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Short TV Anime 'One Room' Gets Second Season

by sevenPocky
Sep 24, 7:45 AM | 48 Comments
A Blu-ray release event for One Room held on Sunday has announced that a second season of the short TV anime has been green-lit. The sequel is slated for a 2018 broadcast, and will include new cast members namely Rie Takahashi (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) and Inori Minase (Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka). More details about the upcoming anime such as broadcast time will be revealed at a later date.

One Room is a 12-episode original anime by studio TYPHOON GRAPHICS with series of episodes revolving around the character's interactions with the viewer. The anime aired in Winter 2017 and was followed by a male-version spin-off, Room Mate, that aired in Spring 2017. One Room also received an unaired episode that was included in its BD release in May.

Source: Official Twitter

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Weaboos rejoice!! Your prayers have been answered ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
But seriously wtf happened to Japan, deciding to make S2 for this god awful anime. Now we know why Japan has so many virgins.

Sep 27, 12:50 AM by Rhett

"The sequel is slated for a 2018 broadcast, and will include new cast members namely Rie Takahashi (Re:Zero) and Inori Minase (Re:Zero)."

There. Much better.

Sep 26, 10:47 PM by Jonesy974

I'm So Looking Forward For Season 2 of One Room! :D

Sep 26, 11:27 AM by boombloxgamer10

This anime is shit undoubtedly. But I'll watch it anyway.

Sep 26, 12:14 AM by Terkhev


Sep 25, 6:17 AM by ios123

Ah yeah.... I mean seriously... when I watched this, I feel like I've hit rock bottom on my weeb life. It's so cringey at times that it's sad.... and I enjoyed the part with the imouto which is ep 5-8 before dropping it, which made it even sadder.

Now Takahashi Rie and Inori Minase is on board... both are my favorite seiyuus, so how could I not watch a season 2 of this, which again, makes me looked even sadder.

Sep 25, 6:16 AM by DarklordVor

Wasn't really expecting a second season for this, but.....

>Inori Minase

OHMAIGAWD!!!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ I'M HYPED!!

LOL, but wow! It's like a dating simulator with Emilia and Rem because of those 2 seiyuus. >w> It's hilarious, but hey! I'm still gonna watch this, for sure! x)

Sep 24, 5:59 PM by LunyRed

LOL This got a second season? I watched both versions, surprised that it's getting another season but I'll probably watch this since it's got both Takahashi Rie and Inori Minase, but I feel like I'll end up dropping it this time.

Sep 24, 5:07 PM by NanDemoNai_

Shows like this are the reason anime fans deserve to be bullied.

Sep 24, 4:13 PM by Red_Keys

OverClock said:
EcchiKingMamster said:
FUCKING YES.. i hope its lewder XD

does the s1 have good tits?

KINDA... its decent.. itd be nice if the girls were different this time

Sep 24, 4:02 PM by EcchiKingMamster

tragedydesu said:
oh not this

>read Inori Minase
Count me in

Aaah i see youre a man of culture as well...

Sep 24, 3:46 PM by animmar

Wonderful news.

Puritan normiecasuals btfo

Sep 24, 3:39 PM by ItsXolo

EcchiKingMamster said:
FUCKING YES.. i hope its lewder XD

does the s1 have good tits?

Sep 24, 3:35 PM by anemonespotte

Best anime of 2017 got a sequel freaking hell yeah!

Sep 24, 3:09 PM by Antagonized

FUCKING YES.. i hope its lewder XD

Sep 24, 3:00 PM by EcchiKingMamster

I'd rather watch this than One Punch Man S2.

Sep 24, 2:22 PM by Hrybami

The Pocky Lord answered our prayers!!!

Sep 24, 1:43 PM by Desperationation

Now we need another one to room mate

Sep 24, 1:26 PM by S-quare22

Holy Jesus H. Christ, God is alive!!!!

Sep 24, 1:24 PM by DW_lazy

I liked the first season especially with the fact that i watched with a vr so i am ok with a second season

Sep 24, 12:36 PM by kikyo1hinamora

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