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Hoshi no Samidare
Hoshi no Samidare
Yesterday, 12:58 PM
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Arknights: Reimei Zensou
Arknights: Reimei Zensou
Yesterday, 12:58 PM
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Urusei Yatsura (2022)
Urusei Yatsura (2022)
Nov 24, 6:44 PM
Watching 7/23 · Scored 6
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Timothy_611 Oct 26, 9:58 AM
Oh really, I will like to know what will happen in Summertime render, and inform you when I finish :D

I watch After the rain because of the ending song from Aimer, it is very nice and I serach up the song and it comes up with After the Rain anime. It is very special cause, not much roamance anime is about a relationship between a Old man, and a high shcool girl XD. I remember that I also binge the series and it is quite enjoyable :>

I will check out definitely Fruit Basket Movie!! If I remember that I don't think they talk about Tohru's dad in the anime( correct me if I am wrong) I think that I will also like the movie, just as I like the Fruits Basket anime XD.

Classroom of the Elite is my favourite light novel, it is way more better than the anime imo. And it is definitely very excited to read how Ayanokoji use his 200 IQ to handle different things XD.
Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken is a very sweet romance light novel which I also really enjoy. Are you reading anything light novel too? Anything you want to recommend? It can also be manga or anime XD
Timothy_611 Oct 22, 8:03 AM
Sorry for the late reply, I am doing great. Nice to know that you finish you exams :D

I am currently watching summertime rendering, yes I feel like I am watching Steins;Gate, but there are a lot of place in the anime that make me a bit confused XD. Do the anime not finish up the story?? I thought the story will end in the end of the anime. I am currently enjoying it and watching till, they first won against the villains and no one died. XD

I think that this season is the most packed one with a lot of amazing anime, the first few episodes of Blue lock, Chainsaw man, Spy X Family and My hero academia season 6 blew my mind off, they are all very astonishing XD. I am planning to binge watch those anime, because I like binge watch which make me remember more about the anime and feel more hype by completing the whole series in a short amount of time. But I think that I will still watch some seasonal which will relax my brain a bit like those romance and slice of life anime. How about you? Do you like to binge anime?

I remember I got covid and finish the whole manga of yamada kun and also rewatched the whole anime series, it is a very fun romance type of manga that I like XD. I have finish Fruit Basket the final, it is a nice ending to the whole fruit basket franchisee in my opinion. What is the movie about? I haven't got time to watch it yet XD.

I prefer Light Novel, although it is time consuming but I like how it well describe every scene more precise XD.

Timothy_611 Oct 8, 9:31 AM
XD, I am also very busy at school lol, I am currently watch summertime render, do you think it is good? I am planning to watch lot of seasonals, I feel that this season gonna be very hype compare to last one, there is bleach, chainsaw man, and spy x family lol. Which are you most hyped to watch this season?

Yea I have updated it XD, I don't know if you remember that you tell me to read yamada kun and 7 witches, I have complete the manga but haven't update my manga list lol, I don't really update my manga list. Do you like reading light novel or manga more?
Timothy_611 Sep 25, 7:44 AM
Yoooo!!! do you still remember me XD, how are you going??
Fukamin Sep 6, 7:09 AM
Hi :) Glad to hear you too. Ah I see, that's understandable :p. Hope you can catch up on anime now then. I just started going to school again. The summer break passed very fast, but I still spent that time quite well.

I've seen 18 episodes so far and it is, but I heard that the following seasons are getting better and the last one is rated the highest so I'm really curious about it :p. I put it on hold some time ago because I felt like watching an anime where's more going on so I'm watching Monster now. Maybe after that I'll continue with Fruits Basket. Red Data Girl was alright, but didn't interest me too much yet. I stopped after 3th episode. How's Free so far? Hope you'll be able to. 25 seasonals? Not suprised it was hard to keep up with all of them then haha. Made in Abyss is probably my favorite anime of this season. Summertime Render is also interesting basing on the 11 episodes I've Seen. And I haven't seen the rest yet.

