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Dashiawia Oct 10, 4:29 PM
Hmm, so far SnS S3, Girls' Last Tour, Kino's Journey, and Just Because are my favorites from this season. Also looking forward to 3-gatsu S2 and Inuyashiki. Dies Irae's prologue was absolute crap, lol. I really hope the rest of the show won't be anything like this, because the VN is supposed to be incredible from what I heard.

What's your top 5 anticipated anime for Fall?
Dashiawia Oct 5, 8:06 PM
Yup. It's my favorite anime by far from summer. Really needs a sequel, too. Bondrewd is apparently "best dad" so I can't wait to read the manga to find out how sick he is. Nanachi is definitely best grill though. I know her gender is officially unconfirmed by the author, but I just can't see her as anything but a girl considering the way she was acting towards Reg touching her. XD
Dashiawia Oct 4, 8:55 PM
Made in Abyss was pretty good, eh? :P
Dashiawia Sep 6, 6:54 PM
Read your thoughts on MLA, but a bit too busy to respond in full. Will do so later. For now, I'm just glad that you enjoyed it enough to put it in your top 3 VN's. :)

And Sumika's indeed a cutie, not surprised you think she's best girl~ Meiya edges out a bit for me though, because of how much I like her selfless personality. Honestly, all the girls in this VN are great. My top girls list would look similar to yours, except I'd switch Yuuhi and Meiya around. And yeah, MLA is the most conclusive VN for me, too. Despite the fact that we, as the audience, know that the war against the BETA is far from finished, the story leaves the future of mankind to our imagination, without diminishing what Takeru and his friends have achieved to get this far. Even without a sequel, MLA is as complete of a story as it gets, IMO.

How would you rate the series, both individually and collectively? I gave ML a 5 and MLA a 10 on VNDB. The prequel, despite being fairly generic, was far from boring for me. It made me care and eventually love the cast. I don't think Alternative would have been nearly so emotional, had we jumped straight into it without prior knowledge from the Extra world. Collectively, I'd probably rate the franchise a 9. Would take a lot for another VN to surpass this one for me. From what I heard from veteran VN readers, perhaps SubaHibi, Aiyoku no Eustia, Baldr Sky, and WA2:CC can give MLA competition.
Dashiawia Sep 4, 7:59 PM
It's alright, take your time. :)

It's one of my favorite tracks from the franchise, too. Reminds me of the scene where Marimo tries to cheer up Takeru after his first encounter with the BETA, before THAT happened... :(
Dashiawia Sep 4, 8:08 AM
Good stuff! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. ^^
Dashiawia Aug 27, 1:24 PM
Ah, you can read an hour or two everyday after work to finish off the rest of the story. I'd recommend marathoning the last operation against the BETA, though, as it's filled with intense action and beautiful drama. Having to stop in the middle of it all would break the immersion, I feel. You'd need about 6-7 hours to complete that segment, so maybe read it on a weekend or something if you don't have enough time on a weekday.

Haha, it's easy to lose track of time when you're reading something this good. I know that feeling too well. :p

Yeah, Sumika definitely exists in the BETA world, but probably not in a way that most of us would ever expect. Let me just say that she didn't have the most pleasant life living in that twisted world. Like you, I also teared up at the Sumika diary part, the feelz hit me like a truck. As much as I consider Meiya to be the best girl, Sumika's easily a close second for me, and I personally think of her as the OTP for Takeru. Seriously, Madhouse, please adapt this someday! They'd need at least 50 episodes to properly adapt the entire franchise, IMO. 24 episodes for Extra/Unlimited, and another 26 episodes for Alternative.

Oh, and speaking of Yuuko, how're you liking her character? I found her to be a really interesting, multifaceted character. She can be very funny at times (when trolling Takeru XD), and very ruthless at others (results are everything to her, and she will do anything to achieve her goals). And if you think about it, there's really not that big of a difference between the characters in the original world, and their counterparts in the BETA world. Their differences can be attributed to circumstantial factors alone, in my book. Like, the Yuuko in the original world would probably be more ruthless too, had she been born in the BETA world.

