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Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai
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Rinkari Yesterday, 3:28 PM
Adaaaaaaaaa~~ just play it and enjoy with joy!
lol at first sight? that's sweet LOL I like the characters because of their personality and maybe the development, just like I did with Dazai Osamu~~ I think he's the first character from animes that I really liked, I usually tend to like only Dating Sims' characters lmao
Jisso is just super nice and sympathetic!!! You'll need luck with Jiwoo because in the beginning he's so rude man so ruuuuuuude I got super sad ;c also he's super hard to get relationship points, we're lucky because of the 'Go out with...' action xD
here the screenshoots!

hey I was just wondering, different choices lead to a different ending? like, if I were only choosing Ray and not Saeran I got bad ending X and if I were loyal to Savior I got bad ending Y but both happens in the same day. In 6th day I was being loyal to Rika and I get the bad ending from 10th day and not from the 9th day branch.
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SRY IM LAUGHING A LOT~~~~~ i'm at age that I don't like humans (LOL), they'll have to be really pretty or I suddenly fall to them. (dating sims age!!!)
Chihayafuru has EVERYTHING to be a romance but it isn't ;-; im cryin

so many people were confessing to Rika and I was just wtf I like Rika but not that all
PLS DONT DO THAT ADAAAAAAAAAA but after suffering a lot I kinda like what Cheritz does with Mystic Messenger, like 'you can't save everyone, you can just save who you love'
oh thats so sad I'm regretting my idea D:
I think it's more easy to me to cry with anime/playing because of the soundtrack and all, it's quite hard with me with mangas or anything else that I have to 'imaginate'. i'm really bad at reading :C

gosh why do I forget things so easily??///

oh really? I don't listen to covers so much~~ because im lazy to find them~~
yep, Enomoto really fits with Hina! they're so cute!!! sorry Enomoto I didn't like you in the beginning lmao
heyo give my musics to listennnn
I watched the series with Aida and Serizawa and it was super cute!!!!

I got into the internet too early xd
I guess I can read something like fanfics or doujins, lately I'm reading a webtoon about an adult couple then it has some sexual stuff but it's cute lol
I'll tell you my age~~ keep it as a secret~~ I'm 12! I think you're something around 15~20?
I like to talk korean, even if I don't know anything, like singing k-pop. I was singing cutie pie and it's super satisfying talking in korean, the phonemes and how we manage our tongue xD
GOOD LUCK ADA!!!! YOU'LL PASS!!!!!!!!!!!

being allergic is damn annoying, it's worse than a curse!!!!!!! at least curses has a way to break it!!!!!!!!!
on April? I just remembered that Zen's birthday is April 1st hehe~~~
I thought it was Alasca itself lmaoooo I heard somewhere that even Russia is suffering of global warning then that's serious.
no you didn't sry I was stalking you and you said to someone you're from Poland i'm from Brazil xd

With webtoons I feel like my life is now complete ;w; so beautiful~~~~~

alright! no spoiler~~
the only open ending that I accept is Kimi No Na Wa. nothing more.

but a cold weather with hot drink its just awesome -3- the only hot drink I ever dronk was coffee with milk haha~~
each one with your craziness
i wanna be jumin LMAOOOOO
yea most of wines are made with grapes right??? right?

in the end I didn't win ;'D
well I wasn't that surprised but its still shocking ldmsd
damn cheritz let me be happy just for once with goodies

it means 'Ada is so sweet and I hope she did well in her exams and I hope she's playing dandelion bcuz I not having much time enough to play im sad'

Jiyeon was my first route! it was quite boring lmao
I don't think there's a route timeline like mysme does, then you can date whatever you want~~

I was so nervous while i was doing the route duuuuude it was amazingggggg!!!!!
my top is something like:
1. Ray
2. Seven
3. Jumin / V (i can't decide lmao)
4. Yoosung
5. Zen
6. Yoosung
sometime I'll stop to listen to the Ray's route soundtracks, they're all amaing ;w; Four Seasons is so beautiful ;wwwww;
lmaooooooooooo super normal
I wish I had a better memory then I can remember more characters...
man I'm so shocked I played Mystic Messenger with such a pure mind and now BOOM my world is destroyed
i dont like this idea too D:
I think was better to break up with him than keep a relationship being uncomfortable
man I couldn't find the pic of his apartment sry ;w;

