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8 hours ago
Watching 9/24 · Scored 7
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Aug 13, 8:15 PM
Watching 19/25 · Scored 9
Pokemon: Pikachu no Wanpaku Island
Pokemon: Pikachu no Wanpaku Island
Aug 12, 12:34 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
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The Pale Horse
The Pale Horse
9 hours ago
Reading 90/? · Scored 8
Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de.
Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de.
Aug 14, 1:43 AM
Reading 4/28 · Scored 4
Ani Tomo
Ani Tomo
Aug 11, 2:20 AM
Reading 13/? · Scored 8


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Rachelle_Mour Aug 14, 12:41 AM
No Thank you... I am fine...
Rachelle_Mour Aug 14, 12:30 AM
It's the Same you just have to open that app and you will have a list of anime's or manga you have read , or which are pending or which you will watch
Rachelle_Mour Aug 13, 11:59 PM
It is an app of MyAnimeList.net.
Rachelle_Mour Aug 13, 11:57 PM
Thank you!!! Actually I have made the account... But because you wanted to help me I am very grateful to you... Thank you so much.
Rachelle_Mour Aug 13, 11:35 PM
Thank you.... Actually I installed an app MAL pocket and I don't know how to make an account in it... Can you help me?
Kosumo Aug 11, 5:02 PM
I'll try to start where I left off. But when it came to Soul Eater I didn't want to miss out anything so I ended up reading from scratch.
Kosumo Aug 10, 6:28 AM
Haha. Well, according to my friend, not much. Some of my friends don't even like this show anymore, they're just too obligated because they grew up with it so they try to finish it as fast as possible. In fact, I'm actually planning on reading the manga myself just so I can finally have some closure.
Kosumo Aug 9, 11:56 PM
Yeah, I agree about Lucy in Fairy Tail. The manga is actually finished by the way so if you just want to get it over with there's that XD.
GeorgiaaLB Aug 9, 10:30 AM
Omg I havent been on here for ages lmao. Latest reply ever...
I love Fate/Zero. I think my favourite character at the moment has to be Rider. I think he's such a powerful character yet has an amazing sense of humor. His noble phantasm is one of my favourites as well...
Whos your favourite?
Kosumo Aug 9, 3:16 AM
Thanks, man. I'll be sure to watch them when I have the time.

Shinji is rather pathetic but if I was a depressed, psychologically tortured 14-year-old boy who ends up risking his life piloting a giant robot fighting giant aliens/monster thingies I think my reactions would be a lot worse than his XD. He's a way bigger badass than I'll ever be.
And I guess it's kind of difficult for Tomoya to solve his own problem. It's frustrating to watch but the guy has some sort of mental block when it comes to his dad. Not that it isn't unrealistic or a flaw, it's just annoying.

Some of the negative thoughts about Soul Eater, yes but the one about the ending was always there. Kind of wished they just ended it on a cliffhanger and waited to make a second season when there was more stuff to adapt. I remember enjoying the anime and felt it deserved a much better ending and I wanted to see more of the characters, so when I heard that the manga was way longer and just all around better, I ended up reading it. And I love it. Maka is great female lead too, with the writer not giving a shit what gender anyone is and just giving them personalities that he/she thinks are interesting.

I don't really like Fairy Tail and I haven't followed it since like 3 years ago but Lucy being a powerful female lead? I think it's safer to say the Erza is than her. And well, yeah Natsu will overpower her, Natsu will overshadow and overpower everyone, he's the MC of Fairy Tail after all. It's basically the Transformers of anime, it's even marketed towards the same demographic. Fanservice left and right, predictable, formulaic plots in every arc that male pre-teens like me back then always seem to fall for and think it's the best thing ever. Granted there's nothing wrong with liking it. It's even understandable, there is good stuff in it especially in some of the later arcs in the original series but it get's old and stale you know? And despite the plot always having the same basic formula it does have somewhat a variety with the places all being different and stuff like that. It's a very colorful anime to say the very least.
Frostbytes Aug 7, 2:25 AM
Yeah that should be good I think. You can ask me if you are confused once you watch it :)
I think the list is good enough for the anime you added.

Yeah the anime was really enjoyable along with an unique art and reat soundtrack, but ep 23 as I said received mixed reviews even from those who didn't read the book.

Frostbytes Aug 7, 1:51 AM
Chronological order is 2->4->3->1->5->6->7 but the recommended order is the release order only, it's a kind of jigsaw puzzle so makes it more enjoyable once everything comes together. Being a thriller fan myself, that thriller list was satisfying to see.
I assume you will be adding Gankutsouo once you complete it? It was a good show but imo Gonzo screwed up the ending by deviating from the novel and losing the significance of the climax in the process.
Frostbytes Aug 7, 1:11 AM
Nice thriller recs in the blog there, although just a tip, for kara no kyoukai movies everything begin to sense after movie 4. Chronologically it is a different order from the release, that's why people get confused in the first watch, especially the first movie which is in the middle of the timeline.
Kosumo Aug 6, 6:20 AM
I've heard a lot about Gankutsuou, I guess I will when I get the chance. Studying sucks, I usually like to binge watch shows but with my kind of schedule, it's hard to. And yeah I totally get what you're saying, a lot of people find whiny characters, like Shinji, automatically bad. It's really frustrating to see people bash these guys.

And for fantasy anime that aren't like the ones I mentioned, I think Soul Eater is pretty good? It has a really playful gothic style to it and it's modern fantasy shounen with a protagonist that's female. The Anime doesn't really do the manga Justice though, and the ending kind of sucked but I don't think it's bad by any means. A lot of the character development wasn't there, many great story arcs were skipped and the ending was felt really forced and stupid but overall it's decent and it introduced me to possibly my favorite Shounen manga(My other favorite is FMA).

I mean, the original Clannad honestly wasn't the greatest. As a comedy it was good enough, I laughed a lot, as an emotional story, not so much. Many of the sad moments felt really forced and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't feel anything for these characters, I mostly just cringe and think about something else I'd rather be watching. I think what makes After Story work is Nagisa and Tomoya, mostly Tomoya though. Tomoya is so relatable in After Story that it's difficult to not get sucked in when something happens to this guy. We've seen characters like Nagisa before though so it's really a shame but she's not entirely unbelievable and she serves her purpose as Tomoya's girlfriend/wife without coming off as a character solely meant to be killed off, so we can have Tomoya be depressed as all hell, at least to me.

Any good Moe anime you can recommend me? Like something I can just sit back and laugh at after a long day of studying? I'm running out of South Park episodes to watch XD.
Kosumo Aug 4, 8:11 PM
It's less of them attacking people for not reading the novel, but talking about the characters in the anime without reading the original source. We grow attached to characters like Shirou in the VN and then when others just bash him when they haven't read the original source we get angry. It's like some guy insults your friend or brother, our immediate response is "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM?!?!". But still, people take it way too far and a lot of us are way too rude and asshole-ish.

What I'm sick of are modern-fantasy-ish anime based on Light Novels. Seriously, I love fantasy but they all have the same feel to them you know? Plus, a lot of the time these shows aren't good, Mahouka, Highschool DxD, Infinite Stratos, you get the idea.

Moe-ish anime? Uhh, I guess Clannad? More specifically Clannad: After Story, Ushio was adorable and Nagisa was okay. I mean Nagisa was no doubt Moe, and honestly, she isn't a very interesting character, but the show itself is pretty good with Tomoya growing up and starting to live in the real world.