whiplash along with me because I need a support group right now!! hahahahahaha


kazykoki Feb 7, 2020 2:01 PM
Hi there my dear!!
Happy new year!! I haven't read my Skip Beat in some time. Been waiting for it to gain some chapters. But now you've just made me feel like diving back in with this messaggggeeeee!!! Coming from you it must be BIG!! Otherwise you wouldn't have said it! Oh my goodness! I'm even excited! hahaha
Let me go take a peek!!

Ps: So so happy to hear from you again! Absolutely made my day!
SailorVeki Jun 8, 2019 9:00 AM
It's no problem, you can reply when you have time, I can wait. :3

Thank you for trying Genbu Kaiden and I'm really glad you like it. I also like Byakko Senki, but it only has 5 chapters so far and is on hiatus because of mangaka's poor health or depression or whatever the reason is. It just started getting more interesting in the last chapter. T__T I hope she can continue it one day and not remain unfinished forever like some mangaka do.

I'm also picky about the things I decide to consume, but I have no problem with dropping stuff if it gets boring. I usually try the 1st episode of an anime and the 1st chapter of a manga, if it's interesting enough, I'll keep watching/reading, but if it gets boring later, I'll drop it. I can also drop it after the 1st episode/chapter. Strike the Blood is probably the only anime I suffered through to the end, God knows why, maybe because I love my handsome vampires. :'D

I got into K-pop because of the K-drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (recommended!), which I really loved and in which the main male character is played by Micky Yoochun from TVXQ5/JYJ. I loved his acting (and that of actor Yoo Ah In), and I researched more about the 2 of them, so I became a TVXQ5 fan (and Yoo Ah In fan), although at that time they were already split into JYJ and TVXQ2. So I love those all 3 groups, I like JYJ more than TVXQ2 because they have the best voices IMO and 2 of the best singers and also, my bias is there (Micky) and I like a lot the other 2 members. The 2 that are in TVXQ2 I like the least, although I love them too, they are all my 5 hubbies. <3 Of course, they had the best harmony when they were in TVXQ5, especially their ballads and acappellas. <3

My fav JYJ songs are In Heaven (the MV is really good) and Creation (no MV T__T), try them if you have time. For TVXQ5 it's really tough to pick the favorites because they have so many songs, both in J-pop and in K-pop. They sang OST-s for dramas and movies, even for anime (I think 2-3 One Piece openings /endings) and of course their own albums and singles. Also, they sound great when they sing live. <3 I don't know if you like more upbeat songs or ballads/acappellas, so I don't know which to recommend to you. ^^;

For me carying a sketchbook would be no good because I'm bad with drawing things out of my head, I'm only good when I look at something and then draw that same picture. I also have no desire to draw people or animals etc, only anime/manga characters. I destroyed 2 of our VHS players because I would hold them on pause for a very long time, while I was drawing the picture that was on it (that was before I discovered anime magazines and of course, before internet). XD
kazykoki May 19, 2019 6:33 AM
hahaha missed you too girl!! How's life? I had disappeared from MAL for a while, hence the long silence. So much has happened with our favorite manga of discussion as well! We should totally unpack after tomorrow's release. It will be so much fun after all this time.

Also have you watched anything interesting lately? I'm looking for something clean warm and funny to watch. Any suggestions from even your old archive will be so welcome
SailorVeki May 10, 2019 2:23 PM
About the recommendations, most of them are from your PTW with a few of my own favs added. That's why most of them overlapped with your existing PTW. Otherwise I could have said: I recommend everything written on my profile under my favourites. But that would be too much. So I researched your PTW and your comments in it, to see what to recommend.

That's so grown-up way of thinking. :O -> '' Ultimately, I'm more compelled by the story and the characters’ interactions and development. If these elements are well-handled, then I can appreciate any character no matter what their role.'' I can't be like that, some charas I really like, some I really hate (mostly the villains or some really annoying ones like Miaka), and some I can tolerate even though I don't like them, but I can understand they are the way they are because of moving the story forward or influencing other characters (Usagi, Tooru etc.).

Evangelion is a must see because it's so weird and so good/bad (for me it's good XD). Kenshin never piqued my interest, I don't really like historical stuff, unless if there's fantasy or supernatural in it and Kenshin has a terrible woman's voice (same problem with Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z). Ranma 1/2 I watched a bit when it was on German TV (RTL2 I think), but it was kinda not interesting enough for me - I don't like slice of life, especially when they have so many episodes. Inuyasha I like a lot, watched it back in the days partially, but can't remember where I stopped, so I'm rewatching it now (same with Naruto and Bleach).