I wish Cheritz would have explored deeper about Magenta. Like, who are from Mint Eye more than Rika or Ray?
and if there's a AU about MC ended in Mint Eye because she wanted salvation and all that stuff?? ;o

talking about moron I remembered about Ray's route lmao
feelings are such a complicated stuff ;w;
ada sometimes I feel like you're emotional acrossing the line loloololo
hm, I will add this serie as my Plan to Watch list!
aaaah~~ Tanaka-kun was soo good to watch... and that opening! I still sing it~~

i'm reading a lot lmaooo
- Let's Play
- Crawling Dreams
- Obnoxious Hero-kun
- Tower of God
- Days of Hana
- Noblesse
- Rain
- Lumine
- Lookism
- Love n Life
- Siren's Lament
- Mage & Demon Queen
- Winter Moon
- Sunny Side Skies
- Mocha Latte Boyfriend!!
- SubZero
- LittleRain
- Phantom Paradise
- I Love Yoo
- Live Forever
- The Devil is a Handsome Man
- Pasutri Gaje
- Eggnoid
- Po's little planet
- My Pre-Wedding
- Ghost Teller
- unTouchable
Luffy707 Yesterday, 2:28 PM
Tbh I stop playing it like 2 months ago and I don't remember what routes I played Orz
skyfer Yesterday, 2:50 AM
cool? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) haha. waaat how come she doesn't even notice? lol. there are so many students in your class?
lmao oh you're in advanced class in maths eh.. first time heard that class lol.
yep :3 so baad. I wish I could draw better tho </3 I have so many imaginations in my mind but cannot put it into drawing ;w;

yepp so loli omfg.
I think it's on break. just sneaking secretly to reading webtoon lol. btw I found another webtoon called "Here's the SHiTuation" it's so cuteee. damn.

I see.. ah you remind me of my old note that full of tv shows/comic/anime/movies etc.. in my phone which's broken now.. and I haven't fixed it yet ;w;
where are you from? :o
so sadd. but there are some Indonesian authors who join english webtoon, no?

so luckyyy.
yep I'm a student.. university student and I'm still looking for a job //cri
sorry for late reply as well, always forget to reply :s
skyfer Feb 17, 10:02 PM
no haha I'm just asking xD
history class eh? it's kinda boring yep i kinda agree with you lol. talking about scribbles.. the last time I did it was 3-4 months ago
I see, we seem have the same interests ouo

lmao, Florence and Gideon in real life thooo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I like how they protect Risa from her brother~
still waiting for Dr. Frost season 2.. haha I know that feels though xD but still I just read it anyway lol. somehow I staph reading noblesse around 490 episodes

must be a pain to make a list and check them :o though I did the same for manga, movie, drama related
I'll check it out again sometimes :3
I'm an Indonesian.

haha no worries! good luck with your studies & school :)
Rinkari Feb 17, 12:41 PM
dandelion is super fun and I really like the way you play, Cheritz always change the way-to-play in every game. Like, in mysme the chatrooms appears according to the real time and stuff, and in Dandelion you make your routine! (i think nameless it's just a normal visual novel tho) You work, you study, you do a lot of stuff! I'm kinda used to these games, like Persona and Stardew Valley, but the game gives you a very short time to like a guy and invest on him, then you have to choose a guy before you start to play to avoid the common route bad ending (yeas, I took the bad ending in my first time playing). I took a lot of some weird screenshoots I'll show you later LOL~~~
I finished the Bad Ending 1 and 2, the first where Ray treats MC as his goddess and stuff... and the second where Saeran turn in just one and let the MC run and he didn't run... that was so sad..... I couldn't get 2 CGS but I already saw them on wiki LOL and I really want to know how to get them. (the one who Saeran kisses MC and the other that Saeran is dressed as Savior)
yep she showed up in Give Me a Break Stop Now!!!! she's so pretty;;;ww;;;; ME TOO ME TOO but I think he's not that hot tho çuç I think he's 'normal', since I guess he's 30+ already. Reol must have 15~29 and WHY DO JAPANESEs LOOKS so YOUNG IN THIS AGE? WHY????
I like battle series! Shounen it depends on the anime. like, i watched Chihayafuru and I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was cheering to Rika die (sorry) in Ray/Seven's route, but well, it's okay. I'm still waiting to her die in a route. Maybe in hers? If a Rika's route is released, who is going to die? Well, Saeran, V and Seven already died or are missing....
i really need to cry for real, there's a time that I didn't ;w; why am i so cold-hearted ;w;

