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Poll: Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Episode 8 Discussion

Sep 5, 2013 3:09 PM

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Heh, I got curious about this Lloyd guy as well. LOL @ Botan this episode. Seriously, her way of “Thank You”....Ahahahaha
Not too sure what to think of the episode overall. Heh, girl talk is funny to watch. Dat ahoge. Heartwarming/5
Sep 5, 2013 4:24 PM
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Haha excellent episode. Them endings! And occasional 4th wall destruction too

It wouldn't be over exaggerated to say that I live for this anime <3

Is it me or the art changed a bit this episode? (and last one too)
Sep 5, 2013 4:39 PM

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Wow, this anime has really been enjoyable since episode 4.
This was even better than last weeks episode.
Loved the whole discussion on her hair.
Sep 5, 2013 5:19 PM

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That scene after the credits was soo funny lol.
Sep 5, 2013 6:29 PM

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Dont mess with the cowlick
Sep 5, 2013 7:17 PM

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Funny episode.
I love Natsuki's "thing" and the new ed theme was great!
Sep 5, 2013 7:52 PM

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Finally out of school and chilling at Natsuki's house!
Everyone getting an ahoge at the end was hilarious.
Gawds I love this anime.
Sep 5, 2013 9:27 PM

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Lots of off-model faces this episode. Also, Sakura's socks disappeared in the scene where she's on Natsuki's bed, only to reappear in the next shot of her still on said bed. The humour was good though, especially the reactions to the news about the brother and the scenes in Natsuki's house.
Sep 5, 2013 10:04 PM
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A nice cute episode about Natsuki and her fruit.
It hangs off of her so it's a fruit right?
I mean there was that song "Strange Fruit" a while back.

Poor Lloyd, what did he ever do to deserve such an abusive sister?
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Sep 6, 2013 12:34 AM

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I gotta admit, this episode made me laugh on some scenes, much more better than the previous episode.

So a chill out at Natsuki's house, and introducing her brother Lloyd in this episode. So many ahoge scenes, which makes me lol. Also the ending performing CPR on "Natsuki" was priceless.

Sep 6, 2013 1:02 AM

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I just realized Natsuki VA was the one voiced Akiko from OniAi... wow,is it really the same person..?
guhehe.. I wish they made a second season.

Her 'living' ahoge reminds me of Katagiri Himeko from paniponi dash, lol.
The curse of the clothes hanger! what kind of curse is that.

Love the new ED and the horror of the ahoge!
Sep 6, 2013 1:29 AM

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azzuRe said:
I just realized Natsuki VA was the one voiced Akiko from OniAi... wow,is it really the same person..?
Yeah, Kido Ibuki is her name, and the only seiyuu that really passes muster in this anime in my view - granted a few of the seiyuu, noticeably the ones who voice Sakura and Botan have improved over time, but still the voice-acting is still really weak.
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I wonder where was the announcement of this change? Or we are seeing yet another case of changes made that impacted users but not communicated to them?

I wonder how long people would put up with this.

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Sep 6, 2013 1:59 AM
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This was a really entertaining episode. I like how this episode poked fun of Natsuki's ahoge. Even in the mini-theater too, haha!

The siblings are both tsukkomis! And that's an awesome new ED! :D
Sep 6, 2013 2:02 AM
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I am wonder that Whether Natsuki is an Extra Terrestrial but not Human\Earthlings.
Sep 6, 2013 3:38 AM

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So many references to earlier parts of the series.
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Sep 6, 2013 4:04 AM

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What is the secret of this show? It keeps improving with every passing episode.

Loved the last segment and the theater, though I prefer the previous Botan-tan ED. Quite a lot of off-model shots due to budget as well...

