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iGregRocks | 9 hours ago
I think I'm gonna try to change up my sleep pattern. When I get off work I might go to the gym then try to sleep from maybe noon to 8. Idk if it'll help or not but I beats trying to wake up after 4 hrs to lift

NightSkyBlue | 11 hours ago
"studies" show that even adults should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Kids are supposed to get over 9 over of sleep even through their teenage years.

humblechili | Yesterday, 7:39 PM
@greg I am usually tired unless I get 10+ hours of sleep.

iGregRocks | Yesterday, 4:36 PM
im hoping thats all it is. back when i was grappling and running alot i was fine with the 4 hours a day sleeping

niks1991911 | Yesterday, 3:44 PM

i heard of someone who had something similar. he slept for like 14 hours a day and was constantly tired. his solution was to sport everyday intensively and he got back to normal

iGregRocks | Yesterday, 2:14 PM
im hoping its just a temporary thing with the weather changing but idk. i need to do more running so maybe if i do and get in better shape ill have more energy. never been a fan of running and even with me working out again i still dont do much cardio

Zaiba | Yesterday, 2:06 PM
Dunno? Maybe you are just physically tired. I remember when i was attending finnish army as military police that i was sleeping a lot! I was so tired every day that i slept almost all my free time :D

But on otherhand it could also be that thing u are feeling "old", age affects people differently ;) though i don't really feel that old yet and im gonna turn 30 next year :P

iGregRocks | Yesterday, 1:38 PM
haha well ive always only slept a few hours here or there but the past few weeks have been killing me. ill wake up when my alarm goes off for the gym at 2 then turn around and go back to sleep till 9. idk whats going on

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