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World Trigger
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Fruits Basket (2019)
Apr 17, 7:59 PM
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Apr 17, 7:59 PM
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Cubism Love
Jul 13, 2014 11:39 PM
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KannoSugako Aug 4, 2018 12:40 AM
Finally took some time off to address all the super delayed replies I had accumulated. Part of it was MAL’s breakdown, thanks to which it was impossible to access your profile and comment section, another one was exams and later on the fact that I found a job, so yes, I am currently working and now my time management issue has just gotten worst, lol.

I know I know, even thou it can get really tiring and everything, at least when you’re studying you’re kinda just following: following your uni schedule, following classes, studying what you are told to, etc. After uni is when u finally have to start figuring things out on your own, like, for real.

Mine is anthropology, yeah I do remembered you are with psychology, like, you were the first person ever with whom I talk on MAL, and I kinda have a good memory for silly things haha.

So how have you been? You’re currently on vacation or you have classes or smth? I’m kinda following some shows this season like, Banana Fish, Free S3, still BNHA S3, SnK S3, Hataraku Saibo and Hanebado, what about you? :3

I hope you’re doing wonderfully and hang in there, you’re missing nothing in uni so you’ll see a year goes by pretty quickly.

A big warm hug!
electromagneto May 21, 2018 11:42 PM
Sorry for the (very) late reply :(
Now that you mention it, we are indeed around the same age (only days apart actually haha).

Regarding Sasaki, I'm not really sure. It's often hard for me to describe the reason to why I prefer something in general, but I'll give it a try anyway.
I think Sasaki is more balanced and stable compared to Kaneki. To me, he is like a combination of the kind-hearted Black Kaneki and the badass White Kaneki. Also, I find his relationships with his fellow CCG members (especially the Quinx) to be somewhat colorful and fueled with sincere feelings.

Don't worry, it was an interesting question to answer.
By the way, the anime adaptation does its job quite well according to the source material, so I'm sure we are in the same frame already.
Now I wonder what should I ask you as a get-to-know-you question...
FawnAutumn May 19, 2018 6:20 PM
Life is treating me okay, how about you? ^-^
FawnAutumn May 16, 2018 7:44 PM
Thank you for accepting my friend request ^-^ Nice to meet you! (^w^)/
KannoSugako May 16, 2018 5:47 AM
Oh hello there! Such a pleasure hearing from you! How have you been doing? I hope it has been crazy busy with uni and live overall. I am doing great, thanks for asking. Some periods were i wanted to die cause i had lots of stuff to do and no time whatsoever but i managed to get through them, thou as i am writing this i probably should start doing many things i've been postponing but i always fall into this circle of lateness and despair. That's just me, i have some serious time management issues. I guess you could say i like the drill and adrenaline of being late with everything in life? lol.

You? What have you been doing? How's psychology treating you? A big hug!

Hope you have are having wonderful week!
wheatsquares33 May 11, 2018 12:20 PM
Haha that's kind of a lot, but that's alright, thanks for the comment! (bear with me here, I'm not sure how to do line breaks without making a list :p)

  • Yeah V3 is easily my favorite game in the series (and arguably my favorite "anime", like if it had a MAL page it would be #1 above HxH, both because of the quality of the game itself and because I have really fond memories of actually playing through it). Like, the characters, art, and overarching story are easily my favorite of the series. Shuichi and Kokichi are both perfect (and probably my favorite ship in anything), Shuichi is such a sweetheart <3 Kokichi maybe not so much but he's still my favorite character in anything at the moment.

  • Uhh I think my first like "husbando" guy was Manami from Yowamushi Pedal, right when I was getting into anime and hadn't seen very much, then he was replaced by Nagisa after I finished Free a few months later (and he's still pretty near the top). But for like my #1 husbando it has to be Kurapika, he's been #1 for almost two years I guess and I don't think I'd ever have the heart to displace him from that spot (though Kirishima has been a very close second as of late), he's just too good and deserves better ;__;

  • I'm watching all kinds of random shit this season, like I usually watch ~7 shows seasonally on average and I'm like at something obscene like 18 this season for whatever reason. I'm not feeling too incredibly strongly about any of them though. Just in terms of non-sequel stuff though I'm liking Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, Last Period (the show the guy in my avatar is from), and Hisone to Maso-tan a lot (I give all three ~8 from what I've seen, which are my highest scored shows of the season I think, just off the top of my head, but like I'm more detailed with everything and have scores in my actual list).