Thanks a lot!
Fukamin Jun 29, 5:13 AM
Thank you! I passed the class with quite good grades, so I'm happy :). Hope you did well in school too!


Yess, I'll probably watch it soon. Sure, sure. Last Stardust is the one that I also like a lot.

I'm watching Fruits Basket and I quite like it. Also Red Data Girl which seems pretty fine too based on the first two episodes. How about you? :p
Fukamin Jun 4, 4:43 AM
Hii, I'm doing good! Thanks as well. Yes, overall I am quite happy with my results :p. We still have a month of school here, but we probably won't have to do that much anymore.
I see. Good thing it's better now ^^ Still, take care of yourself :)

They recently ran this movie in theaters here and I really wanted to go and watch it, but I missed it 0-0. But I'll definitely catch up on it. Good to hear it's good.
Yeah, I have a feeling that I might like it more than I did before when I'll watch it for the second time :p.
Timothy_611 May 11, 1:16 AM
Nice to know that ur exams are going well :D I will have exam next month, I hope that my exam will also go well XD. I never imagine that bleach will have a sequel, but I am also excited it have one :D. Have you heard of Chainsaw man? I have heard that it is a very good manga, and it will get a adaptation in 2022 what do you think?
Timothy_611 May 7, 8:06 PM
I am doing well, how are your exams? Good luck getting good grades XD. I started reading yamada kun, actually they can make a season 2, it will be great if they create one :D. I read manga very slow, and need a lot of time to finish one XD. I actually like Bleach anime, but it got a lot of filler episodes XD, knowing it will have a season 2 it is a big surprise for me.
Timothy_611 Apr 22, 7:15 PM
I just finished rewatching Yamada-kun and the 7 witches few weeks ago, and refreshed my memories, and I forget to read it XD. I will read it after I catch up Yona of the Dawn manga. Have you read or watch it before? What do you think of it? Is the new anime that is Bleach manga finial arc? I also can't imagine that it will come back XD.
Timothy_611 Apr 20, 6:43 PM
I am fine too!! My favourite character will be Togame she is too cute lol. Yes, The show overall is really enjoyable, there are also a lot of fun moments in the show.

I heard the opening of Ya Boy Kongmin, it makes me can't stop laughing, the idea how a ancient Chinese guy is dancing is so funny, I will binge it after all the episode come out for sure :D There are a lot masterpiece coming out this year, and a lot of shows that are super good. The show that I am most looking forward to is Classroom of the Elite Season 2, what about you ??
Timothy_611 Apr 18, 10:24 PM
Hello my friend how are you? it been a long time since we last chat XD. It has been so long and I finally start watching Katanagatari which u recommend me to watch like a year ago XD, it is very good and the ending is very unexpectable XD, this show is very special, and every character is very lovable, including those villains XD. Thank you for the recommendation, is there another show that u recommend that is similar to Katanagatari, if no is still ok XD.
Fukamin Apr 16, 2:40 AM
Haha, good for you :p
Ahh, I haven't watched Grand Order yet. The characters look interesting, indeed. I think I'll rewatch Zero someday. When I watched it a few years ago, I didn't like it particularly, but now I feel like refreshing it. I have to agree that the animation in Fate is great tho. The fights were so smooth and it was so nice to look at!

I've been studying a lot lately and generally I don't remember the last time school exhausted me so much, but I'm just having a spring break and just so happy! And yes, there are no any restrictions anymore. We don't wear masks at all anymore and people generally rather don't think about covid anymore. Hope you're also doing well and it is under control there as well ^^
Fukamin Feb 9, 7:49 AM
Wow, it's really impressive you can find so much time :o.
But how was Fate? Which part did you like the most?
Sure, take your time :p

:) Don't worry as I'm also a bit late this time.
LunarStarGirl345 Feb 2, 10:08 AM
Hey. ^^
How’s it going?
Sorry for bothering you again.

My alt account got disabled from Discord because I did something stupid :/.

Please add me again on this one for the last time. LunarStarGirl345#2543.