duuuude I really need to re-do some routes to recapitulate, I forget things so easily.

I started to keep up HoneyWorks after I listened to the feat with Gumi! I don't really know how the english version is but the name is 告白ライバル宣言 .
Well I like the principal couples! One that I was cheering for was Hina Setoguchi with Koyuki Ayase, but in the end of the movie I liked Hina with Kotarou Enomoto. My poor baby Koyuki needs to date someone so badly ;w; poor him... I really want to keep up with the ships and stuff but I don't know if HoneyWorks has other movies or any manga because I don't understand nothing with the musics! translation where are u when we need u i need a summary...
well, I ship Arisa Takamizawa with Ken Shibasaki and Sena Narumi with Midori Hamanaka! (who doesnt LOL)
from HoneyWorks I know Suki Kirai (WHO DOESNT SO CLASSIC), that japanese name early^^ and I don't have any other in mind...
I can handle with gore stuff now, but when I started to watch Mirai Nikki I was 7~9 and I wasn't really prepared for that LOL now I just can't handle so much with some sexual content stuff. Like, I can handle Jumin bad endings but not V's bad ending 2, you see? xD
korean it's so difficult... the words are so... man. they use their tongue a lot.
the april fools DLC was so fun and so sad ojnslsohdskdmlsad

I'm like that too! I hate summer, and on the winter I have some allergies ;'D i'm allergic to the weather... well, I'm allergic to the suddenly change of weather... when it's your birthday? ;o mine is March 26th!
oooh poor you ;w; I guessed on Poland was THAT thing but it isn't? if the global warming it's affecting so much...

i need these fanfics in my desk i should read fanfics more ;w; why do not feed my illusion...?
yeah I think people only see what is shown to them, Saeyoung has more personalities!!!!!! I personally hate this idea to make a character around a single slogan, like 'Seven is fun but has a tragic past', he can be more things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

the most ships that I shiped were real in the end, except for some who the AUTHOR FINISHES THE MANGA WITH A OPEN ENDING. YES HIRO MASHIMA IM TALKING ABOUT YOU.

I have a friend who absolutely loves tea, I should try it some time but I don't like hot things... my tongue sounds like a cat's xD
i really want to try wine but I can't because of my age çuç

I saw this contest and I'm really glad I made a twitter ;w; my hopes are so high because there will be 5 international winners but my confession was just too simple... I confessed for Saeran, of course~~~ and only him~~~~ i could have confessed for other characters but I didnt~~~~~~

it means 'i want to win Cheritz' contest so bad but my hopes are so down but at least I confessed my feelings and I don't careeeeeeeee and I talked with my mom about order goodies but I don't trust my state delivery service...'

here's the link

im feeling like a trafficker

actually my second favorite route is Seven's because I don't really care for V (sorry V) and sometimes I think Seven's route was the best because it doesn't has tragedies but I remember of V's death and now i'm feeling culprit... (sorry again, V)
I think V is a good person but I just can't think about any other way of him getting 'saved'. I felt like even in his route the things wasn't good! i don't know if it's just my mind or no but it wasn't good ;w;
why can't they take away Rika???????????????????????????????????????????????????///
also, I found Light and Daffodils full version! right here! please listen! its super beautiful jesus christ!!!!!!!!!!!1
man, I really like V and Rika's relationship development, even they're such a tragic story. I think being tragic is what make them special... really, I don't like V and Rika that much but they are SUCH a GREAT CHARACTERS AND I LOVE THEM BECAUSE OF THAT DKFDFMDFDFDS
i don't like V so much so much but man... how can I like and dislike him at the same time??
aaaaaaaaaaaand also, I was watching a video from some youtuber talking about Rika and V's relationship and she said that he might had some abuse with her like... porn.
also if you noticed, V's room has a BIG picture of Rika in the background.

