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Rewrite 2nd Season
Rewrite 2nd Season
7 hours ago
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
Mar 19, 10:22 AM
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Mar 12, 5:31 PM
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Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
6 hours ago
Reading 211/? · Scored 10
Mar 19, 11:15 AM
Reading 510/? · Scored 10
Mar 13, 4:37 AM
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Dashiawia Mar 18, 9:50 PM
Yeah, anime with 22 episodes aren't very common. Then again, neither are shows with 10 episodes until recently with Konosuba and Grisaia no Rakuen.

As much as I liked 3-gatsu, I still prefer the author's previous work, Honey & Clover, mostly due to that one being a lot more relatable personally.
Dashiawia Mar 18, 3:51 PM
Pretty much what I thought of the episode, too. It was definitely rushed, especially the Kotarou vs Esaka fight, which was nowhere near as emotional as it was in the VN. But still, I enjoyed the episode for staying true to the source material 95% of the time. I'm pretty sure loli Lucia is an anime-original thing, lol. Don't recall seeing her in Terra. Was not a bad change, though, as I'd put Lucia as my second favorite girl after Kotori. <3

And yeah, felt so bad for Kotori when Kotarou "killed" her parents and rejected her. Sadly, it was the only thing he could have done to make her stop getting into dangerous situations for his sake.

Btw, 3-gatsu finished airing. I don't know how far you're into it, but I liked the second half more than the first. It's a solid series overall.
Dashiawia Mar 11, 12:45 PM
Lol. I don't remember this scene happening in the VN. Pretty sure it's anime-original. :P
Dashiawia Mar 9, 6:38 PM
Yep. Non Non Biyori is another one that I love. For a show about the mundane countryside life, I was impressed by how endearing the characters are, and the show never failed to make me smile with its cute character interactions. Renge was adorable, but I also really loved Komari~
Dashiawia Mar 6, 7:13 PM
Cool. I might check it out sooner or later, then. Still, I'm more into relaxing SoL's than I'm into comedies lately, so I tend to put the latter kinds off in favor for the former. It all started with a magical little show called Aria The Animation... Since then, I've become a huge fan of the healing type of SoL anime, the kind where basically nothing happens but you feel soothed and at peace watching cute girls doing cute things. XD

Hard to believe that a few years ago, I used to think K-On was a boring anime. I was such a pleb~ :p
Dashiawia Mar 5, 7:59 PM
True. I think the art/animation in general has been getting better lately. Definitely a step up from anything we've seen in the first season.

I haven't seen the 3 shows you mentioned yet, btw. Planning to watch Maid Dragon, Youjo Senki, and Demi-chan some time in the next season, since I don't think I'll be following too many shows in Spring.
Dashiawia Mar 4, 9:37 PM
I agree. It was a great episode, possibly the best we've had so far in terms of overall presentation/directing. The pacing is really good lately, too. I think even anime-only people can enjoy the show now for what it is. :)

And yeah, Kotarou sure as hell doesn't sugarcoat his words, does he? XD. A bit too blunt for our poor little Kotori, but at the same time there's truth to his words. This scene was done very well in my opinion, and I felt the drama was nearly as emotional as it was in the VN.
Dashiawia Feb 25, 10:55 PM
Jasmine/Yasmin's childish manner of speech makes her even cuter~ And yeah, in the Terra worldline it's implied that Midou doesn't become the crazy dude we see in the other routes, since Jasmine lives on. I believe it's hinted in S1 that he couldn't forgive Kotarou because he let Jasmine die, and abandoned them. It's basically what would have happened if Kotarou were to listen to Jasmine to leave them behind and run away by himself.

Yeah, loved those facial expressions. Really brought emotions to what the characters were going through. The inclusion of VN choices is a nice touch as well. Believe it's the first time ever a VN adaptation has done that.

I'm with you on Rewrite being one of my most anticipated anime this season, along with Rakugo, Konosuba, and Kuzu no Honkai. The latter has taken a turn for the depressing lately... even more so than I had anticipated. I still like it for the character writing and superb narrative, but I can also see how many people would hate the characters in this show, lol. Almost everyone, other than the oni-chan and Moca, is selfish beyond hope, and hardly has any redeemable qualities that make them decent human beings. Even Hana's behavior recently has been entirely "unlikable" from a moral standpoint, although given her state of mind, I can accept it as a flawed human response. Kinda on the fence about that show now. It can either continue to be good or turn sour later on.

Back to Rewrite, I don't get why the second season has such a low score on MAL and aniDB. I mean, sure, the first season was a mess in its last quarter and probably attracted a lot of hate from anime-only viewers. But, so far, the second season hasn't slipped in capturing the highlights of the VN, while also making the story relatively easy to follow for newcomers. I'm surprised that its score has been decreasing, rather than increasing, in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully after the series finishes airing, it will get a more respectable final score.
Dashiawia Feb 25, 2:26 PM
Man, that Rewrite episode! Jasmine's so freaking cute, animated. Always wanted to see what she looks like, not gonna lie. And Luis' epic sacrifice was handled well here; not as emotional as the VN, of course, but still a powerful scene regardless. Definitely my favorite episode of the season, so far. :)
Dashiawia Feb 11, 4:38 PM
Yeah. It's a legitimately good adaptation so far. The Terra episodes have been stellar in terms of pacing, and it's great that they're including Kotarou's monologues as he narrates his story.

Young Touka is pretty darn attractive! <3
Dashiawia Feb 7, 7:15 PM
Yup. Loving the way they're adapting Terra so far. Loli Kotori and Akane are so precious~ Really don't have anything negative to say about the episode as it was almost a 1:1 adaptation, minus the unimportant cuts here and there.

Will reply to the rest a bit later.
Dashiawia Jan 26, 7:20 PM
Dashiawia Jan 24, 6:04 PM
Haha. Well, that would be quite the surprise for me, in all honesty. I get the feeling that she will slowly come to love Mugi. Her hostile attitude towards the guy's childhood friend, is an indicator that she at least cares about Mugi. The question is, will he love her back?

Yeah, Rewrite's been solid so far. For 8-bit, this is quite the achievement, and hopefully they will keep up the good work. Like you said, anime-only guys will probably be confused as fuck, but for us VN readers, it's almost a dream come true. Loved the dance scene, and it was great to see the girls back in action again, with their memories intact from the other worlds.

Can't wait for fat Sakuya, lol. Terra's going to be great at this rate. I'm genuinely optimistic about this adaptation now. :)
Dashiawia Jan 21, 12:20 PM
Rewrite continues to live up to my expectations. So glad to see the Moon route getting a proper adaptation. :D
Dashiawia Jan 20, 8:41 PM
Haha, yup. My guess is that she'd be flabbergasted, and probably even slightly traumatized by her friend's sudden lust for her. I know I'd be if I were in her position. XD