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Overlord III
Overlord III
Today, 12:18 AM
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Binzume Yousei
Binzume Yousei
Yesterday, 11:33 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Oct 14, 1:17 PM
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Konakana Oct 13, 11:21 AM
Watching Love Live finally.
UkePaChan Oct 6, 4:26 AM
depends on what i have at hand. sometimes my potted plants will appreciate it as well.
also can warm cold feet in winter.
-Remix- Sep 27, 8:49 PM
it'll never get better no matter what i do :')

okay yeah!! as you move up the ranks (i.e. take major specific classes) it definitely is much easier to ask than a general ed class. good idea!

well you do you :') it doesn't hurt to change, but don't change too dramatically or even you can't handle yourself!

i don't wanna die ;(

nah just watching a crap ton of trash lately LOL
-Remix- Sep 24, 7:04 AM
can't stop won't stop woOoOOo

that's something you can look up. a lot of professors do research on the side, and they usually have a list of publications on their site that shows the kind of topics that they study. also, it doesn't hurt to ask! you'd be very surprised.

i mean i can't blame them. it's really a fine, delicate balancing act. some people like me naturally need time to themselves as a way to unwind and relax because if we don't the stress can't get to their end. other people, like you said, just use it an excuse, but not everyone's like that.

no thanks :") i'll just drop by now and then
Nopex3 Sep 24, 2:00 AM
pure Sep 23, 4:15 PM
usually the quotes from my profile come from song lyrics of my favorite songs. the current one i have is called blissing me by bjork. i rly love the lyrics during her parts
-Remix- Sep 21, 5:48 AM
Nope they still suck :( but trying my best

most UC's tend to accept transfers a lot more easily the second time around. honestly i would just say do some work, research, or experience so that you have something to write about

honestly it was just a lot of careful time management. i had to work on weekends too, but i split up my shifts carefully so i wouldn't overload myself. also, my supervisors were superrrrrrrrrrrrrr flexible, which is something you need as a college student. i mean, one week, you might have a bunch of exams and can't come in, so your supervisors need to be able to accommodate that. although i tended to sleep a little extra on the weekends. obviously i don't do that anymore but i had to pay my way through school somehow.

sf prices are mucho bad... jesus...
Jack100HP Sep 20, 2:55 PM
3yon Sep 18, 1:16 PM
It’s one of my favorite characters in the junji ito collection, cloth-sensei is a whole man I’d marry
-Remix- Sep 16, 9:09 PM
Nah, you're doing fine! Honestly I wish I could reply faster like I used to but I cannot :(

Understandable :) thanks for sharing

That's a good point. It's definitely a balance and what you value - less debt or a better whole-rounded experience? but really a lot of people like to frown at gap years, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. plenty of people i know irl have taken gap years - many different reasons, such as stress, time to grow, etc. As for Catalina island, i *think* so, but i am not 100% sure. a lot of UC's have satellite facilities scattered around the state, so that's not particularly surprising. nope, never went there unfortunately. and no time to party, haha, i wish, i was working 40 hours among three jobs

looking to rent for now. i definitely don't have enough money to buy :(
Korimiya Sep 15, 4:54 AM
Atm working as an Engineer Assistant. Highlights of the tour for Finland was the Aurora Borealis, and a visit to Santa Claus's hometown. That's about it I think. Apart from that there will also be a husky sled, and King Crab Safari. Tielle and Gemie are coming to Anisong Singapore this year. Got another thing to look forward to heh.
-Remix- Sep 10, 8:57 PM
no problem, work is hitting me like a stack of bricks too (like always lol)

just curious, and sorry if you've already answered this, but are you also working during school?

gap year is good to recharge, but i would also recommend working at least so you can pay that master's further down the road. and thank you thank you :D and tbh no worries i know ucsb gets that reputation all the time LOL but it's pretty easy to avoid parties, just don't go out :D and no unfortunately i did not haha

well faster is always better right :D

stay young forever :D and your situation isn't totally unheard of either. tbh i've been thinking of moving out for a while now but i literally cannot afford anything despite working full time LOL well i do technically have enough but i would be saving like $0 H E L P
Korimiya Sep 10, 5:55 AM
Ehh nothing much. Started working 4 months back and haven't been able to watch as much stuff lately. Just went for egoIST concert last weekend and god, chelly's vocals. Eargasm. My next trip would be to Finland during December. Hopefully I can catch the aurora lights!
tohotty Sep 9, 4:34 PM
Ah really :(? I wonder if professional scuba divers dont experience it anymore or if they just get used to it

ok great! maybe sometime this weekend?
haha yeah its pretty huge, its 2 seperate buildings but they are connected by a walk way on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
x_x oh lord just imaging it makes me embarrassed, what year are you in college?
this is the main building
and this is a pic of the walk way to the second building

ehh one of my cousins just kind of ruins the time I get to spend with them with the way he acts, its really just him that makes it crappy though I like my aunt uncle and other cousin.
hmm lets see I have 4 uncles and 1 aunt I think? and a bunch of cousins. my brother has 3 siblings but one of them is gay(he is the guy getting married this weekend) so Im counting his husband as one of my uncles. My dads sister is my favorite aunt though I love hanging out with her! my fav cousin lives is California though, but thankful she comes and visits a good amount (she is coming this weekend too :))) )

n0 its alive and well
omg you should play it!!! I really like it, its kinda like dark souls but I like the combat in Nioh more than in Dark Souls, do you have any consoles? if you dont you might(?) be able to get it on steam
tohotty Sep 9, 8:22 AM
I feel like it would be cool to scuba under ice

yeah sorry >c<! dont worry we will call sometime soon :), and of course not! i just feel like it would be nice to do/just talk to you in general
seriously! the bathrooms at my school are dirty on the lower floors, but I only was able to make it to the 2nd floor before I had to puke ;_; the 5th floor bathroom is the nicest cause the handicap stall has a super nice view! and not really I just wouldn't want to puke in front/near anyone ;PP

well I dont really like hanging out with my moms side of the family anymore but thats not really their fault, I just prefer my dads side, I go visit them every other weekend- its good though I really like my family

lol idk I played one of them on my brothers PC but its not like I actually play it, I think it was battlefield 2 or 3?
I just wanna swing around, in the mean time Im just playing csgo and nioh