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Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth
Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth
Oct 27, 2018 5:38 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Steins;Gate 0
Steins;Gate 0
Oct 26, 2018 11:02 PM
Completed 23/23 · Scored 6
Free! Dive to the Future
Free! Dive to the Future
Jul 28, 2018 10:31 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored -
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Masamune-kun no Revenge
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Oct 13, 2018 3:50 AM
Completed 54/70 · Scored 4
Ten Count
Ten Count
Jul 27, 2018 9:59 AM
Completed 51/51 · Scored 9
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Jul 9, 2018 4:35 AM
Completed 549/549 · Scored 6

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Mayuka May 26, 2018 2:13 PM

i used an image editing program to make it. GIMP is what i use. you crop an image and then make a new layer. then make a border, fill it in. make another layer, make a border of 2px width and then fill it in white. thats it!
JustSomeoneYK Apr 22, 2018 1:56 PM
I already tried but nothing, not enough ..

I wish that too, school sucks, I can't watch what I want ..
MrVestacus Apr 12, 2018 8:56 AM

✉ ---- ✉ ---- ✉ ---- ✉
✉ ---- ✉ ---- ✉ ---- ✉
If you have any issues, please PM Riho88riho.
Delivery by: MrVestacus
JustSomeoneYK Apr 11, 2018 12:44 PM

I don't have space to have games in my phone ;-;

Oh you think so? I saw other person with many more then me xD
JustSomeoneYK Apr 5, 2018 9:39 AM
Just passed to say that I love your profile pic, Mystic Messenger, miss the game <3
adaptativee Apr 4, 2018 3:19 AM
don't worry and i'm sorry too! i guess we both take a long time to reply T-T but yeah, it's kinda tough to find time for the longer messages ^^;;;

oh, i see i seem to be talking with indonesians pretty often here ^^ i'm from poland~~

yeah same, i always study just the day before coz i don't feel like doing it earlier and yet i still menage somehow haha

ugh. well imo teachers who would give out answers to someone like that are even worse here. i honestly can't even imagine my teachers doing something like that D:

yeah, exactly~~ at this point i'm already done with pretty much everything the game has to offer so there's really no point in wasting even more money on it ^^;;;

oh then maybe you already got to lay Ray's route? if that's the case then tell me what you think about it the next time ^^

honestly haikyuu is one of those very few series where i can't even decide who i love the most coz THEY RE ALL SO CUTE AND PRETTY AND SWEET AND FUNNY AND I JUST AGFASVGDGFASDVGGH <333333
now witch Nekoma and Karasuno game i honestly feel like crying coz there's at least a few panels every week that are so pure and precious I JUST CANT \OwO/


i plan to start manga as soon as i'm done with s3 but maaaan, i already can't wait for it XD
as for bsd it used to be one my favs before but changed it a bit recently so it's no longer there haha
i still really like it tho!! and yas S2 IS SO MUCH BETTER!!! so many more great characters, Dazai's back story, great music and not to mention Odasaku COZ I LOVE THAT MAN AND HIS STORY ONLY TOOK A FEW EPISODES BUT IT WAS SO SOOOO COOL *-*

GOD believe me, Ray's route is much better in that aspect! one of the reasons why i like it so much is because you can finally say what you think about Rika without all the sugar-coating you have to do in V's unless you wanna end up in bad end that is OTL.
i could finally tell her what she's doing is wrong and Ray deserves better and all that obvious stuff that she somehow can't get into herhead by herself so yeah.. it was pretty nice to finally get it out of my system hhahaha

but in all honesty i have a feeling that they'll be done with mysme content as soon as V's & Ray's after ednings come out T-T even more with The Ssum coming out so soon and all that already can't wait for it btw!!! XD

yeah, honestly i'm really empathetic i often hear that maybe even TOO much OTL and i can understand her & feel really bad for her so i don't think she deserves to be treated badly or anything like that. imo she deserves help but she shoud also be separated from all the people she already hurt and i feel like that's the case in V's good ending so at least that ends well ^^


aww girl i read so many of those i'm not even sure where to start XD
imma just give you my biggest favs theres a lot of those just so you know XD and next time you can tell me which ones you liked the most so i can get to know your taste better ^^

