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Full Moon wo Sagashite
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Full Moon wo Sagashite
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The story is alike, both shoujo and are sometimes funny and sometimes sad.. both drama's
report Recommended by Jelly_Spaghetti
both about reaching your dreams. Kaleido star is nowhere near as poignant and its romance isn't developed nearly as far as full moon but you can honestly enjoy every episode unlike full moon in which it starts off really boring/light and gets really dark and interesting.
report Recommended by midori-
They love to perform and a dream to become better. With help from spirits, they pass challenges. The main characters are optimistic so they befriend their rivals even though they show hostility. Full moon is more romantic but kaleido star can give you a good laugh and also at times it gives a slice of life feeling.
report Recommended by Lang
Full Moon and Kaleido Star are both about a girl who has a dream of proforming. In both series they have to overcome hardships and have great firends that help them out. If you liked one then I'm sure that you'll like the other.
report Recommended by TR_Purin
Both involve a girl striving to make their dream (which involves presenting themselves to a large audience) come true - in Full Moon wo Sagashite Mitsuki wants to be a singer; in Kaleido Star Sora wants to be part of a Circus. The worlds they find themselves into can be harsh, but they love it nevertheless, and keep trying to get better. Through all that, they're supported by a spirit-like figure, who is always there to help/give advice.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
Both stories are about a girl who wishes to realize her lifelong dream, no matter what the cost may be.
report Recommended by Chaosutopia
You will find a similar concept of a dreamy girl trying to accomplish her childhood dream of acting in the entertainment business. Both protagonists are aided by supernatural entities that somehow relate to them and play a major role in the story and have mysterious motivations later explained. Additionally, at some point, the rivalry between Mitsuki and Madoka reminded me of the rivalry between Sora and the other girls. Definitely recommend watching both if you're into motivational anime with drama and bits of comedy. Romance also takes a major part of Full Moon wo Sagashite unlike Kaleido Star.
report Recommended by INU4SH4