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Handsome Girl
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Robot Girls Z Plus
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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Jun 16, 10:45 AM
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OrangeAbundis Jun 18, 11:27 PM
i rread the latest chapter of rain and i dont like the princess, yes she's the main heroine but i feel like her character is the worst and she's just gonna become the main antagonisti wouldnt mind if she died so rain could have an awesome fight.

i got 2 A's and 1 B im pretty happy with that litte disappointed with the B tho, only sucky grade

i only took one japanese class i remember hiragana and few other words just have to continuously study it to become better

how was the origami party?
MaricrusKun Jun 15, 3:58 AM
I couldn't agree more :)
OrangeAbundis Jun 14, 10:33 PM
hey sorry for the late reply really busy with school rn have a ton of hw due tomorrow and i did read it but ill be sure to reply fully this weekend
MaricrusKun Jun 14, 11:23 AM
I cant really remember with SAO, i guess i just didn't find it as great as maybe other shows, i think for SAO and many others that i dropped, it's not always that they're bad its more likely i found something else to watch and i kinda forgot about the original anime i was watching xD
Guilty_Sin_Jurai Jun 10, 1:10 PM
I'm impressed with how many animes you have watched 800+
Guilty_Sin_Jurai Jun 10, 1:06 PM
Thank you for accepting my friend request ^_^
OrangeAbundis Jun 3, 9:29 PM
its fine sorry for my late reply, its finals week i cant believe i made it this far just one more day, tuesday i worked on an essay all night got one hour asleep at 8 to 9 and continued to work on the essay till 30 minutes before the class

i havent been watching the season tbh i aready know whats going to happen but i hope it doesnt take 4 years, i would want a stand alone movie like they did for SAO that would be cool, add more meaning to the anime

i have one more to do on monday and by crazy^ and my japanese final was pretty chill i messed up but daijoubu all the way xD

i did hear the story itself was good without lelouch or suzaku's appearance, does geass power play a role in the series?

in a way its suppose to show how brutal humans can be when someone hindrances like the class not winning the singing competition cuz of the girl, from what i saw they didnt cover the whole manga but it at least covered enough of it and i still havent seen it, just skimmed over it

how have you been ;D
OrangeAbundis May 26, 5:13 PM
for me liking a manga/story can be iffy sometimes i like one but it generally has to catch/hook me in the summary or first few chapters. i read alot of different manga but they usually end up having to be updated. of course there are sometimes where i am disappointed because a manga is ending if you know what i mean. especially when i read one that had potential to be a long running series

Busou Shoujo is kinda ecchi(i saw that you dont like that on your profile) but generally the ecchiness isnt trying to become fanservice or anything. like one of the fights in latest episodes happened in an open bath where the antoganist was fully undressed and to combat that. the MC undressed as well. that sounds corny but the action is pretty fun and the characters are likeable especially that antagonist i told you about^ she's my favorite so far.

Aot is like that, ive up to date with the manga and its okay, i knida knew this season was gonna be lack luster because only few major things happen. the best arcs would come after this one unfortunately for the anime only fans, but it does get good. at times the plot does seem like it came out the authors ass but it seems solid so far,

finals are these next 2 weeks yay for me ;w;

i wanna enjoy rewatching it again as for the akito movies i wanna see how they are before i read a review if they were good or not. i did read lelouch made a slight appearance but never a major one so hopefully i end up liking them

i cant do that, im too lovable when it comes to the manga's animes i like, it could be complete shit and be cancelled and ill still say "i wish there was more" thats why i only put dates i started and ended there are a few that have ratings on them but all high ratings

and i read the manga to koe no katachi i did cry to the story a bit but i havent seen the movie. i really enjoyed it especially since i have studied sign language before thats why i like the story more i guess because i get a bit of deaf culture background. what about you?
OrangeAbundis May 26, 3:44 PM
just One new manga? a month?!?! seems impossible to me , i find like 3-5 new ones every 2 weeks, i read a lot of stuff, from web comics, manhwa, manga, light novels and even write some stories myself but not lately cuz of school and stuff

i have to resume on AoT2 its been a few weeks now, im watching rokudeshi, busou shoujo(my favorite so far this season), renai boukun, and i also downloaded Koe No Katachi but i havent watched it yet, i dont want to cry right before finals ;W; but i am planning on rewatching code geass since they announce R3 resurrection of the lelouch, maybe also watch the akito movies as well since i never seen them

and i dont rate stuff cuz im too biased i can ind the good and the bad but ill pick on more of the good so ill always favor something, though Sword Art is the only one i can truly rate cuz the anime was shit (sorry for language) they shouldve stuck with the time line of the novels or made it better not shit >.>)/ \( <.< great story one of my favorites but its shit
OrangeAbundis May 25, 1:35 AM
is rain all youre planning to read? any other series you re reading? anime too?
OrangeAbundis May 24, 6:50 PM
there is a prequel manga that tells a story when rain was young but it the story of then and to the story where he starts in the manga that makes him so mysterious, there a few mange im reading right now
OrangeAbundis May 23, 6:46 PM
im caught up but the lack of updates is killing me, and small spoiler rain is a mystery honestly you cant get his back ground at all
OrangeAbundis May 22, 1:30 AM
how are you enjoying the manga rain :)
GeorgiaaLB May 13, 8:07 PM
Thank you for accepting. I hope you are doing well :)
Bind May 13, 6:33 PM
Not yet, they are probably busy so it's okay ^^