I agree with you LOL in 11 days we make a party and Rika made 2 parties in 2 years LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
I think Rika make the believers take the elixir because she's not convinced that them are so loyal to her. you know her relationship with V, she wasn't convinced that he 'loved' her.
Rika was so pathetic in the end but she's a really good villain lmaooo the only villain that I got so pissed offffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Chihayafuru has no romance at all T-T there are some cute scenes between the characters but NO R.O.M.A.N.C.E!!!!!!!!
there's characters who like other characters but their relationship just don't grow up!!!!!!!!!!!! there's also a love triangle, but IT JUST DOesN'T GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the romance is going to grow in the end of the manga;;;;;;;
I cried 3 times watching kimi no na wa, and while I was rewatching I cried again!!!!!!!!!!!
Made in Abyss has some gore but since you said you're okay with this, it's okay. this anime is just a masterpiece!!!!! (at least i think so lmao)
I laughed a lot with Tanaka-kun! I love the musics and have a good vibe!!!

naaah don't worry I'm also sorry because had a light fall here per two days...
and I'm reading webtoons a lot lately LOL
Luffy707 Feb 17, 9:38 AM
There is no in particular reason that I read less manga, currently i'm reading "Killing Stalking" and "Bite Me" and other that I've read but they aren't on MAL so I can't add them to my manga list and I prefer anime over manga.
Tnx. Did you play "Mystic Messengers" ?
Rinkari Feb 11, 4:10 PM
sry for answering later I just installed Dandelion WHISHES BROUGHT TO YOU and im so happy im finally playin it ;-; its piracy tho but who cares im going to see some Cheritz theories about connections with Nameless, Dandelion and mysme's world, about probably 707 its a wizard... and stuff. and i srsly love how Cheritz puts so many easter eggs LOL in mysme then weren't so common but there's a lot in Dandelion.
i tend to give up easily dont worry orz
Reol suddenly showed up her face and she's so pretty omfg i wanna see GigaP too
really? I watched it but I didn't like THAT much... i'm not really fan of shounens i guess...

I CRIEEEEED A LOOOOOOOOT i want to cry again

yea after that nostalgic mood i really want to remake all the routes... but my laziness doesnt want to.

oooooh HoneyWorks is sooo beautiful!!!! i also like the movies!!!
i really like Mirai Nikki's opening and I tried to watch it a years ago but I couldn't because my mind was too pure for all that stuff ;'D
TACO~~~~~~~~~~TA~TACO~~~~~~~~ NEUKUNMAEDEJAAA TACO!! i dont know korean sry
oooh I didn't know that!!!! I'll take a look! i just knew about the talk chats...

well I'm on summer but for me its summer by the whole year bcuz is too hot here... even in the winter... sob.

gurl remembering my first shit fandom is so nostalgic.... good times.

maybe? hn...
do you know about the theories that the seven's mad ending at christmas DLC is probably saeran??? i dont think is him...

i think these couples are a bit... boring? idk, I just don't like them too much too.

DO YOU DRINK WINE????????????? DO YOU DRINK TEA?????????? DO YOU DRINK COFFEE?????????????/
i just drink water, soda and sometimes juice...


it means 'i love cheritz' games but i dont understand why they love to make us suffer with SUCH deep histories and Ada srsly need to play dandelion and nameless then we can talk about these things and i'll cry a lot with dandelion i'm predicting it'
srsly i just wanted to know about the game that everyone was talking about and i thought it was cute and pretty not this deep thing looks like i'm on deep web

I FELT IT TOO JUST WHY?????????????/ I WANT TO KNOW WHERE SEVEN IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
v is more masochist than us, thats the truth

V basically gave up everything and Rika did too! she just abandoned the mint eye like 'good bye bois im done torturing you'
YEA I THINK THE SAME REALLY LOOKS LIKE THE CHARACTERS NEED OUR HELP TO MAKE GOOD CHOICES OR TAKE A LOOK ON LIFE WHYYY but talking about it, looks like the ending he received at seven's route was the right ending to him...
oooh really??? i thought Saeran's mother hurt Rika or something... i'm not good at interpretations lmao
i need to rewatch the secret endings too... nostalgic...
please do it!!