don't worry about that~~ i'm not native either so i can make mistakes just as easily ^^
Kreyul Feb 25, 2018 12:29 PM

adaptativee Feb 18, 2018 12:26 PM
UGH YEAH I FEEL YAAA it's just one thing after another i swear!! >.<
srsly last week was so hellish to me that i could hardly find some time to sleep not to mention doing anything else T-T
it's probably gonna be like this for a while now so i have a feeling that i'll only be able to login during weekends... ugh... TT-TT

i see~ can i ask where are you from? coz i feel like i've heard the name Eid Nubarak before but i'm not sure where and i'm to tired to check right now ^^;; i feel like it's smth muslim but i'm not sure orz

yeah, i know... i had to do a lot of group projects back in middle school and it SUCKED coz most of my friends didn't really care and it always ended up with them joking around and me doing everything by myself too. that's exactly why i'm so happy that i don't have to do it anymore ^^

hahah exactly! i don't really say it out loud coz i don't wanna sound like a bitch but i really don't understand people with bad grades ^^;;;
i mean i do basically nothing and yet i've never had to worry about bad grades. i think i'd actually have to try pretty hard to fail an exam lmao
yeah, i'm in my third year of high school. thanks~ yeah, i know i gotta try hard for once ^^;;; but i'm so used to slacking off that it's pretty hard lmaooo


nah don't worry, it's ok! i can't really help you much but if writing about it helps you then that's fine by me ^^
even more since i complain about my school a lot too haha
yeah i know! i'm really interseted in all those extra goods and pictures!!! but i also already played through all the routes and got around 80% of all the endings so it kinda feels like i won't need all those hourglasses or max- speed stuff anymore... so yeah i feel like i only NEED half of those and it makes it harder to decide if i really want it ^^;;;
not sure if that makes sense to you... i feel like my thoughts about it are pretty scattered orz T-T

OMG GURL MY EXACT THOUGHTS I SWEAR!!!! i was in love with him right from the moment i first downloaded the app!! i actually couldn't help myself and got as many of his hearts as i could on my first playtime in common story which is why i couldn't get into Zen's or Jaehee's route and ended up in Yoosung's lmaoo
YEAH SRSLY!! HES BEING SO SOOO CUTE!! like always haha
i'm so sooo sorry for doing this to you but i don't think i'll ever get over Saeran's route! it was just TOO PERFECT hahah
when do you think you'll have time to play it??? T-T

personally i think this ending is part of his real personality too. it's just that by seeing the route till the end we help him grow end realize that he has to overcome his possessiveness or else he won't be able to love us properly. so yeah, that kind of kinky ideas probably still goes around in his head but he overcomes it haha

dear god that's like one of my 10 top obsessions lmaoooo
are you on time with manga too?? if so then how did you feel about match with Inarizaki?? ♥.♥

yeah... i kinda agree... i mean it was sweet and he finally got the help and support he deserved also Jihyun's emojis??? they're like???? sooo adorable??? and so are Ray's???? i still can't get over them??? lmao but yeah... for me it was a bit disappointing T-T
i feel like we didn't really do much in his route compared to others coz as you said for the most time the story focused either on his relationship with Rika or his relationship with his mother. i know that we had to know those things about him to understand his character better but it made me unable to focus on my own relationship with him ^^;;;
even good ending left me super disappointed too. i mean come on - we haven't seen each other for two years and we can't even get one (1) kissing CG with him?? srsly??? >.<"
also i personally HATE love triangles and we basically got one with us, Jihyun & Rika so that may be another reason why i didn't enjoy it as much as i wished to ^^;;;
also hell yeah! i spend all this time getting Ray's hearts too lmaooo
he was just too cute to resist!!! i did my best to take Jihyun's side whenever i could so i somehow menaged to get into his route but i feel like i had much more hearts from Ray hahaha

yeah, now i only need Vanderwood's route and i would die happily lmao honestly at this point i'd sell my soul to cheritz with no second thoughts if it meant that i'd get it

