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Prince of Stride: Alternative
Prince of Stride: Alternative
Yesterday, 11:20 AM
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Yesterday, 11:20 AM
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Yuri!!! on Ice The Movie: Ice Adolescence
Yuri!!! on Ice The Movie: Ice Adolescence
Yesterday, 6:31 AM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Aug 18, 8:50 AM
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New Game!
New Game!
Aug 18, 8:50 AM
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Aug 18, 8:50 AM
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Ascheherz Today, 1:21 AM

Thank you for requesting!
Use ctrl+F (search your username) to find your cards and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page first; otherwise it might not work.
Please PM ElleGrace with the tagline 'CANDY KINGDOM: Card Delivery' if any problems or questions come up!

I had some problems with my image hosting site; this means that I had to completely recreate all my cards that I hadn't named yet. So the cards might be a little different than they were when the edition was open.

My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast!

Delivered by~ Ascheherz

alias08 Yesterday, 9:04 PM
I actually prefer to watch others play because I don't have to do anything. That's lazy of me I know and sometimes I get stuck in some places while playing for hours, so I check some of the walkthroughs before playing. But I mostly check the walkthroughs before playing a horror game because I am too scared to play it myself.

To be honest I didn't understand anything mid-through the movie everything got so jumbled. Not to mention the ending was an open ending. I hate open endings. I would rather have a sad ending than an open one because the story at least got some kind of closure rather than keeping me hanging for who knows how long or if I will ever know what actually happened D:<

Than do you have any sports that you particularly like? I think for me I have always been interested in football other than that I really remember ever really liking any other sports.

Well me too. I am not really a fan of her but God is a women was on trending and was continuously popping on the suggestions and when checked the comment section an entire cesspool was going on there :')

and sorry for such a late reply! and I have to say your new profile looks super pretty~
Rinkari Yesterday, 12:51 PM

Thank you for requesting!
Use ctrl+F (search your username) to find your cards and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page first; otherwise it might not work.
Please PM ElleGrace with the tagline 'SHIRUBA FESTIVAL: Card Delivery' if any problems or questions come up!

I had some problems with my image hosting site; this means that I had to completely recreate all my cards that I hadn't named yet. So the cards might be a little different than they were when the edition was open.

Shiruba Festival:
~Hanami Edition~ | ~Cards~

Delivered by~ Rinkari

AoiNomura Aug 18, 9:36 AM
Oh I actually used to watch a lot of youtue when i was younger, like comedy youtubers like nigahiga etc. or dance videos, now im the same like you
I only use Youtube to search new music etc, and sometimes my friends sent me these food videos and then I'd watch them hahaha

I'm currently watching more on netflix, I finished a j-drama recently which only had 6 episodes called switched, it was nice, it was goood enough that i had to watch everything in one go HAHA and since a few days i'm watching a k-drama on netflix called black but one ep is like 1h 15 min long so i only watch an episode a day hahaha

oh yeah that also seems like a good ending for season 1, well i'm super excited <3 and also for the yakusoku no neverland ost omg i hope it's sth very powerful/emotional :'D

I saw you're watching banana fish too, how do u like it so far? I'm still one ep behind, i will catch up soon
arderine Aug 17, 10:33 AM
I totally put almost all my seasonals on-hold for the moment, and I'm planning on watching not more than 2-3 shows next season. I haven't been feeling like watching anime much these days. I think I'll focus more on individual shows than watching several simultaneously.
Yeah I totally get that. I'm not so sure I'll get back to the 48 shows that're in my on-hold list anytime soon xd Also, some of my shows that're on-hold, I watched only about 2-3 minutes of them and then gave up, like Clannad for example. Idk why I didn't like the art style and I was super new to watching anime religiously back then. I plan to watch Clannad eventually though lol.. And I also have shows on-hold I completed but have as rewatches :sweat: my list is a huge mess lol, and I cbf to fix it now that I've been feeling a lot more pressure from school and irl. So I've been thinking of reducing anime time as much as possible, and as I said, focus more on individual shows than seasonals. I've been enjoying reading a lot more though. So it's the opposite for us I guess.
Yee I can't wait for mp100 sequel as well :) Definitely watching that while it airs.
sokoru Aug 16, 5:00 PM
heyoo thanks for accepting my fr!!
how's your summer been? :')
AoiNomura Aug 16, 7:23 AM
Oh and about yakusoku no neverland
i feel like they'll end the first season like this