I'm watching Chihayafuru and its just amazing!!! i don't like sports anime but i really like this one!
i like romances and adventures, like Your Name and Made in Abyss... i think taking a look at my faves would help, bcuz I sometimes forgot what I like...
Luffy707 Feb 11, 3:42 PM
I like to draw portraits, anime and cartoon character.
I like to play games where I can kick ass, for example Paladins, Hitman, Zula, CS, ect.
Of all of them Paladins is my favorite.
People tell me I spend lot of time on the PC but i just ignore them hahaha.
( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
skyfer Feb 11, 4:48 AM
yeah I must agree with you ;w; damn those talented artists xD
wait you draw too?
;o there's a limit for that? never knew of it ;o

yaaaaay, mine is Winter Moon! how about you?
my fav chara is Florence <33
haha okay you should read them soon :)
not really? I just like the main character lol. so expressionless. and I like the art too.. like it's so freaking good ;u;

haha don't worry xD I'm a fujoshi :p
oh I also read Flow. do you read it? it's already completed btw. and 1 webtoon.. I forgot the name and yesh it's already completed
so many ;o I might try to read them xD
oh kinda of confidential is on my list lol but I still don't have time to read it.
I read another webtoons but they're Indonesian webtoons
Unloveable Feb 9, 9:18 PM
haii I'm finally back again lmao T-T I can't believe I survived the most hellish week of the semester ._. (it's only in the beginning but I swear this WILL be one) Like srsly, a 5000 words essay, 3 exams (biology, history, and grammar English), presentation (you must write the text and memorize them), and a useless group project combined IN A DAY? .-. It would be better if I could work on one of them on previous days, but they had their own exams and homework too soo..

oh my, deep apologies for your best friend :( let's see.. my holidays huh? the are always like two day break every two months (mostly it's religious days), aside from that, I only get Christmas (and end of the first semester) holiday, Eid Mubarak and end of the second semester holiday, each of them is around two and a half weeks, and every May we get another holiday (with hella ton of homework to do) because the third years are having exam and out classroom will be occupied by them. And the friggin principal said that's a lot shaddup y old woman I know you just want fame from us by giving that kind of bs -.-

like, I'm totally fine with that kind of heavy projects (which is created for the purpose of group projects) given to me to be done personally. Why? Because every single group projects that are given to my group ended up being done with only ME. It's stressing with the thought that, you did this all by yourself, but everybody in the group gets the score -.- Thre are many kinds of ppl in my group, like the one who will end up ruining the work if they involved (so I'm okay with them not working), the one who can't get contacted (I don't like this one but meh) and finally the one who is just saying, "I can't" and slack off during the whole group meeting by playing with their own phone or making the rest of the group listen to their love story (I LOATHE THIS ONE). So you're damn lucky by having no group projects. They suck.

hahah, I'm the same with you! I was, in the third place of being the "smartest" people in my class, and when everybody's asking, "Why you can keep your grades while being a hardcore fangirl?" I just can't answer them lmao XD I just keeping on the same motto on my mind "You'll be okay if you pass the minimum score," and literally did every schoolwork with zero effort :3 Woah you're in the third year? Congrats and good luck on your exams ^^ I do think that kind of exams is really important so I recommend you to take a little break from this kind of things and study for a bit It didn't end well for me tho because if I start working hard for a certain exam, the results will suck a lot, it's really weird because if I slack off I will get straight A's

i loathe school more with this existence of one b*tch. I and my best friend called her RIKA (yes. THAT RIKA from Mysme!) because of her being a fake shit by being a good student in front of teachers and talk shit abt them on the back, cheats during tests, controlling those student council counselors to trust her completely, and lastly (but not least, she's in the second place right above me orz of being the smartest ppl in the class with just 0.008 point difference. What the hell. I'm not okay. F you Rika.

