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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
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mdo7 Jan 14, 5:48 PM
There's one more thing you need to know. When K-pop artist remake a well-known J-pop song into Korean/K-pop, it seem to help that J-pop song get enough attention. Case in example:

Yeah the song from Nodame Cantabile got a K-pop/Korean remake by a rookie K-pop girl group:

Yeah this K-pop remake of a J-pop song got a lot of attention from people that never even listen to J-pop. Now people are finding the original J-pop music all because of a Korean remake.
mdo7 Jan 14, 5:42 PM
About time you responded to my post, what took you so long? But regarding your response:

you said:
And btw, here's the song that's using almost the same chord progression. Listen to it, listen to the bass line, lead melody line, vocal line and supporting lines. Try to hear how different every of that line is and how well these lines sounds together and simultaneously how complex/long the progressions are (and use headphones if you can).

You're going to have to break that down for me and also explain to me what you mean by that. Because I listen to both J-pop and K-pop that sound like J-pop, and they used a lot of the same tune. Is there something I missed when I listen to J-pop and can't find anything in K-pop.

you said:
This thing is not existent in Kpop, so even if Kpop sounds kinda similar in some examples, it's still way, way different.

Even if it is, when K-pop use similar tune and chord progression to J-pop, the people that hate or get turned off J-pop somehow accepted K-pop when they used the same damn tune and chord progression found in J-pop.

You didn't answer the question: If people were turned off by J-pop because of your idea that tune and chord progression turned off many potential western fans, then how did these same people that got turned off by J-pop's tune accepted K-pop when K-pop used similar tunes and chord progression found in J-pop?

Also I found other K-pop that sound way close to J-pop in term of tune and probably chord progression. the MV you linked to me, yeah I found a K-pop equivalent to that one when it comes to beat:

As you said - some of these tracks sounds kinda similar, but if you listen to it closely - not that much at all. Definitely not in terms of composition and vocal direction (and modulation).

You're going to have to explain that in good detail, because go listen to this one from Oh My Girl:

That sound (which include beat and tune) a lot like what I hear in J-pop. So unless I missed something. I'm going to need you to explain to me on that one.

The thing with Dreamcatcher is they are not coping Japanese style, but mainstream Drum and Bass style (it's really popular in UK).

Did you even listen to Dreamcatcher's music at all? Their music sounds a lot like J-rock and elements of J-pop and anisongs, I mean a lot of observers have said the same thing:

Is dreamcatcher J-pop inspired

Even in a interview with Dreamcatcher, the group themselves had acknowledged about them being compared to J-rock/J-pop because of their music, I mean let me quote the interview:

Which specific artists do the group draw inspiration from? Many people compare Dreamcatcher's music to J-Rock and anime theme songs.

We didn't have any artists specific in our mind when the group was created. but there were a few mentions of Babymetal to understand our group. As for now, rather than drawing an inspiration from other artists, we're doing our best to focus on expressing our uniqueness and be one of a kind.

That alone proves that Dreamcatcher can win a J-pop hater's heart.

To be honest I don't know why did you use Orange Caramel as an example, because it sounds literally like some random one season radio hit in the west. Dunno how it's in America, but in Europe there's a lot of mentioned one season hits like this. It's the exact opposite of the average jpop songs.

uh, a lot of K-pop fans (and some J-pop fans) have said Orange Caramel's music do sound a lot like J-pop. That's very unique amongst people that never listened to J-pop.

Again, I'm waiting for your explanation why people that are turned off by J-pop because of the beat and tune end up accepting K-pop when they used similar tune and beat found in J-pop.
mdo7 Jan 11, 9:57 PM
Are you not going to reply back to my response to your reply about how J-pop couldn't breakthrough in the US despite K-pop breakthrough in the west? I show you K-pop with J-pop-sounding music like Dreamcatcher, Lovelyz, G-friend. Those 3 K-pop girl groups have bigger international fanbases then any of their J-pop counterpart, how is that possible for those K-pop group when their music sound similar (or a lot like) to J-pop? I'm not sure if you're familiar with Loona, one of their music sound a lot like J-pop and yes Loona has gained a lot of international fanbases (and attention) even before they debuted:

So I'm waiting for your response, what do you have to say about K-pop music that sound a lot like J-pop?
MiniJusta Jan 10, 4:01 AM
O uau, jeden wielki post. To nic dziwnego, że ci to trochę zajęło :P

