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Hataraku Saibou
Hataraku Saibou
Feb 1, 7:51 PM
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Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2nd Season
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2nd Season
Jan 18, 7:46 PM
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Mob Psycho 100 II
Mob Psycho 100 II
Jan 12, 6:36 PM
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Jan 17, 12:08 PM
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Dec 24, 2018 10:02 PM
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Dec 24, 2018 9:19 PM
Reading 293/? · Scored 7


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Playcool Feb 8, 8:09 AM
BTW forgot to say, I finished Index LN mid January... you honestly should have just waited and readed those full 22 volumes rather than skipping ahead to NT.
You you will go ahead and have a butchery ahead of you with S3.
And yes you are missing alot, there are quite some amazing volumes you should have readed the LNs of, that were garbage adaptations.

Also, too late to say... but you should NOT be allowed to change avatars bro, it just feels wrong, give back that Kirito smug face, already...
Playcool Oct 30, 2018 9:31 AM
It is your choice... but honestly, I have read till volume 5 so far, vol2 and vol4 were mostly skipable for anime watchers, the rest are great to amazing reads, currently reading later Acelerator chapters in vol5, which is an awesome read, he is a much better character on the LN than the anime, and he was already interesting there.

You were able to get a job after highschool?
Getting one isnt easy here with only that, and most of the jobs dont pay even enough for the problems they give...
Curious on what you do, can you share?
I m sure if you go to college thereafter you will appreciate it alot more now that you have worked and see how tough the world is.

So they are putting alot of PCs with virus? Are you sure it really gives a virus? Did you antivirus gone crazy with notifications about it?

I will make usage of the anime, then before it catchs up, progress with 15-18, I m sure by then they will all be available so I can binge read.
At the time I was messed up with Eugeo and Alice fate, and knowing I couldnt binge read to vol18 if I started, left me at the end of 14.

Wanna get back in manga? Read some kiss x sis, that shit is fire~~~
So lewd. It is even more lewd than TLRD. xD
Certainly more suggestive...
Attack on Titan, I think I have read till a bit after S2 with the manga back in 2015, stoped once I caught up with translations that year, plan to see S2 when S3 part 2 starts to air or something, there is no reason to go with the manga, this is one of the few cases of adaptation being better IMO (art is terrible after all).

Playcool Oct 4, 2018 8:00 AM
Started reading the novel today. :3
You need to watch, you never watched, only read the LN??

Regios LN, best girl wins, all you need to know to keep reading on a later date. xD

You talking about those quick bang cash in LNs with MCs on the most generic situation possible, and with catchy names like my sister can read kanji?

Work can quite change your lifestyle, so you graduated from college and got a job?
If you use public transportation, you can still read alot of LNs, that is what I do, same for manga.
Rarely consume alot manga or LN at home (unless I was hooked from what I read coming home on the bus).
Anime is a actually far less easier for me to get into also, since I prefer to have PC near me to watch it, but on college I have the laptop and while eating lunch I watch some stuff (also during dinner or breakfast at home), rarely watch anime outside my meal time.
Only ever relied on kissanime for HxH 2011 and that was in 2014, what happened to kissanime and kissmanga?
Also you still havent finished HxH 2011, damm...

You have stopped in vol 14 of SAO like me right? Or read a bit more?
Anyway, SAO Alicization is getting 50 episodes! 1 year full of best arc, praise the gods!!
(recently finished LWA TV series and Prison School, been fun, also seeing break blade movies during lunch~~)

Got too many LNs to read already, considering I would love to catch up and go beyond toaru S3 adaptation episodes with the LN, since I want to watch S3, but I dont want to spoil my LN read by getting too much into S3 anime.
Playcool Sep 20, 2018 11:21 AM
Currently, Toaru no Majutsu Index 3, but I want to at least start the LN before it airs, and I need to finish the volume I m reading of Chrome Shellios (fFeli is MOE).
Goblin Slayers among other generic anime have my attention, xD
Playcool Jul 20, 2018 4:08 PM
You back from MAL disaster?
Playcool May 27, 2018 8:59 AM
When you are used to just decent you wont be able to differenciate but if you go only for the best quality you will soon start noticing differences.
If you download only sources to watch them delete you will only be using the highest quality.

That is why I spoiled myself for DAL vol18, 17 ends at fucking cliffhanger. Sufice to say reading the summary left my excited, heartbroken but more than all, it left me less restless and more able to just wait and focus on something else ASAP.

Nah, it was only ever released in DVD, if I was god, surely I know make it happen for the anime to be remastered in BD quality, but honestly, just go read an high resolution of the manga, and you will be happy.

