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Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai
Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai
Feb 4, 9:20 AM
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Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken
Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken
Feb 4, 9:20 AM
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Hanasakeru Seishounen
Hanasakeru Seishounen
Feb 4, 9:18 AM
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Kidou Senshi Z Gundam Define
Kidou Senshi Z Gundam Define
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ClinT Feb 3, 7:35 PM
Happy Very Late Birthday !
Esaur Jan 25, 8:34 PM
Thanks man, you also have a great taste in anime! Wew, School Days, I need to watch that too.

Alright, searching for pics were a very tough job for me cause you have to scroll all the way down to get the good one. Most of the pictures come from google image jfyi. I always wrote "insert anime" deviantart but you don't need to go through all the web, just go to the IMG then scroll down and pick the pictures you like.

If you want the same pics as me, I'll give the link right now
Akage no Anne, Aria, FMAB, Monogatari, Digimon Tamers.

The above is somewhat hard to find, the rest was quite easy exception for Ashita no Joe (really took me long enough). Hope that helps and happy belated birthday. ^^
Hias Jan 20, 6:42 PM
Happy birthday! You should get on skype sometime, I added you a while back haha. I'm shit with replying to comments so skype works better for me.
JolieJoli Jan 20, 1:18 AM
Happy Birthday! Have a great day! :)
Ducat_Revel Jan 19, 10:47 PM
Hey Z. Happy birthday. Here's a little something for ya.

Jokes aside, have a good one man.
JolieJoli Jan 16, 10:56 AM
Oh, that's interesting, thanks, I actually started reading Oyasumi Punpun a few weeks ago after seeing some great reviews for it, unfortunately haven't got very far with it 'cause of lack of time. I'll check out some of the author's other works too in that case! :)
JolieJoli Jan 16, 6:26 AM
Hey! Thanks for the advice :) I read in some of the reviews the same thing, that the show leaves a lot of loose ends that the manga ties up, so it's on my Plan to Read list for after I've finished watching. I see you rated it pretty highly, so that's encouraging! It's too early for me to give a proper opinion on the series, though I really love the art and character design for some reason (hence the new profile pic). Speaking of profile pics, where's yours from? That art looks absolutely stunning...
JizzyHitler Jan 14, 7:05 PM
oh shit sorry i forgot to give you a heads up about it when it finished up, prepare for my failing essay on the show.

Yeah i loved the hell out of exodus though i do have some gripes with some things near the very end thats too spoiler heavy that i really cant even mention. I do not know how much i can recommend to you for this though cause the thing that makes exodus work so much isnt that its a just a really good story on its own, its how it works off the history and characters of the original series and pays homage to pretty much every aspect of it whilst even filling in more details and explanations for past events that sheds alot of light on the conflict as a whole. And thats why i dont know how much i can reccomend exodus is cause its clearly made by people who felt passionately about the original series and make pretty much every single character dead or alive, every event, and generally every notable moment have some sort of homage or callback or even major relavance that if you dont really like the original series much i think thats gonna be lost on you especially if memory might be fuzzy of the original series. Its a show where you can tell the team behind it felt very passionate about the project and that was one of the things i adored about exodus cause everything has a history to it that you yourself experienced through the previous TV show, movie and the prequal ova.

That said i think thats a big part of what makes exodus special but its not the reason its actually good, homages are nice but the thing that makes it work is the content of the series itself, and while its pretty much impossible to follow without seeing the original if we look at it as a standalone experience it blows the original out of the water in every regard and fixes alot of issues i had with it. Exodus's directing, pacing, art direction, soundtrack, and especially characters are all on a whole different level than anything in the original show. The series while far darker than the original doesnt suffer from the same grimdark bullshit that plagued the original's tones at points and rather has a great mix between light hearted slice of life/character interactions that make for a great contrast between the intense action, it really sells through the tragedy when something sad happens cause you got to see who these characters were and really get what they are all fighting for, and believe me the 2nd half of the series holds no punches and gets dark as fuck that it makes you really cherish the dwindling hope the show provides before the threats come back and the characters lives are put in danger again, to which the show fully convinced me by the 2nd half that anyone was free game. The directing is hard to put into words but there are some scenes that are just masterfully put together in terms of camera angles use of music and visual ques and so forth, and the fights are never slow, they use CGI mechs this time but trust me it looks outstanding, they are actually rendered at a proper fps so they are smooth and they are always moving unlike most uses of CG in anime. Characters are the biggest reason exodus works and it excels at this, its comprised of 3 generations of pilots the few survivors of the original series whoa re all radically different and more mature characters(part of what i mean with the show having history you experience) as now they are all grown up and gone through a ton of shit to make them who they are, the 2nd gen pilots also from the original series but who actually had their time to shine in the movie heaven and earth, as well as the 3rd gen who are 3 new characters introduced in exodus. They use the 3 generations well and do a great job having them interact well in between eachother and the relationships between all the characters are much better handled than dead aggressor and the show is a straight ensemble cast this time so every single one of them gets alot of screen time and development. Theres a couple characters i really disliked from heaven and eartht hat developed so nicely and go through so much shit that i ended up loving them by the time their character arcs started in exodus. The cast is massive so i cant go into detail about everyone but i can only sum it up as they re just really likable people especially the 3rd gen, i felt genuinely bad every time something bad happened to them and the way the show handles mortality makes it downright hard to watch at times cause seeing these character react to their loved ones passing is really depressing and again far better handled than the original series.

