Itou, Miku

Given name: 美来
Family name: 伊藤
Birthday: Oct 12, 1996
Member Favorites: 4,890
Blood type: O
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 155 cm

Specialty: Kendo (lowest grade)
Favorite color :light blue, white, yellow
Hobbies: watching anime, dancing, playing Hyakunin Isshu

She is one of the new members of StylipS that joined on April 27, 2013 along with fellow Kensyuusei Moe Toyota. She is also a member of Pyxis with Moe Toyota.

• She is a fan of Kamen Rider,where her favorite rider is Den'o.
• Her favorite sushi topping is shellfish.
• She enjoys acting.
• Also known as Kyary-Kyary-san (キヤリーキヤリさん).



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_ATG_ | Yesterday, 9:42 AM
Really like the fact domi is same voice as Miku

Arialypse | Yesterday, 6:18 AM
Indomitable <3

davidyodo24 | Apr 21, 4:18 AM
damn Komi-san Season 2 OP was a Banger too

28012001 | Apr 20, 7:03 AM
my word, I haven't watch many roles from you apart from Miku Nakano. But I will have a major one in 2023.

HydeHD | Mar 21, 10:44 PM
New profile picture :0

tsubasalover | Mar 21, 2:21 AM
Anisama 2022 and She Will Attend on August 27

tsubasalover | Mar 1, 7:52 AM
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season OP "Ao 100 Shoku (青100色)". Single Releasing April 6, 2022 Tracklist:

DawnHibiki | Jan 15, 9:44 AM
She is one of the reasons why I've still been into anime nowadays. I love her as Yuriko Nanao,
Kokoro Tsurumaki, Nanako Usami, Miku Nakano, Kokkoro Natsume, Maple, & Kukuru Misakino.
She's my favorite voice actress ever, and I have never heard a role from her that I do not love.

Pokecure_XYZ | Dec 27, 2021 11:27 PM
Her Performance as Lovekov as pure Wholesome 😂🤣😍

V0NK3R | Nov 29, 2021 1:44 AM
welcome to kamen riders familys mikumiku. Lovekov i adorable... rabu rabu rabu .

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