Make sure to give ReZero its own time to shine aside anyother stuff you are doing, make sure you are free to focus on it.

Which links are you talking about, people be price. Are you getting it on all stuff over the internet? I usually use adblock and deblock stuff whenever it is needed, consider unnistalling and installing chrome again.

Also, make sure to check Crimson Realm on hi10anime, I have post alot of greatness there both for manga, ost and LN!
Playcool May 11, 2018 8:03 AM
Nah, I like to pause my stuff, examine closely, and see something that looks as good as the source as possible. That is what you will get from my encodes.
All those studio ghibli movies been looking amazing on remastered BD1080p.

Never spoiled myself from where I stop, I have lewd the cover pics and all, but I m not really aware of the plotline.
You can create libraries on moonreader too, trust me, give it a go, for some days, start using autoscroll, learn abit on all the options... there is alot to love with this program.

Nah, I believe Cowboy Bebop to be with black bars, something like 1440 x 1080p, and that is because even the bluray is like that, IF you are using media player classic you can force it to nicely look like 16:9 which is what I do whenever it bothers me.
If an anime was 4:3 and it gets remastered, the studio most of the time just leaves it at such format, which again can be changed if you use MPC.

I havent checked much this year so far, but not that I m aware of it, I have plans to redo that anime too, would be great if a remastered poped out, I have yet to really get into it, readed the manga ages ago.

CR/HS for me release boring versions, like I said, I like some customization and care into the release itself, you are not getting that with them.
ReZero ED1 wouldnt be a good without those awesome lyrics going on, making for an even more immersive experience.
Playcool May 8, 2018 1:54 PM
Why did you stop at vol11 though?! That is THAT CLIFFHANGER...

For VN Meido you need to have an account now (before you didnt need it).
As for links, you mean those ad links? That is normal nowadays, you shouldnt get any virus from it.

For hi10, I do reccomend you to go for x265 stuff, I do believe Princess Mononoke release there is rather old and in x264, so quality wise wont be the best.
You should check out the newer NGE release I did for the site:

Also you can find all I did here:

I only work with x265 and will be replacing all my older stuff yet on x264 with x265 (Yamato 2199 being the main one in need of that).

Once I got used to moonreader I couldnt go for anything, at first I disliked epub, but moonreader is the game changer, I even paid for the Pro version to support.

Well, we always go for the best fansubs out, unlike CR you will be getting decent looking subs and a better size per quality ratio.
That said, you using an xbox? Can it play x265/HEVC and mkv? O.o
Playcool May 4, 2018 3:19 AM
DAL is a very surprising read, just like Rokujouma, it is not boring from the start, just generic yet fun but it does improved alot with its release.

DxD to far way? What?? At the time I catch up with it in 2013, I read till vol15, seems like it already ended and there is plans for a sequel or something. I m just waiting to have all the rest translated and then go from there.

Campione translation isnt dead, people just had to be carefull with posting due to DMCA. I have vol21 in my collection, it is the last one and seems to hint for a continuation someday.
It isnt dead, it is complete, couldnt be a better time to start reading again! I would do it but I have Kara no Kyoukai, Fate Zero, Toaru no Majtsu and FMP to get over first.

The ads on hi10 are just there to help bring revenue. Absolutly do login, I have been in charge of FMP series lately, you have alot of greatness there alone to catch up to.

For epubs, use moon reader, I used to think adobe reader/pdfs was the best way to read, but moonreader/epub changed my opinion completly, the auto scroll feature is awesome.

I dont like CR do the plain subs, you can trust on our website, also if we dont have something you can always fill in a request for a series.
I can find most stuff nowadays with animebytes account, even for older series.
Playcool Apr 28, 2018 2:59 PM
Let me procede for some DAL teasing.

Going to write a review about it shortly, let me just tell you this, all these years I always saw the series as something that while being different could rival Highschool DxD in some ways but always come defeated... now I have readed till vol15 of DxD and 17 of DAL.
DAL is not by any change inferior to all the other very popular LNs like DxD or campione, it does stand ground and manages to make me wanna give the plot itself 10/10 sometimes, it is pretty crazy, everything the anime covered was just a prelude in a way and all the plot twists later on that are crazy, and we are talking about meta stuff, characters that got minor role revealing themselves later one with some shocking development... there is alot that DAL hides for the first couple of arcs and that only with reading the LN you can start to pay attention. Like for example, Kurumi's goal is said of volume 3, she wants to go back in time to kill the Origin of all Spirits to erase these girls transforming into spirits, and causing chaos from ever happening, it is even the only way she can find for attonement and to erase all the sins she did. That is heavily hinted at vol3, but the anime never properly explained it, and from time to time slowly it gets more focus, until it is right on your face and the whole game changes.
Playcool Apr 24, 2018 7:15 AM
That is savage, how the fuck they managed to cover so much?! What were the levels of butchering at?
Thank god I remenber close to zero for the actual plot.

