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Runway de Waratte
Runway de Waratte
5 hours ago
Watching 2/? · Scored 8
Kyokou Suiri
Kyokou Suiri
6 hours ago
Watching 3/12 · Scored 8
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!
6 hours ago
Watching 4/12 · Scored 7
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Loose Senki: Old Boy
Loose Senki: Old Boy
Sep 16, 2019 3:15 PM
Reading -/79 · Scored -
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Feb 1, 2019 9:06 PM
Reading 382/? · Scored 10
Medaka Box
Medaka Box
Feb 1, 2019 9:01 PM
Reading 56/194 · Scored 10


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KushEnthusiast Dec 20, 2019 11:58 PM
Watch Haruhi season 1 and 2 then watch the film. If I watched only the film I would also have gave it a 7 or less because the character development in the film is directly related to the first two seasons. The second season is also very good but for the Endless 8 part you have to watch "Endless 8 I", "Endless 8 II" and "Endless 8 VIII", and skip all others "Endless 8" episodes. You will have a much better viewing experience and these 3 episodes will convey everything you need to see or feel. Also, the episode "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody" of the second season is absolutely required to see the film if you want to skip the series.
-Ryu Dec 8, 2019 6:16 PM
Tá aceito, amigo
EarlCiel Dec 6, 2019 8:33 PM
Ooo I just looked it up Babylon on MAL and it's also a psychological thriller.
I lovee those types shows, I never heard of it but will def be checking it out! :'D
Thanks so much for the suggestion <3

I watched Serial Experiments Lain episodes (just a few episodes I think?) a loonng time ago but honestly I feel like I may be too dumb to understand what on earth is going on...or maybe I do not have the patience to understand haha. Lately I haven't been watching too much anime bc of work and I'm in that one phase where I am re-watching some old shows buut I have heard some good things about this season's anime so I want to get back to watching more!

The only show I'm watching this season, actually, is Hoshiai no Sora which I think is absolutely adorable. Loveee how it unexpectedly has drama too and did I mention so adorable~ <3 haha I love sports anime and I agree it really is a great tennis anime! Lately I have been re-watching haikyuu in preparation for the NEW SEASON THAT'S COMING OUT 2020!!!!


Wow you're watching a lot of animes! Kono Oto Tomare is on my list and since you have recommended it I will be sure to watch it! I also need to watch psycho pass s3, shokugeki no souma (tho tbh I am losing interest a little bit need to get back into it) andd boku no hero which I am waiting for it to all air so I can marathon it with some friends c: what do you personally think about vinland saga? I wanted to check it out to see what they hype is about but I heard the hype is from manga fans and um idk if i'll be as hyped bc I don't read manga lol (;

EarlCiel Nov 27, 2019 3:42 PM
Awww nishinoya is such an encouraging ball of energy haha he's my sister's favorite! He's also so hilarious. No problemm~ it is nice to meet you. Soo what have you been watching lately :D? Have you been watching any of the new shows that are airing this season?
EarlCiel Nov 19, 2019 7:23 PM
Thank you!! I love kenmaa ughh I honestly cannot choose a favorite character from Haikyuu since there are just too many but he is definitely up there and one of my favorites. do you have a favorite? by the way, it is nice to meet you! thanks for adding me! :D
TuturuChan Aug 30, 2019 11:11 AM
Yes.. is all relatives and perspectives. Morality is human social construct.

Loved Shinsekai Yori's take of a dystopian future, still haven't found any other anime quite like it.
TuturuChan Aug 28, 2019 10:12 AM
Squealer did nothing wrong.
curvedtree Aug 3, 2019 9:23 PM
I was on a streak, trying to watch the best rated films on MAL. I would pick a film, check its synopsis, read a few of the reviews with more votes and then I would decide if I would watch it or not. "Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu" has great reviews and I thought it would be a good pick, but when it ended I didn't understand why people were calling that film amazing, so having watched other animes that had their redemption moments I thought I should search some info on why that film was so well-praised. As I said there, it is a good film, but not as awesome as people portrayed, if you grabbed it out of nowhere, there were even some scenes that felt disconnected from the film as if we should know some of the lore before hand. I'm just glad fans of the series were able to have some good closure, having your favourite anime ending with a bitter end is annoying. Thank you for reading my review, mate!
Krunchyman May 10, 2019 10:26 AM
Thanks, my dude!
Di-Ansatsu Apr 25, 2019 6:42 PM
Interesting! And yeah everyone has their own taste but still, I will continue and finish it (one day)^^ I want to know the end and also who this Squealer is !
SCLFI Apr 25, 2019 1:39 AM
I'm not entirely sure what point you're trying to make here, that because of the purely exaggerated manner in which people act in Kakegurui, that is entertaining? I can't say I'd consider that really much of an adequate defence of its flaws, that's a quality found in a huge number of anime, and western animation too, it's more or less a convention, and both Kaiji and Prison School, the two shows which I compared it to, also had crudeness and simplicity (both of which depicted it in two different ways), and they were on the whole far better experiences. Don't know what you're on about with it not being a gambling anime either, there's other stuff in there, perhaps, but the principal focus of it is gambling, you may as well suggest that NGE isn't a mecha because it focuses more so on the characterisations of the members of NERV than it does the combat. It just seems reductive, if nothing else.
As for Psycho Pass, reading back on that, I don't think that's as well constructed as many of my other reviews, but thanks, still beyond me why that show's as highly rated as it is.
Di-Ansatsu Apr 23, 2019 8:23 AM
Ah Shinsekai Yori, I watched the first five episodes, liked it but for some unknown reason didn't continue. I really should since I always hear great things about it!
Di-Ansatsu Apr 20, 2019 7:26 AM
Thanks! I mostly wrote this review just because I was pissed off with the show and wanted to point out the flaws in it. Also if I may ask, from what anime does your profile picture come from?
126GeV Feb 8, 2019 10:10 PM
Thanks for the read; glad you agree.
Danae Jan 29, 2019 1:31 PM
Hey! Yeah Yakusoku no Neverland is too good. When I first started reading it I was expecting a typical shonen, but I love how suspenseful, mysterious and consistent the story is. In my opinion, the whole arc they are adapting is just as good as the beginning (if not better), so if you like it already you probably won't be disappointed.