I'm sorry if I ended up telling so much about my school life, please tell me if you're bored or not okay about this! ^^; You should REALLY consider of not buying the VIP Pack or the Believer Pack :" I mean, they really WORTH, despite being expensive asf with the complicated shipping process. I'm currently saving money for buying the Believer Pack, I want to see ma marshmallow boi Saeran there :"DDD

and YAAAS! I love everyone in the RFA (excluding that one) but Jumin is soooo.. Uhhh ♥.♥ He's like, really my type! Those quiet and reserved, and the "looks like it could kill you but it's actually a cinnamon roll" ARE MY TYPE. And Jumin is BOTH OF THEM. So yas. Shut up and take my heart, Cat Mom. And WOAAHHH REALLY?? JUMIN BEING A CUTE DORK AND DOING CUTE SHIT????!!! SIGN ME UP PLSS AHH ~.~ Congrats you're just making me want to play Ray's Route EVEN MORE AND MORE AND AAAH

but lmao, I liked that end too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but I know that it's not his real side and ppl should not associate that with his sweet side lmao. And yes, started from that I avoided tumblr till I'm done with Ray's Route and came to tumblr just for Haikyuu stuff that I always crave whoops

And also I want your opinion on V's Route. I personally didn't like it that much. On one side, I'm so happy that finally V got the deserved ending he could get but uhhh.. Just.. SAERAN PLS. He's being really cute that I almost got the bad end because always being sweet to him gawd T_T And RIKA. Idk but, on V's Route, the MC (us) just like being the third person, the real main characters are V and Rika --" I mean, we just ended up being fed up with V and Rika's backstories with no chemistry (or romantic shit) whatsoever between the MC and V. I really have high expectations on his route and just being destroyed like that :"(.

In the end, Saeran committed suicide because of his loyalty towards that one snake AND SAEYOUNG DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT HIS WELLBEINGS!Andddd I'M NOT OKAY 😭 It's called good and normal end but inside I'm not okay AT ALL because of Saeran. Still, Cheritz is being really kind enough to give us V's and Saeran's route. But why.. They knew that V's Route players knew about the real identity of Unknown aka Ray here but they just decided to restrain us off on saving him on V's Route. I still hated Rika despite her so-called dark past on V's Route. Dark past and mental illness is not an answer for creating a religious cult and being a so-called "God" there. And more, drugging MY SON SAERAN and CONTROLLING MY UNCLE V. JUST. NO.

What's your opinion about Rika? I want to hear them as a fellow person that already played V's Route. And please tell me a bit of her in Ray's Route I'm CURIOUUUSSS.

Please take your time here, I'm totally okay with late replies because I do so ^^ and I sent you a friend request, I hope you accept it!
Luffy707 Feb 9, 12:12 PM
My hobbies other than manga and anime are cycling, gaming, drawing stuff and things and sleeping all day hahaha.
By nature I'm an introvert I have somewhat of an social live nothing very interesting.
What kind of games do you play?(*¯︶¯*)
skyfer Feb 9, 10:03 AM
yeaah he's so adorable :3 I agree with youu :33
yepp, lemme list them here xD who knows you also know/read them:

how about you? :)
Rinkari Feb 9, 9:59 AM
cutie pie? talking about cutie pie, Zen once sang it but I really don't remember when :'D it was so cuuuuuuute~~~~
I used to play with Ara only because I got used to her xd Sometimes I played with LuCiel and I suddenly got the will to create Rena but I'm on hiatus xd
I didn't listen to all her musics, and I really don't know the names of the japanese ones LOL~~ with Kradness I only know Sweet Devil and that's completely A W E S O M E, I just love how Reol 'changes' a little the music, like the Brain Revolution Girl with ill.bell and Sweet Devil. (kradness' voice is so so *u*) I also like ChiruChiru, Re:, YoiYoi Kokon, No title, Drop Pop Candy (but I like luka and rin's version more).
i have to watch bnha seasons too lol
I'm not following him too much then I don't know which musics he sang D:

I totally didn't believe that Rika was so bitch like you said after I did V's route, but she's a completely bitch with Saeran wtfffff she's so mad and so cruel to him just whyyyyyyy she thinks he is her son like wtf
also sry for answering later, I wanted to know more about the route and then I'll come here to discuss with you.
then... god. When the mad Saeran came it was so... so awesome. i really felt pressured, the govern calling me, saeran watching me, i was really afraid to get a bad ending LOL pardon me i'm 'chicken-hearted'. best route ever!!! i'm on 10th day and i'm super worried about 707 i don't want him to die! before I started the route I already was super worried because I knew that someone was going to die and stuff, and I don't care for anyone I just don't want that 707 die!!!!!!!!! please god cheritz HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!1 also, i'm so proud of V, finally he gathered courage to tell the truth for everyone, i'm so proud of him. so proud. the cg i saw was of mad Saeran with his hot blacksuit, I thought it was of the bad ending cuz he was so mad and stuff LOL he's so beautiful with the blacksuit ♥♥♥♥ I was really worried with Saeran while I was playing, but I didn't felt sad for crying but when he entered in my room in the middle of the night I CRIED A LOT THAT SCENE OF THE MOON ON HIM I CRIED A LOT GOD HAVE MERCY OF MY BABIES TWINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
when I load i will try to get these calls!

i'm so worried about him. where is him???????????????/ i knew he was being interrogated and i'm so worried about him i'm so worried about EVERYONEEE PLEASE CHERITZ SAVE MA 707 SAVE MA JUMIN SAVE MA SAERAN T-T
yoosung is so precious ♥♥

i love JubyPhonic's version of Sand Planet of Hatsune Miku!!! her piano version of Lost One's Weeping is so beautiful and so precious i love it i love it T---T
saeran saying BANG is my notification sound xD i'm thinking about put Jaehee singing taco song in my calls~~~

good luck on your studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea is summer right now then I guess its a summer break.

Winx was my first shit fandom LOLOL i used to create fake profiles of winx on facebook and comment things like WINX IS THE BEST!! i didn't know W.I.T.C.H, i think w.i.t.c.h came before winx on my country... i guess...

so many theories... I've been questioning it too, why his eyes are still green in after ending?.... this Marie Antoinette syndrome is so cool ;OOOOOOOOOO I liked it!!!!!

doesn't make any sense for me too, but well...
talking about ships I also like Jumin x Zen but I really don't know why sry LOOOOOOOL

you have to be hydrated!!!!!!!! drink water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hoooo! I didn't think about it! I NEED A VALENTINE'S SPECIAL OF SAERAN RIGHT.NOW.I.NEED.IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm almost there, one more day to the party... ;'D
please watch it!!!

it means "i'm worried about 707 i'm worried about jumin i'm worried about saeran and i'm so excited for the endingggggggg and i also love ada and tv"
he was so hoooooooot GOD HAVE MERCYYYYY

huh... I finished the good and normal endings. God, it was so beautiful... I think the normal ending was better than the good one haha. Was completely obvious that something would happen with 707, and I'm really really really sick and tired of Cheritz bullshit, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT V AND SAERAN'S AFTER ENDING N.O.W. i need a valentine's special too. Man, I'm proud of V development in this route, but I really didn't expect that he and Rika would turn back. And Rika on their old house... where her darkness woke up! It's me or Rika and Saeran's mother has some relation? And Rika and V pretending to burn that place, woooooow. I'll do the load of the 5th day today to get the 6th day's bad ending. I'm totally on a finished-route-mood, and I was seeing some after endings, talk chats, the secret endings... so nostalgic.
hey, do you remember Seven's after ending? that mad Saeran in the end. I'm still trying to understand that! what you think about that? He said Seven hasn't discover him yet... cheritz have mercy
skyfer Feb 9, 6:38 AM
yaay~ I found another person who read Lumine webtoon :3
Luffy707 Feb 8, 1:50 PM
No I haven't read the manga version of Overlord I haven't had the time.
I've been wanting to finish reading SnK but I cant now because of school I'll probably read it over summer vacation.
So what kind of hobbies do you have.