  • Best guys of the season are Ryohei Haizaki from Inazuma Eleven, Gajeru from Last Period, and Snow & Tanis from Shiyan Pin Jiating (just in terms of new stuff & not including sequels, because then I'd have to include like every single guy in Boku no Hero & Food Wars)...not sure how much staying power any of them will have in my memory but I mean Gajeru debuted top 20 in the husbando list and I've really really liked Ryohei from the like 10 minutes I've seen of him on screen so maybe he'll grow on me a lot too.

But yeah thanks for stopping by I appreciate it!
electromagneto May 11, 2018 4:22 AM
Hi. Thanks for accepting my friend request, nice to meet you. :)
karensmiles Jan 3, 2018 7:32 PM
KannoSugako Dec 31, 2017 7:20 AM

Beautiful frieeeend!! Happy New Year!!! May this next year be a great one for you! A massive hug!

KannoSugako Dec 24, 2017 3:29 PM
Gurrrrrl! Merry merry christmas! Have a wonderful day!

KannoSugako Dec 20, 2017 5:03 AM

Here, have some more cavities, lol.

First day of winter break; the break title is a joke, an illusion for i have exams mid-january and February, so it’s like they give you some days off but the truth is you are supposed to invest them studying, like, YEAH RIGHT HOW DOES THAT!?
So as you can assume i’m not doing anything exciting, i have to stay home and study, and watch anime of course. What about you? Any special plans for the holidays?

Interesting cause not so long ago another MAL friend recommended Net-juu no susume to me, like, it’s a must if you love rom-coms he said, so i’m interested, i didn’t notice it before because i saw the tag ‘game’ and i’m honestly not into game related anime, so i thought it was a central thing to the plot and overlooked the series as a whole. Well, from this season besides 3 Gatsu no Lion, which in my humble opinion is the best anime of the year xD, i’m really enjoying Girl’s Last Tour; a really cute SOL that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, so it’s just chill and cute, characters are fun and the overall feeling of the series it’s just, soothing. Besides that i don’t know...i mean i thought many shows had potential (like Magus Bride, Children of Whales, JC) but these ones have ended up being somehow lacking in one way or the other.

Oh, almost forgot, i’m also enjoying Blend S and Hoozuki S2, the first one is really fun and cute, the relationship between the MCs reminds me SO MUCH of Ouran Host Club and the latter one, it’s just an absurd series xD, i mean it’s about hell being administrated as a company, full of absurd and fun characters...but i don’t know if it can be your cup of tea.

Code Geass was certainly a ride hahhsd, there were indeed many glorious and unforgettable moments, but the ending takes the best prize of them all, it had me screaming, i thought it was perfect and exciting! I don’t know if they could ever overcome that ending, but i guess it’s a hard task.

I really don’t know, i also thought he was gone for good but everything hints at the opposite so i don’t know, i don’t even have a theory....i...i too have conflicted feelings. Only thing i hope for, it’s that whatever is they’re planing to do, it’s worth it and in the same tone with the amazingness of the series.

Favorite character without doubt it’s Lulu...absolutely, 100% sure. I also liked Cornelia cause she was a badass, and although C.C. was a tsundere i think she was nice, i loved her obsession over pizza, totally relatable. What i do know is that i hated Nina with every cell of my body...jesus christ...also, hated so much Suzaku for pretty much the entire series, but the ending kinda redeemed him.

Danae Dec 19, 2017 3:47 PM
Hey! Yeah Danae is my actual name haha, I have a really unoriginal username XD It's nice to meet you too :D Don't feel bad for replying later than you wanted, I'm taking my time too so it's really not a big deal.