Also, I took your advice and dropped K&M, and meanwhile picked up Tsurezure Children and Princess Principal. TC is definitely a cute little romance that I can get behind and enjoy. It actually reminds me a little of the extra side stories at the end of every Tsuki ga Kirei episode. Normally I don't care much for them, since they're too short and rarely contain character development, but TC really knows how to craft likable characters from the get-go. All the couples I've seen so far (up to episode 4) have been likable, especially Akagi x Kaji, Sugawara x Takano, and Chiaki x Kana. <3
Who are your favorite couples?

PP is totally a pleasant surprise for me, as I didn't think I'd be into this type of story (the last spy anime I'd seen was Joker Game, and that one quickly lost my attention a few episodes in). But damn, are the girls in this show awesome. Ange might be becoming one of my favorite girls this season. Love how far-fetched most of her lies are, lol. And I didn't expect the identity twist surrounding her and the princess, that was nicely done. I'm a bit surprised that this series doesn't have a higher rating on MAL. :O
Dashiawia Aug 26, 9:42 PM
Yeah, being Takeru is suffering. His agony throughout the whole ordeal is easily comparable to Subaru's. I agree with you on Kasumi's resemblance to Kagari. I actually thought the same thing when I first saw Kagari, since I had played MLA first.

You really are going through this game fast. How many days has it been since you've started reading Alternative? I remember it took me around 10 days to finish, when I read about 6 hours everyday back when I was in college, during midterm season (somehow I managed to not bomb any exams. A miracle, I know. XD). The best parts are still yet to come. :)
Dashiawia Aug 26, 5:01 PM
Ah, thank goodness I put that in spoilers, lol. Yeah, that scene is easily one of the most memorable moments in Alternative, if not the most, and the impact it has left on Takeru is huge, to say the least. I'll let you experience the aftermaths of that incident without giving you any more spoilers, because this kind of storytelling will lose some impact if you know in advance what's going to happen.

But yeah, expect to see a lot more of Sumika beyond this point. :D
Dashiawia Aug 25, 6:44 PM
I see you've gotten to experience the trauma that is known as the "chomp" scene. Or are you talking about the event in the original world. The latter was personally more emotional. Not sure how far you are now, but I'm going to leave this in a spoiler tag in case you stopped at the "chomp" scene.

You're about to get to the best parts of Alternative starting now, so brace yourself for the thrilling ride! :D
Dashiawia Aug 22, 9:03 PM
Yeah, I really did enjoy Owarimonogatari S2 a lot. It was by far the best season, alongside Second Season and Bake. Made me appreciate all the characters, especially Ougi, whom I liked previously but never came to love till her arc. Of course, being the huge Hitagi fanboy I am, I was elated to see her date episode with Koyomi <3. Felt good hearing them call each other by their first names. :)

All things considered, this feels like a complete ending to the story we've grown to love for all these years, and it feels a bit sad to have it conclude. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Monogatari, even if they're side stories that complement the main series.

Wonderful. I actually liked Sumika a bit more than Meiya in Extra, too, since she's absolutely adorable and totally waifu material~ Albeit, Meiya grew on me in Unlimited with her serious, yet gentle personality. And my fondness for her character further accentuated in Alternative, where she becomes Takeru's biggest supporter. She became best girl for me in the second half of Alternative. I think Muv-Luv has a lot of likable girls, but yeah, I found Kei to be one of the most entertaining ones in the group. Just love how blunt and airheaded she is, lol.

