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Full Moon wo Sagashite
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Full Moon wo Sagashite
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It's both about reaching out to your dreams/goals, though one is about singing and the other about ice dancing. Both involve death, but Full Moon Wo Sagashite develops a more serious tone in this aspect, which is quite logical considering that Ginban Kaleidoscope only covers 12 episodes, while full Moon Wo Sagashite has 52 episodes. Most important of all, both have great characters that won't give up!!
report Recommended by SonnyGoten
The atmosphere in these two great stories is very similar and so are the themes of love, death, pursuing your dreams and so on. The girls in both shows are trying to accomplish something big with the help of ghosts. You'll definitely love, laugh and cry with both shows.
report Recommended by as3
Girl tries to achive dream of being figure skater, possesed by ghost, fall for eachother.
report Recommended by Binxbasilisk
A romance between a human and a "once human"...Both heroines pursues her dreams with unexpected help from an unexpected entity. Of course, comedy is a given. Both these anime's have really great drama with their unexpected turn of events and conflicts of the hearts.
report Recommended by yUuRi_03
The main characters both want to achieve a big goal that takes more then just words said alone to accomplish. Mitsuki, 14 year-old with a beautiful voice, wants to become a singer and Tazusa, skilled figure skater, wants to qualify in the olympics. At the same time they both have a relationship with someone who isn't real (or once was). Mitsuki has her Shinigami and Tazusa has Pete Pumps. -These guys help out the main character by making sure they achieve their goal in life.
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
This is similar because both anime's have death in them. Full moon wo is a better choice for romance people. Ginban kaleidoscope is also romantic except the endings are way different . full moon wo had a more romantic ending. Kaleidoscope's ending was sort of sad but they were both really good anime.
report Recommended by animeinfatuation