We seem to have a similar interest in specific fields of psychology. But you're a junior just like me, so if I assume correctly your studies consist of 4 years overall which means you have time to decide what you want to do. As for me I think clinical psychology will be my choice, neuropsychology is like a sub-category of the same orientation, at least where I live. I'm thinking of trying my luck and applying for studying english literature as a minor :D That's how much I like it haha. But minors are not a thing in public universities (public universities are kinda the norm here if you take uni entrance exams) so I'm thinking of searching for a job. Even if I don't do that I think it would be nice to save up some money. Anyway back to the interests, criminology is really fun! I am currently attending a series of seminars that basically gives you an official document that you've studied criminal psychology. If there's something similar in your city and it's something to your liking you could try it out as well. You've played piano more or less the same years as me! I had stopped in 2016 because I was having panic attacks and then I didn't want to continue playing, but now that the last 5 months my mental health has gotten better I decided to restart my lessons. I think playing music is a really emotional outlet and means of expression, no? If two people play the same piece it could sound entirely different depending on the feelings the pianist wants to convey. What do you mean you stopped to work on technical stuff? Playing covers sounds really cool, although I'm sticking to the classic composers. Are you playing something you find exciting atm? Nopeee I don't write poems tbh I am not that much of a creative person! I like consuming creative stuff but I can't write anything on my own. Not that I've tried to XD I like reading lots of different books! If I had to narrow it down, my favourite are these genres: romance, psychological, mystery and historical fiction. I also like to read romance stories with lgbt representation, but that isn't a genre of its own since it can be in any of these categories. What books do you like? And do you have a favourite one? That book you've written sounds intriguing.. you know maybe you're having a writer's block, you don't need to give up because you're currently at a stalemate. You can resume writing later, you're not on a schedule! I think making drafts for your ideas or backstories could be helpful. Not that I'm speaking from experience. Of course if you don't want to write the same story anymore that's fine too, one day you might have a fresh idea that will make you feel excited. Don't feel bad lol, I'm watching anime a lot too even though I had a few years' hiatus. Hmm I used to be lazy thinking about reading manga too, but I think most adaptations are better in their original manga source because there's plenty of time for character development and plot analysis. *sees hxh on your favourites* nice!! Killua is my son so it's cool to see him in your faves too <3

Everyone starts from somewhere! Someone could one day read a book of yours too. These writers that we're used to reading are usually taking a couple of years to finish a book. It's not an easy task so you shouldn't be hard on yourself either :) That book ''No Longer Human'' sounds interesting.. although it's hard to imagine that such a bleak book won't take a toll on you emotionally XD So it seems like you really want to help people who experience these situations. The same goes for me! I was really fascinated with the human mind's influence and potential so I wanted to study psychology. I don't like psychiatry because it mainly focuses on the medical aspect; for example being depressed is not just a chemical imbalance, it has to do with social factors too. Another reason for my choice must have been subconsciously a need to help myself... I've been through lots of mental health problems from my childhood until now so maybe having experienced how hellish or helpless some situations seem, I wanted to do my best to help other people not feel the same. It's rather selfish in this regard but I don't mind. I think psychology and one's perspective towards life is a key factor to how they interpret their surroundings or potential happiness so our major is really important and impactful :D

I understand what you mean. I'm the same type as you, I'm a very observant and quiet person. Many happy moments of my life are not really ''active'', it's just like sitting with your friends for a cup of coffee, seeing two of them bantering and smiling at that moment thinking that this is heartwarming and pleasant. You seem really considerate and compassionate, I'm 100% sure you'll do a terrific job once you graduate. And of course it's nice that you're studying something that you love just like me!

It's totally fine! I don't mind your questions at all, I'm glad I'm talking to you since you seem really interesting! I guess this reply is a bit too lengthy, so it goes without saying you can respond whenever you have free time and to the questions you want to answer! Have a good day:D
Danae Nov 30, 2017 7:09 AM
Hey I happened to stumble upon your profile and we seem to have many things in common:D I also study psychology, although I haven't found a definite field that interests me the most (apart from clinical psychology and neuropsychology), we both play the piano and we're only a year apart. Anyway you seem like an interesting person so I decided to leave a comment~
KannoSugako Nov 25, 2017 12:38 PM

Hiiiiiiiiiiii, hisashiburi, so good to hear from you!!! Don't mind, don't mind. I'm not as active either, it's getting quite heavy with studies to keep up with this, but i too keep up with anime, even if i'm sleepy by the time i get home, lol.

Oh yes you were hahaha, long conversations those were. I'm doing good actually, actually, really good. Happy to say it hahahah, like, i've come to the realization that i have nothing to complain about at the moment, lol. You? How's university going? Life?

Hahah are you watching anything from this season? Or any other jewels?

BTW I LOVED CODE GEASS. Specially second season, i'm so looking forward to what's coming next, thou i have to admit that the ending was perfect as it is so i'm a bit scared.

fishergirl16 Nov 23, 2017 5:21 PM
Hahaha~ it's okay, no worries. :) Just happy to hear from you.

GO GET V3! You have to get it! Maybe there's some sales for Black Friday for V3 so you can get it for cheap.

Ugh, yes. It is honestly really good. The characters are growing on me. I just finished the second class trial. So excited to play more!