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JolieJoli Yesterday, 4:21 AM
You're very welcome! Trying to get my brother to watch School Days, he's not an anime fan but I think the show's writing and directing could change his preconceived ideas about what the medium is capable of. Are there any other series that you've watched where you've had that "this is an actual masterpiece" feeling? If you've got any recommendations that would be great :)
JolieJoli Nov 23, 5:55 PM
Just stopping by to say your School Days review was really great! I was reading through and agreeing with everything you said. Nice to see an intelligent analysis that wasn't just a knee-jerk reaction to the ending or the fact it didn't turn out to be the sweet romance/slice of life that people were expecting. Especially liked this bit:

"There is such a tempered, natural and poetic direction in its execution that never misses a beat, creating a masterclass work of fiction that is sprawling in its ambitions but deceptively unassuming in its intelligence that it can only be considered a near-godsend creation devoid of pretension but unfathomable in its power."

I couldn't have said it better myself :) Such a powerful and understated masterpiece of fiction... either all the reviewers giving it a 1/10 are crazy or we are ;)
JediMindTricks Nov 18, 4:09 PM
I wasn't planning on it for a while but thank you
Ducat_Revel Nov 17, 10:46 PM
Hope you appreciate Children of the Sea. I'm glad you bought it though. Imo, whether one likes it or not, volume 5 is an essential must have for anyone with a manga collection, be it an intimate collection or a vast one.
KAYnyaa_ Nov 16, 2:45 PM

kawaiipapa Nov 6, 2:09 AM

Congratulations, Uber Elitist, on completing the Trick or Treat Special!
For having completed a horrifically terrible anime, you have been
awarded with this lovely badge. Wear it with honor.
Hias Oct 31, 3:42 PM
To me, Turn A is one of those series that people latch onto because it's considered one of the best, or better alternatives than watching the UC timeline stuff. A series that's easy to sing praise of and claim it's the best out of them all when they've probably only have seen SEED, 00 and an episode or two of Unicorn(why you're watching this without previous knowledge of UC events is beyond me).

Turn A is fine but indeed redundant, I did not like the mobile suits designs at all, the characters were not that interesting to me at all either. The idea behind Kihel and Dianna switching places is a nice twist, but it got old quick and it felt odd to me how no one ever found out until they were told. Loran was also quite boring, I'd rather take a basketcase like Kamille over him any day. Way too passive for my taste. Turn A set itself up to have the most unique and really cool premise with the combination of steam punk adventure on earth, while tackling the issues of race when it comes to the moon people.

But in the end it just feels like a waste.

ZZ got better as it kept going, minus a blunder or two along the way. But I remember early on there was an arc called moon moon I think it was? Where there were space ninjas or amazons, that was just too goofy for me. But I did later on enjoy seeing Haman have a bigger role and showing the Neo Zeons in general, with all the factions and stuff against each other.

I loved Zeta, it was one of my favorites and I was addicted to it when I watched it. Maybe I was too young at the time and didn't really fully understand how goofy Tomino's directing and writing really is, but I really liked the formula regardless and it held a lot of emotional depth to me. it was great seeing sides being changed and showing just how rotten and corrupt the Federation had become, just as much, if not worse than the Zeons were(minus the all the colony drops).

Kamille is one of my favorite Gundam leads and the ending still hits pretty hard, it was pretty ballsy to have such a depressing ending, I feel.

G-Reco had the potential, it really did. I tried so hard to be positive about it but I can't excuse the ridiculous script and the pacing. It was paced like it had 50 episodes of content, but forced to squish it into 26, it didn't click. A shame because when it introduced the activities of life on the moon and colonies, I felt hype that they were going to implement what Turn A tried to do properly. But it's a mixture of confusion and frustration. By the end I felt like I wasn't sure why the characters were acting the way they did and what their motivations were.

0080 handles anti-war the best, imo. In 6 episodes it accomplishes what some shows couldn't even do with 26-50 episodes; provide a compelling story with compelling characters, with a message and themes that will stick with you and haunt you for a long while.
Hias Oct 29, 6:17 PM
So I came up with a reply finally and MAL eats my comment :/

I'll try again tomorrow.
Valkqt Oct 29, 11:09 AM
The ending is what makes it a little different from a lot of romance series, so you may want to look forward to it a bit, although it doesn't make it very great by itself of course. The romance development is not done badly imo and comes off quite natural when push comes to shove.

If you were wondering why people think it's a masterpiece... I have no idea and I think it was a couple of fans of the visual novel who started hyping it since the adaptation is a very small piece of the whole story (couple of months as opposed to the 5~ years covered by the source).
Valkqt Oct 29, 9:31 AM
Who even suggested you White album 2, Will-kun?
Hias Oct 26, 6:52 AM
Your Gundam favorites are especially interesting. An average rating for the likes of Turn A(A favorite hipster alternative for people who are too lazy to watch the original series and so on, and claim it's the best Gundam when all they can compare it to is Wing or Seed). But your favorite is ZZ, considered to be pretty average or straight up crap up to a point. G-Reco also, haha.

But I'm glad you appreciate 0080, imo the absolute best out of the entire franchise.
Hias Oct 24, 9:23 AM
Absolutely. Nice to meet you btw, I'm from the Uber club.

You have pretty interesting anime taste, haha, I like your manga taste a lot too.
Hias Oct 23, 7:59 PM
Dat Haman
Ducat_Revel Oct 20, 2:53 PM
How's World Break so far? :D
JizzyHitler Oct 8, 11:07 PM
X's tone isnt ZZ exactly but its got alot of comedy in it, its actually by the 1st gintama director. Its one of my favorite entries in the franchise but unfortunately due to the show getting canceled the show does lose the chance for a possible 9/10 for me, they actually rewrote the entire last 10 episodes for the cancellation and whilst it definitely still works well theres very clearly stuff that gets cut or left in lesser detail. Still doesnt stop the show from having my favorite cast in the franchise.