Aww, you hate Guilty Crown. I like it a lot, I just hate the end (nooo, Inori T___T) and I think some characters could have been better developped if it had more episodes (24, 25, 26 - instead of 22). I also hate the end of Vision of Escaflowne although I love the anime (and I hate their noses, they have really long noses @_@).

Yes, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, sorry about the ''blabla'' part, I was too lazy to write the whole title and it's the first one that pops up when you write ''Uragiri'' under anime search. ^^; If the anime will be a bit too emo/dark/angsty to you, you can try the manga, it has more comedy (a better mix of comedy and drama) and the main character isn't so useless and angsty like in the anime. And of course, the anime has it's own end because the manga wasn't finished (I hate that, like in VK Guilty I will never forgive them for not including the Zero-Yuki kiss in the last episodes.) But the UraBoku anime is really good still, good story and characters and OST - too many guys and too little girls, and the guys are really close, so the ''shounen-ai'' tag, grrr, why don't they add that to shows like Naruto too, all that "Naruto!" "Sasuke!" screaming reminds me of the "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" screaming, gosh, so annoying.

I like Yuu Watase, although I don't like all her works the same. FY is kinda silly and stupid and Miaka is so annoying. But Genbu Kaiden was written 10 years later and it's so much better (story and characters). Arata is written 5 years after Genbu and is her first shounen I think, so it's different from her shoujo works, but still has the mangaka's elements that I like. You could give it a try and drop them if you don't like them? If you're not the kind of person who doesn't drop anything they start (I know a few of them and I will never understand them - why waste your time on something you think is rubish when there's so many great things you could be watching/reading instead. ^^;)

Ah, Diabolik Wifebeaters. I'll never understand why Japanese girls/women like abusive/psycho characters. In Amnesia the guy who put his love interest in a CAGE because he was jealous got the most votes from Japanese girls/women for being the best character. O_o He's a yandere psycho. Same with most of Diabolic Lovers psycho guys. That's Japan for you.

I also don't like ecchi, it annoys me but sometimes it's acceptable (a bit of boobs bouncing here and there like in Gundam Seed) and sometimes it's just so over the top that I roll my eyes and facepalm all the time (like in Qwaser of Stigmata). It's otherwise an interesting anime/manga with interesting story and characters, but it has waaay to much ecchi elements, God knows why.

If you don't like BL, then at least try Yami no Matsuei, it's really low on BL. Loveless and Gravitation are really BL - but just kissing, no sex - but it's kinda important for the story I think. Gravitation was my first BL when I was still young (18 or so) and I was afraid of watching gay stuff because I thought it would be disgusting, but then a male friend recommended Gravitation to me and I said ''heck, if a GUY can watch it and like it, i can try it too'' and I did and it was soooo cute and romantic and not disgusting at all. And it had really good music. After that I tried Yami no Matsuei and it was so good too (I don't remember when I tried Loveless but I love it too).

Tnx, I'll take a look at everything you rated 8 or above. About things you're listening to now I only recognise the name TK from Ling Tosite Sigure because he sang the openings for Tokyo Ghoul season 1 and I think Psycho-Pass season 1. I loved both openings. I can't remember my favourite singers/groups from the top of my head, they are mostly from anime openings/endings/soundtracks. In K-pop my all time favourite group is TVXQ5 (and now that it's JYJ and TVXQ2 I love both of them too of course - they are my 5 hubbies <3). From others I like older groups, like Super Junior, SHINee, Big Bang etc. For Chinese/Taiwanese pop I listen to those from dramas/movies I liked, same with K-pop. Although I don't like Chinese language (I looove Japanese and Korean).

Do you have a My Drama List profile? Mine is same as here, SailorVeki, if you want to see what movies/dramas I like. I don't go to that page often and I don't watch movies/dramas often now, I did when I was younger, now I don't have time for all my hobbies (anime, manga, video games, dramas, movies, music, learning Japanese/Korean), so I mostly watch anime and sometimes read manga. I play Playstation sometimes too, but now it's more rarely than before. Others are kinda lower priority or rather, my days are too short! T___T I'd really love to be able to do all those hobbies, but no time. I can't remember when was the last time I drew something in anime/manga style, probably around age 18-20. T__T

Sorry for the long comment again. ^^; m(_ _)m