AoiNomura Aug 16, 7:22 AM
I see haha

Oh you don't need to bingewatch hxh, you can watch like 1-2 eps everyday like some kind of routine then you'll finish it :D

Haha a friend showed me a channel of a guy who does food challenges, he seems like a nice guy and he reminds me of jackie chan HAHA his videos are fun to watch though, here you go in case you're interested, the ice cream is sooo huge, bigger than his face hahah

I'm not making any progress lately with anime :( idk i only watch like 2-3 eps everyday, i guess it's okay but i remember one year ago i used to watch so much hahaha what about you?
Dalekenium Aug 16, 4:29 AM
Yeah, if they ever held a party in my room, I'd just leave. The uni. Thanks for reminding me that it could've been much worse ^^
Ohh, the instant noodles, the Food of the Gods!! I loved them soo much! Though I've been leading this 'healthy lifestyle' for years now, so no noodles for me... They're so good though! Weeell, you'll just have to bear with it and eat my share as well, I see no other option :D

Whoah, horror and Stephen King?? Never expected to hear that from you! I've actually been planning to start reading something by him for the longest time now! One day I just googled 'Gothic Horror', and the results were King, Lovecraft and Poe. I've read several short stories by Poe, but I was too busy finishing tons of light novels haven't started on the other writers yet. I was planning to go through the top 5 works of each author or something, but maybe you can suggest one of the less known works of his from your favorites instead? Though I've got to warn you, to become my favorite author, he'd have to overthrow mr Patrick Ness. Don't know if you ever heard about him, he's basically a modern young adult fiction writer. But! There's a movie adaptation coming in 2019, aaand yep, you're gonna be watching that. No, really. I had your future read and everything.

Oh, I see, marvel, huh? I'm soo behind on the movies, I've completely stopped watching them after I've switched to anime, around Avengers 1. As for my favorite hero, let's see.. I've watched smallville and it's definitely not superman. I also used to watch the Arrow and enjoyed it quite a bit. Buut I'll probably just have to go with batman, and his movies, even if it's a boring answer. Wait, aren't they all from dc??? Looks like I'm not that familiar with marvel after all, sorryy D: wait where does spider man count? Im soo confused :o

Yeah, I actually enjoyed the 2nd season of overlord much more than the first, the hype was real, and the comedy was hilarious! I can see now that Ainz isn't really in charge at all, and that creates a ton of funny moments xD I think Pandora's actor was either in the OP or ED of S3, so maaybe he'll make his epic comeback? I just liked his design, that's all. No idea what Ainz was cringing about~~ And I've been completely obsessed with overlord s2 OP ever since I've heard it!

Haha, glad to hear it! Yup, Satou is great! She just has to get rid of the bitterness of adults, and then her world will be so sweet :3 everybody's so crazy in that show, I love it!

Yeah, and now everybody on your profile is facing away from the camera, what happenned?? Can you tell them to look this way? Though we probably shouldn't bother the internet girl, she looks busy surfing the web.
Well, I guess you could always just eat some instant noodles in space, so I'm sure you'll be fine~

Btw, I still haven't told you about it, but I'm actually on a cruise in Europe right now! Here's the map! Slowly trying to figure out why everybody's so hyped about leaving their own rooms ^^ London and Paris were awesome xD The internet here in the sea is soo awful though, I think it's less than 64 kbps, and it disconnects all the time too! Even mal is taking its sweet time to load. You have a discord, right? Maybe we could chat on there while I'm on the ship? Well tbh the cruise is almost over, but it's still probably a good idea to add all my friends on discord in case a meteorite hits the mal servers or something. Not that that would ever happen.. oh wait... Anyway, I'm Dalek#7910, yoroshikune~
M0M0I Aug 15, 7:15 PM
IKR! ahah as soon as i got locked out, i searched the forums xD

i graduated high school, and tried college, but i had no idea what i wanted to do with my future :(
so i dropped out and i'm just working now!
but i think i wanna go into medical rn, i'm planning going back next year! hbu?