Yeah. Nodame's a really good music anime, probably the best one out there. I prefer Shigatsu and WA2 a bit more due to those shows hitting me in the feels more, but in terms of musical performances alone, Nodame puts a larger emphasis on the subject and handles it the best out of the three shows. Haha, I can't get enough of Nodame's adorableness. She's the main reason why I like the show so much. <3

Oh, I might have to check out Tsurezure sooner or later, then. I picked up K&M upon a friend's insistence, but it seems that I've made the wrong choice as I'm not really finding it to be very enjoyable so far. The show's on the generic side of things when it comes to the characters, and there's not enough tension in the plot to pull me in. I'm only watching it for the MC at this point, because he's voiced by Takahashi Rie and can be funny with his obsession. :p

Ah, right, you've read the novels for it. The Kizu movies took a different approach to the TV series adaptations, in that they took out the vast majority of Koyomi's monologues and adopted a "show; don't tell" narrative. It's a vastly different experience, and one that I personally don't mind, but I can see how some novel readers may not like it because the Monogatari series has always been laden with monologues, and they're an integral part of what makes the series great. Then again, Kizu is more on the action side, and less conversational compared to most of the other stories, so I think Shaft took that into consideration when they made the decision to leave out the monologues.

In other news, MIA got real in the latest episode! Ozen was absolutely brutal with the way she tested Riko and Reg. And her eyes, man... They're dark and terrifying! Can't wait to find out how the pair will grow stronger under her intense training methods.
Dashiawia Aug 13, 3:15 PM
Yo, it's been a while. I'll watch Owarimonogatari soon, maybe tomorrow or later next week. Judging from how highly rated it is I trust that it was a satisfying conclusion for the fans. Looking forward to it. :)

You've started the Muv-Luv trilogy?! Did you really? Awesome! I hope you'll like what you see. Extra's the weakest section, but even there I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with one another. So, I think you won't have a problem putting up with it.

Yup. I finally watched the second season of Nodame after, like, 2 years of finishing the first season. I gotta admit, I forgot a few of the minor characters' names after getting back into it, and had to re-watch parts of season one to refresh my memory. But it was worth it, for sure. This show continues to be a gem and I liked the continuation almost as much as I did the first season. They did a very good job fleshing out the Nodame-Chiaki dynamic and focused a lot on their already established romance, which is something I had hoped would happen at the end of season one. Now I can't wait to watch the final installment. :D

Also, I've finished the Kizumonogatari movie trilogy a while ago, and that was really well-made too. Definitely go check it out if you haven't already. You won't be seeing a lot of loli Shinobu, though, so don't be too disappointed there. :P
Dashiawia Jul 13, 4:58 PM
Yeah. Tsuki ga Kirei was my AOTS from last season, too. It really surprised me with how charming it was in handling its romance. I have yet to see another romance anime quite like it, to be honest.

Haven't seen enough of F/A to make a informed judgement, but so far I like Mordred and her master (can't remember his name, but he's pretty cool XD). Mordred is quite different from Arturia, personality-wise; she's a lot more haughty and likes to show off, and yet underneath her badass exterior, she probably just wants recognition from others. It should be interesting to see her interactions with her master, who seems to be the prudent type when it comes to battles. Come to think of it, there's quite a few young-looking girls as servants this time around. Whether that is intentional or not, I have no idea. XD

Want to see more of Ruler (who's Joan of Arc) and Shiro Kotomine (a fusion of Shirou and Kirei? :p). And we still haven't met the male protagonist yet.

Thanks. I'll keep those in the back of my mind for now. Don't really want to pick up any additional shows from this season, as I'm already following more than I thought I would. I swear, my curiosity always gets the better of me when it comes to picking up seasonal anime. I even picked up that Smartphone anime, which was generic but still somewhat enjoyable. It's like a poor man's KonoSuba, without the golden comedy. XD
Dashiawia Jul 11, 8:32 PM
Yup. So far I'm enjoying Made in Abyss, Ballroom, Fate/Apocrypha, Koi to Uso, and Isekai Shokudou. Kakegurui is so-so since I find the premise to be too far-fetched for my liking. Made in Abyss and Ballroom should be solid throughout, given that their manga appear to be well-received.

Haha, I like both girls in Koi to Uso. Ririna is my best girl though, as she's not a tsun-tsun and shows her cute side quite often (her airheaded personality also contributes to this, lol).

How's that Smartphone fantasy anime, btw? Not sure if it's worth picking up.
Nuvi Jun 2, 1:43 AM
Well that's too bad.
I don't like Touka either but I found this chapter to be good one after a long time. Not really a fan of TG anymore but the latest chapters with old crew did renew my interest.