1-27 and then 60, the fuck?

I feel you, spoilers sometimes save your soul, I spoil myself for alot of those series that get anime adaptation then never get S2, and the source isnt translated.
Amen for spoilers, when you want them.
Spoilers also sometimes make you pick shit up, since you go like, now I have to get on this... that spoiler for Pandora Hearts made get into the manga after the anime fast as fuck.

Wait, so you have read the WNs?
How far?

When you get to see the anime, go with DDY subs, trust me.

You remenber Kurumi from DAL? Her whole past and true arc are the highs of DAL, I just finished reading vol 16 and it is clearly one of the better volumes from a LN I have ever read, it goes crazy at levels near Madoka Magica + Steins;Gate. Insane how much the writter was holding back and solely building behind the line of the just decent plot that is there to justify and already very enjoyable harem.
You need to read this series sooner or later, same for Rokujouma.
Been using moonreader for epubs, autoscroll for the win, pick a speed then stick with it and you will start devouring volumes.
I started reading DAL march 15th, last month, yesterday, april 23 I finished volume 16!
Wrecking this series good!

That LN is japanese right?
Changes of anime adaptation?

No need.
Use this, I m part of the staff, we deliver only the best quality at the best size. Also fuck plain subs from CR, I much prefer styled and customized subs myself. Could never stand to use CR, Amazon or Netflix. Rarely use kissanime nowadays too.
Fansub is still the best for me. It bafles my mind legal sold anime has such garbage apresentation to OP/EDs.
I own a couple of BDs myself, stuff like Gurren Laggan or Madoka's series. Poor service for such fine stuff to have such plain subbing.

Playcool Apr 17, 2018 12:10 PM
What did S1 adapted? Asking just for curiosity's sake, for adaptations I usually always experience from the beggining again (also been at least 4 years since I last saw S1).
There is a manga going on adapting the LN fully too?

So you spoiling yourself before getting the opportunity to read it... I do understand, but it is still a dumb idea, yet if the ending sucks, it can kinda help preparing for it.

S&W did seem to come fast indeed.
Are you saying you readed Re:Zero LN then?

Havent you seen DAL?
Typical case of where the LN down the line becomes more enjoyable due to the sillyness and enjoyment of having a good harem that comes across better in source material.

I will wait like 5 more years before reading that one.
Playcool Apr 6, 2018 9:31 AM
Well, I get a feel that will be a special read... Citrus isnt even my among my top favorite manga ever, it is just that the art makes it such an enjoyable re-read by itself alone.

Been some good years since I seen S1, never saw S2 on purpose for reading the LNs...

I have a better idea, I want you to go to YenPress office and force them to start relasing Re:Zero LNs faster, I m only at ep12, but I m seeing by the look of the thing I will start some personal hatting on them really soon if they keep giving it such a poor performance!
Look to the japanese release versus translation...

BTW dunno where you left off, but you need to pick that DAL LN reading again bro.
Playcool Mar 29, 2018 6:16 AM
I dont fancy re-reading much so when I know I will LOVE certain series, like with Maria's, which is unique, I dont mind buying the LN in this case.
There are only 7 volumes out so getting the whole set wont be too expensive.


So I should save this series for later? I mean when will he release these last 2?

More than 2 months boy, I demand some kind of payment, I prefer cash myself, gotta keep your debts square~~
Playcool Jan 10, 2018 4:16 AM
I have to ask you again, official translation?
I may as well just buy these, re-read and get hyped and going for the fantranslation next. Seems like I just found where I m next going to spend my cash!
In fact just bundled book 1 with book 2 that will release on feb 20, estimated delivery starts at 12 of March. Guess my marathoon for the series will start from there, and it will probably be my highlight for spring 2018, I cant imagine myself not loving it, it will surely be a very special time of my life, cant wait!

Rarely buy official translations, I dont have neither space nor money to get most of the stuff I want to read, neither I m going to waste my money to get it digital, when I can already have it digital, since with animebytes there are always people there sharing the official translation that you cant get anywhere else.
So it has to be GOLD status for me to get my wallet ready, and owning the books is more than just reading, it is like a collection of greatest hits, your very favorite series!!