Then theres the big thing that feels really unique for the show from a storytelling perspective and how the ensamble cast really helps make the show, the shows splits the cast into two different plots basically and shifts perspective between them from episode to episode, and to add to that the 2 plotlines feel very much like much improve remakes to the original series and prequal ova right of left, basically half the cast joins an expedition outside of the island with a kind of adventurous sort of format where they are always moving forword that acts kind of as a re imagining of the prequal ova but with the cast of characters introduced from past entries while another half of the cast holds down the fort on the island as a kind of remake of the original series. The show somehow manages to pull off making both sides of the plot really enthralling that one doesn't outshine the other and by shows conclusion they both come together for a pretty large scale conclusion that pretty much acts as the finale to the franchise up to this point as a whole. Its a little funky at first when the 2 perspectives begin about 4 or 5 episodes in but it really works wonders as it goes on and keeps the show always moving foreword. Theres also small ways they make the 2 story lines effect the other thats best left to be seen.

The show is not without its flaws though, its a 9/10 and definitely my AOTY but there are some gripes that make it a low 9/10 for me, the big one is spoiler as fuck so i cant mention it but i kind of came to terms with it even if i wished it went a different way, the other more direct faults can be summed up with there being a few plot conveniences at a couple points and despite the shows excellent pacing where i genuinely cant tell what they could of cut to prevent this the show's finale does suffer from a breakneck pacing that works effectively but could of been better with more time, and the lack of an epilogue because of this really does leave you wanting more cause the way the show ends it really leaves you wondering where the cast will go from there. And that epilogue complaint goes into your question of if there will be more after exodus, i definitely think yes cause they pretty much set up the conflict for the next series that could be the final one of the franchise and whole festum conflict, however as i said earlier exodus acts as kind of a finale for the franchise up till now and thats the case, i think all the characters are done being the limelight and the overall conflicts they have faced are all but done and the eventual sequel will likely be set a decade after at least. Everyone has some sort of conclusion which makes it all the more aggravating by the lack of an epilogue cause its potentially the last time we will see them. They even kind of set up who might be the protagonists in the sequel but only time till tell, for all i know they could make me eat shit and theres a sequel like a month after exodus, theres an event in march i think that could potentially announce it but we will see, im not expecting anything for a while though ideally id adore a epilogue ova or something more than anything else right now.

So yeah theres pretty much an essay on the show, theres alot more i could say believe it or not but im not putting you through that, I adored the show even with some grievances though recommending its hard cause of how much it works off the original show ova and movie all of which must be seen before starting exodus, i ended up getting a couple mal buddies of mine to watch the series and they both adored exodus but they also were in the same opinion as me on the original that it was really flawed but its pro outweighed the bad so again i dont know how much of the history stuff will be lost on you or not especially depending on how long ago you watched it and how fuzzy parts could be, i do highly recommend it in a sense but also advise caution, not just cause of the reasons listed but also cause i despise the idea of me hyping something up too much for people as i do have the tendency at least in my own self reflective view of myself. I'll just leave the final opening of the series here since it avoids all spoiler and kind of sells through a part of what i mean with the show's history that you experienced as it shows every single major character and some small ones from every entry in the franchise before the events of the ova and its got alot of cool little homages to the original opening shangrila.
Ducat_Revel Jan 12, 12:00 AM
Yo I know that picture by heart. What do you think of Nijigahara?
Hias Jan 1, 2:55 PM
Nice, that sounds really unique and interesting for a film trilogy, so I'm really hype to try those out. They're not long at all either, which kind of surprises me.

Looks like you're digging Cassavetes' filmography so far at least!

Hias Dec 25, 2015 9:53 AM
I watched Breaking the Waves last night....I'm still in shock and not sure what to say. There's just a lot to say about this movie, haha, it was wonderful and brilliant, but really hard to watch at the same time. Bess is such a lovely, beautiful human of a character and she goes through so many things for the sake of love and her husband.

I'll be sure to go more into this, but I'm currently enjoying my Christmas gifts, haha. I will say that I'm glad I saw that it was in your top 5 and your reasons motivated me to finally watch it.

And speaking of films, I got some Criterion blurays. I got Love Streams, the Jean Vigo collection and The Three Colors trilogy. Can't wait to check those out, Love Streams especially.

Hope you're having a good Christmas right now.
Hias Dec 24, 2015 4:33 PM
Sounds challenging but fascinating. Weird of me to say this as an agnostic but I actually find the concept of spirituality as the contrast between higher powers and being human with all the faults that come with it. Wings of Honneamise is a good example for me, one of my favorite movies ever and it tackled the theme of spirituality really well. It shows it in a way that it inspired the main characters in certain ways, to do things or feel things they thought they might never have before.

I just dislike it when it gets preachy and just tells you all our problems will be resolved if we all just believe in one thing; the existence and presence of god or a god at least.

But I am fascinated by themes of that, redemption and love. When I watch it I will let you know how it goes!
Hias Dec 23, 2015 7:24 PM
Yo, how've you been?

I forgot to mention, but I noticed Breaking the Waves is one of your favorite movies, according to your letterboxed. I actually have the Criterion bluray that I got last year and still haven't watched it yet.

What did you like about the film?
Shuuka Dec 18, 2015 9:37 AM

ClinT Dec 9, 2015 8:18 PM
Hey mate =)
Thoughts about Durararararararararara ?