about Rika huh? i actually felt kinda bad for her after Jihyun's route coz her backstory really is super sad but after Ray's... the only thing i feel when i think about her is anger~ because come on!
BAD PAST DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO HURT OTHERS. AND MENTAL ILLNESS DOES NOT RELEASE YOU FROM RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR ACTIONS. and yet she goes around acting like she's some kind of drama queen that can do anything just because she was hurt before too and I HATE THAT ABOUT HER.
i remember that at one point she actually said something along the lines of: "i only say what i think and it's another person's choice if they want to get offended by it" and i found that sooo egoistic and self-centered it still bugs me a lot ^^;;
like come on! they always say that she's super good at talking to people and stuff but when it comes to her cult she can't convince anyone to follow her so she has to drug & force them to do so. and she has no idea about hacking so without Saeran she wouldn't be able to do anything to RFA. also she was a head of RFA for more than two years but she only made like??? 2 parties???? and we barely joined but we get to host one in 11 days??? come on! she's so uncapable and so sooo pathetic. NOTHING MORE TO SAY HERE.

thanks!! i seriously love long messages but i really need to try hard to find time to write those lately and it kills meeee TT-TT
adaptativee Feb 5, 2018 10:39 AM
no problemo ♥ hahah yeah, then you got a right person gurl lmao
aww i feel bad for you! tbh the weather sucks here too so most of my friends are getting sick lately my best friend actually got sick for our prom night and i felt so bad for her... orzT-T
tbh i'm super sickly so i'm kinda surprised nothing got me yet lmao
i feel ya! i feel ya SO SOO MUCH! my sleeping schedule is just as messed up as yours during weekdays T-T also we don't get that many holidays... there's break for christmas, winter break & summer break but that's pretty much it... sob well at least i don't get group projects coz my teachers seem to believe that we should do EVERYTHING on our own... orz
tbh my school has the highest level in the city too but i'm sort of a slack off so i usually don't really put much afford into schoolwork & just slip through doing bare minimum somehow stil keeping my grades at the top of class lmao
that being said i have some super important exams ending high school in may so i think i actually need to try and focus on those for once ^^;;;
will have to take a break from all the games i play & shows i watch for it to actually work though... it's gonna be tough... sob

woah lucky for you! i didn't get VIP Pack nor Believer Pack coz i felt like shipping it would cost me fortune but i may change my mind later on haha
this time around i just spend all my money on hourglasses and V's and Saeran's calling card ^^ and i gotta say the last one was THE BEST IDEA EVER - i made so many sweet calls to Saeran i srsly feel like crying *^^*

i love Seven but Jumin is just too frickin perfect for me ♥.♥ and again i love Saeran & i love his route but it also made me love Jumin even more coz he was SUCH A CUTE DORK IN IT LMAO
oh? personally i liked that bad end a lot i always knew i'm kinky so i'm not even sorry lmao but i agree that his sweet version from good end is actually much more better *^^*

omg poor you! i hate spoilers with my very soul!! tbh that's exactly why i dropped tumblr for a few days once i started Ray route - i didn't wanted to have anything spoiled~
oh i loved that CG too!! both Jumin & Saeran look so hooot there!! *.*
but there's also one more new CG with Jumin DOING SUCH A CUTE SHIT IT MAKES ME WANNA CRY LOL

hahah that's ok, don't worry! ^^ tbh i can reply so freely now because i'm on a break but once i'm back to school i'll be taking a while to answer as well ^^;;
adaptativee Feb 4, 2018 5:37 AM
i'm great, thanks for asking! how about you? ^^
oh, well then you're super lucky coz i'm a HUGE mysme trash fan lmao
ugh, that's too bad ^^;; i'm on a winter break rn so i started it right away! and tbh i've already done both good and normal ending *^^*
i spent so much money i don't even wanna count how much exactly but it was soooo damn worth it lmao
aw, don't worry! it wasn't awkward at all!! and feel free to chat me up anytime coz i'm always up for mysme talk ^^
also i love your profile pic with Jumin!! THAT MAN IS SO PERFECT HES MY ABSOLUTE FAVE ♥.♥
AngelHana Jan 30, 2018 11:21 PM

AngelHana Jan 22, 2018 6:05 AM

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