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Anime 'Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya' Announces Cast Members

by tsubasalover
Mar 9, 3:05 AM | 14 Comments

The official website for the previously announced Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya anime has announced cast members. The anime will be streamed via Netflix worldwide this summer for 12 episodes.

Pegasus Seiya: Masakazu Morita (Triger & Bunny series)
Dragon Shinryuu: Takahiro Sakurai (Osomatsu-san series)
Cygnus Hyouga: Hiroaki Miura (Seikaisuru Kado)
Andromeda Sun: Satomi Sato (Fairy Tail series)
Phoenix Ikki: Katsuyuki Konishi (Tales of Symphonia The Animation series)
Saori Kido: Fumiko Orikasa (Bleach series)

AnimeJapan 2019 stage will be held on March 23 for Netflix and Masakazu Morita (Pegasus Seiya) will be appearing, representing the anime.

Source: Comic Natalie

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New key visual
Theme Songs by The Struts
OP: "PEGASUS SEIYA" by The Struts (English ver. of Pegasus Fantasy)
ED: "Somebody New (サムバディ・ニュー)"

Japanese Trailer

Jun 26, 7:54 PM by tsubasalover

Aw man, why CGI? Hopefully this looks better than the Godzilla Netflix films.

Mar 12, 8:26 PM by malvarez1

Well, we have bleach cast, like seiya as ichigo, shinryu as izuru kira, ikki as keigo asano, and athena as rukia

Beside this, we have fairy tail cast, such as shinryu as sting, ikki as laxus, and shun as wendy

And also from K project, like seiya as yukari, shinryu as izumo, and shun as kukuri

Mar 10, 7:01 PM by ronald_bastian

I'm surprised they brought back Fumiko Orikasa as Saori; since in Saintia Sho she was voiced by Minori Inase.

Not that I mind, though, on contrary.

Still, I think I'm gonna be watching this first in english version, since it is original, I believe.

Mar 10, 4:09 PM by Psajdak

I love the saint seiya franchise but I'll pass on this one

Mar 10, 10:34 AM by C14H23NO21S3

Perfect ! That's where having an entire alternative cast is great ! This way, I won't miss not watching it.

vanilla_sprinkle said:
why can’t we get a sequel of Next Dimension instead!!

Theoretically, this is called St Seiya Ω.

edit: the worst part of 3D Shun is not even her sex, it's her haircut ! Long haired female would be too cliché? (more than pacifist female?)

Mar 9, 11:15 PM by Rei366

I’m glad we’re getting some sort of Saint Seiya show but why can’t we get a sequel of Next Dimension instead, that would be better !!

Mar 9, 12:37 PM by vanilla_sprinkle

Arkab said:
this will be the nail in the coffin in the SS franchise.

They still have Next Dimension to milk after.

thepath said:
I love it because the character have sex change. Who want all male casts.

The fans of the original, who want fidelity. Just promote Marin/Sheena/June as one of the mains, if the producers wanted more women.
Also, if you're REALLY going to gb someone and give f you to the fans, at least do it to Hyoga. Doing on Shun kinda screws the Ikki-Shun relaptionship dynamics (now it feels like a bossy older brother being overportective of his frail younger sister).

Mar 9, 11:38 AM by Fabris

this will be the nail in the coffin in the SS franchise.

Mar 9, 11:07 AM by Arkab

They can add Kana Hanazawa and Hiroshi Kamiya, and it will still be shit.

No one will watch that.

Mar 9, 8:42 AM by Grub4dos

Thank God, they have a Japanese cast.

Mar 9, 6:44 AM by kaiju1990

I love it because the character have sex change. Who want all male casts.

Mar 9, 5:35 AM by thepath

Basically all the cast from the Hades Inferno/Eliseum chapters except Shun (for obvious reasons lmao). At least they picked a great voice actress for her.

Mar 9, 3:21 AM by Illyricus

lots of people hate this anime already because one main character got a sex change

Mar 9, 3:12 AM by deg

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