Podlink, czy jak to tam nazwać, w spisie treści do 1., 5. oraz 8. niedziałają.
Animelik Jan 9, 11:35 AM
Jakby co, to pierwszy odcinek Neverlanda już wyszedł. Jestem ciekaw, czy w końcu nadejdzie ten historyczny moment i polubisz jakiś mainstreamowy shounen :P
idontknowsarcasm Jan 6, 11:34 AM
can i praise you?
WaterLord Dec 30, 2018 2:20 PM
you live really far away from the capital city i see! Same here, i live like, 220km away from Lisbon.
Yes! She says it's a really amazing country and she's really enjoying her stay in there. At the moment she's here in Portugal because christmas and new year, but she will go back there in the next few weeks i think. She also visited some of the countries around Poland as well.
MajesticOtaKing Dec 29, 2018 9:32 PM
Thanks, I started my collection in 2015 with the Tainaka Ritsu Figma. I'm slowing down a bit right now due to running out of space to comfortable fit everything in apartment, though. Are you also a collector?
WaterLord Dec 29, 2018 2:49 PM
Ahh Santa Apolónia is the place where i catch the train to get to my hometown wich is 3 hours away from Lisbon. I've never been to Rossio tho, but it's on the Green Line too, wich is the one i use the most since i live in Alameda haha, don't know if you remember that stop, it's a bit further than Rossio. Man, Cabo da Roca really does look like people describe it to be! It's amazing, i have to visit it one day.

I'm really glad you liked this part of Portugal though! You're from Poland right? I have a friend of mine studying on Erasmus in Warsaw.
MajesticOtaKing Dec 28, 2018 6:34 PM
Thanks. People don't usually like long responses, so I'm not expecting much acknowledgement lol. I kind of wish people would just like what they like without having to argue over it, though.
WaterLord Dec 28, 2018 5:34 PM
I use the metro everyday to go to uni! Do you remember some of the stations? To see if you've been to the station that is close to where i live? Sintra is a really beautiful place, i have never been to Cabo da Roca though, in Sintra i've only been on that palace that is high up in the city, it's called Palácio da Pena, i think you might have seen photos of it if you went to Sintra! Yeah, here in portugal there are lots of Japanese, and also Chinese tourists!
WaterLord Dec 28, 2018 4:22 PM
Thank you!! I saw that you were having kind of a beef with that guy so i thought i could step in as well xD Yes, i think both of us already stated our personal opinions on the matter back there in detail xD So yeah, Original is always better no matter what. It's tradition, what can we do? :)

Ohh you've been to Lisbon? That's pretty cool! I am not from Lisbon tho, but i am living there because i am studying there at university, but right now i'm on my hometown because of christmas and new year with the family and also to study for my exams in January. And yes, the majority of people in here are pretty friendly! But there are also some that are pretty difficult to approach tbh. Our country in general i think its nice when it comes to our population. I have never been to France before, and to tell the truth, i've never liked France that much xD my cousin went to France to visit a friend of hers that was studying there, when she was in the subway, someone stole her phone from her pocket, the guy started running and no one around seemed to help her, hey were just there estatic... :/ idk if it's in their nature to be like that, i'll never understand it..

Nice to meet you btw! You seem to be a pretty cool person :)
MiniJusta Dec 26, 2018 5:50 AM
A no to ok ;) Jak coś to podeślij linka, jak skoczysz te podsumowanie.

Mogli w sumie tylko twarz zmienić i animacje na taką płynna jak w BD, bo laska dobrze wyglądała ogólnie.
Lol 1:37 jak w ogóle inna postać.
3:33 wolę wersję BD. Wygląda rzeczywiście jakby się czymś martwiła, bo w wersji TV wygląda, jakby miała zatwardzenie albo inne problemy żołądkowe...
Ogólnie BD ma ten blur, ta? Czy coś. A może to przez jakość filmiku? Bo niewyraźne bardzo. Inne oświetlenie i w ogóle, w pierwszej scenie ok bo to mgła czy coś, ale potem hm...
MiniJusta Dec 26, 2018 3:28 AM
To chyba źle spojrzałeś, przynajmniej te Märchen Mädchen :P
ShonenLove Dec 25, 2018 4:02 AM
Hey, I agree with your statement "Dub = fake crap. Always.". Good to see someone bringing it up.