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DMoC | Sep 11, 7:00 AM
I hate collector's editions that just come with pointless junk Dragon Age: Inquisition but statues are cool, I've collected a few, and the Pip-Boy will look nice being displayed along side them.

DMoC | Sep 10, 12:59 AM
I know, I saw you post on xboxachievements, and could tell you were in Australia, and then stumbled upon your MAL. I can't wait for it to be released, I'm getting that Pip-Boy edition as well.

DMoC | Sep 9, 3:43 PM
Hey, excited for Fallout 4?

Hige | Aug 18, 6:34 AM

click here

Forgetfulness | Aug 10, 11:53 PM
Dang, that sucks.

Well, how else are you going to declare who your waifu is to the world?

Forgetfulness | Aug 7, 12:42 AM
So what happened to your About Me? ._.

Miyuki- | Jul 21, 3:06 PM

Hey Everybody, very serious message from le Creator of RACE
Please read carefully

ShiroiKishi- | Jun 20, 8:51 AM

Soren | Jun 17, 3:53 PM

DoctorWasabi | May 28, 9:08 PM
Is The iDOLM@STER in 1st person the entire anime? I watched the 1st episode and I didn't like the view of it.

Mercuria | May 28, 6:47 AM
GL Addicts! Yuri Pride Event
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Daily Quiz Game: a new quiz will be added each day, each quiz that you answer correctly, you will receive points.
Hangman Game: guessing the correct letter and/or words will get you points.
Say It With a Song Game: a game were you reply to the above post with a song.
**Note: Event games are open for all members to play

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Yuri pride card editions will be done in addition to the regular monthly cards.

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The Biweekly Picture Contest will still run during this special event.

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SeibaaHomu | May 12, 7:39 AM
Doesn't all this cool Love Live stuff that Australia and the west in general is getting make you wish Idolm@ster got the same treatment?

I was thinking it was because idol shows were too Japanese and would make for a risky investment but all of a sudden we're getting LE releases, English dubs, movie screenings and we already have an officially translated mobile game that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg (Unless you want it to of course).

I mean, it sure beats US exclusive barebones sub only releases and paying $60 for an iOS game.

Forgetfulness | Mar 11, 9:26 PM
I see. That's nice

Well after more searching, I think Wikipedia says that iM@S SP covers about the same as The iDOLM@STER, which is good I guess. I dunno, somehow the idea of playing 2 without the original slightly bothers me.
I would still play it if I could of course, but yeah...I would try to do it in order if possible

Forgetfulness | Mar 11, 9:25 AM
I see. So do you think you missed out on anything because you played iM@S 2 w/o the original? Or do they basically work as standalones?

Forgetfulness | Mar 9, 11:03 AM

Well I did some more searching around on the Internet and apparently Shiny Festa is on iOS in like 3 different apps at $55 USD each so...that's kinda a disappointment. I do have an iPhone but don't think I'd be willing to spend that much money, especially since I'm going to start college next year and don't have a job myself

But on a more positive note, I found out that there are PSP iM@S games AND English translated ISOs. My sister conveniently gave me her unused PSP a while back so...something's better than nothing. At least I can go through the SP versions even if I can't play the main games (The iDOLM@STER and The iDOLM@STER 2).

On the iM@S Wikipedia page, there are like a freaking lot of games. Do you know if they're any different or if they're about the same between different consoles in terms of story/playstyle?
Cause I'm under the assumption that there is some I would prefer to know if it was different and if I'm missing out on stuff lol.

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