yeah, the japanese shrines are SOO beautiful! there's a lot of walking though, my feet hurt all the time xD but it was worth it! i also went to a hot springs, and it was kinda weird getting naked in front of everyone lool, but it feels so nice and relaxing ^_^
that's so cool! the only place i've traveled so far is japan hahah :'D but i really want to travel more! what's the best places you've traveled to?
kloxy Aug 15, 7:56 AM
ahhhh really?! that actually sucks T_T i really hope the pace quickens soon !

might watch them in the next few days, but i feel you haha omg seriously same, went to watch incredibles 2 last night!! uwu one anime film i will watch over and over is kimi no na wa tho, soooo gooood *^*

i think i'm quite a shoujo-y person tbh, or at least i love a bit of slice of life, and tbh i love a good romance cute anime boys will be the death of me ^^;;

ahhh cool !! good luck with apartment hunting!! oh, how did your exams go btw?? ^^
kloxy Aug 14, 7:58 AM
ahh thank u ! :3

yesss snk! although it's been lacking a bit, so much politics involved, i'm just waiting for some sweet titan action...
omg maybe that's why I'm a bit confused with the new characters, haven't seen the movies either wwww maybe i should do that first ^^;;

yes! i just finished my love story!! sooo good, sooo cute, soooo many feels u^u

YAY! Nice one! Ah, yet another series I wanna watch OTL I haven't seen any yet, but it's on my planned to watch soon ^^;
AoiNomura Aug 14, 2:46 AM
Where do you always find your gifs or images to make your profile layout? They're great and I love the minimalistic style!

Haha I was on my next trip the last days: Netherlands. I went there with friends and it was really nice. The people there are so tall :O and so are their portions lol we ordered pasta in a restaurant and it was literally soooo huge we could not finish -.- i felt bad cause i don't like to waste food but it was just too much...
But the cities we've been to were very idyllic and calm, different than to Amsterdam where I've also been to!

Yes I will study my master degree in a different university (:

Haha Yeah I love Natsuki Hanae's voice when it sounds more exaggerated haha he's perfect for these roles!
Oh really? I usually find kid's characters annoying idk haha but shio is cute

Oh when I hear of mariya ise I automatically think of Killua of hxh first. Have you seen hunter x hunter?
Her voice is amazing <3

I don't know the other two voice actors that well but im sure they will do a great job!
I wonder how much they'll adapt. Btw how far are you with the yakusoku no neverland manga though? updated?
arderine Aug 14, 1:08 AM
lol that's fine, i hear the blogs will be back in a week or two so you can wait till then~

yeah that's a good way to do it imo. i have a lot of shows i started and in 2-3 minutes in, i gave up. so i have such drops too that's not even on my list, cause i seriously cbf to add them.
i can relate to that. banana fish is really interesting and makes me wanna binge watch it. lol believe it or not, i have megalo box on hold, bc of that waiting around thing. i couldn't bring myself to keep watching 1 episode every week. although i feel like when a show completes airing, i get demotivated with it entirely if it's not even that good for me from that season. i found megalo box really good in the beginning, but i felt like it got a bit slow from somewhere in the middle and i kinda lost my interest with it during spring. although i do plan to finish it sometime. i have a huge on-hold list :sweat: i plan to narrow the numbers down to 10 or less next year. already have too much on my plate this year with the challenged i'm working on.

mp100 new season soon, and i'm really looking forward to it :)
carrappuccino Aug 11, 4:35 AM
thanks for the link :) still jelly for those who can open tumblr.
hm.. nope. I just re-watched tonari no kaibutsu kun & nanbaka. I miss nanbaka.
oh not related to watching or reading activities, but i finally could download food fantasy game haha and so i've been addicted to it.
how about you?