Even the shampoo bottles had ahoges on them, someone help me, laughed so much it hurts to breathe. 5/5.
Sep 6, 2013 9:55 AM

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symbv said:
azzuRe said:
I just realized Natsuki VA was the one voiced Akiko from OniAi... wow,is it really the same person..?
Yeah, Kido Ibuki is her name, and the only seiyuu that really passes muster in this anime in my view - granted a few of the seiyuu, noticeably the ones who voice Sakura and Botan have improved over time, but still the voice-acting is still really weak.

When you first said this I wasn't too sure but now I agree: this show could really use a veteran seiyuu or two.

Adding a HanaKana, Yui Ogura, or Iori Nomizu would help this show tremendously. Kido Ibuki, who doesn't have much experience, is the veteran here and she was much better in OniAi and GJ-bu, playing a boke role. She is trying admirably here as the tsukkomi but her energetic style is more suited to boke characters in my opinion.

Shows of this genre are more dependent on voice acting than other types of shows. Hiring these rookie seiyuu will save money now but cost them money later, when it comes to disc sales and merchandise.
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Sep 6, 2013 3:59 PM

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Guess Natsuki will never talk about her little brother again when she makes new friends she must have a trauma by now.
I laughed when Natsuki ordered her little brother to come in 2 seconds and when she mentioned the time in the bathroom.
Also liked how she scolded him.
Sep 7, 2013 2:57 AM

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SonicBoom0 said:
Something was seriously wrong with the art for most of this episode.

Agree with that. There were moments when it was very bad.
Sep 7, 2013 11:16 AM
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That was some serious ahoge stuff.
Sep 7, 2013 11:32 AM

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AOTS (Ahoge of the Season) - is even better than lucy's
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Sep 7, 2013 11:36 AM

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Konik said:
SonicBoom0 said:
Something was seriously wrong with the art for most of this episode.

Agree with that. There were moments when it was very bad.

The animators probably wanted to get their overtime paid and were ransacked in a jiffy! Or people really thought the comment on episode one about this series having a low number of frames per second was a joke? They hired the cheapest VA they could find so it should be no surprise they are making the animation as cheap as possible. They would have used vocaloid for the voice acting if they knew how to tune the voices enough and they are regretting not animating from the start the whole series as 3D mini theatre at the end.
Sep 8, 2013 7:56 PM

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to think Natsuki's brother would be the focus...then the ahoge was finally addressed and stole the spotlight
Sep 9, 2013 3:20 PM

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great episode

okay, I admit it.. just like natsuki, I thought the other club members already forgot about natsuki's lil brother since the next record is something about poet, xD

and then they suddenly showed up on natsuki's house, lol

it's been a while since this show managed to trick me

new ending is song is nice
I guess each of the VAs has their own duet ending song now :3
Sep 12, 2013 12:25 AM

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this anime is golden. probably the funniest one in this season, along with Servant x Service. Sakura was so funny and adorable~ her VA did a good job

and still waiting patiently for a 3rd season of Spice & Wolf :'|
Sep 14, 2013 1:51 PM

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The essence is clear.
I wonder if brother spying for Natsuki in the shower?
Sep 18, 2013 2:00 AM

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The hair was so outstanding this episode. never really thought about her Ahoge

Awesome Sig by Lailide
Oct 11, 2013 8:30 AM

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Poor Lloyd-san... A sister = Boston crab test doll
Yes... Ahoge for Natsuki is like glasses for glasses people xD
Lol even photo editing program can't do a thing to Nat's ahoge

I'll miss Botan & Seal ED :(

Everyone with Ahoge except Natsuki
Frightening ending >_<
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Oct 21, 2013 2:37 PM

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Pretty funny episode I do love those chibi epilogues at the end of each episode :p
Nov 3, 2013 2:33 PM

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This was great episode on many levels, anime is really getting better. I like how they mentioned little brother and then dedicated following story to something different. Poor brother to have sister like that. Though I would like to discover more about him. Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge scissors reference :D And that cowlick afterstory felt so Azumang-ish.

Edit: I also miss old ED, it was a lot better at least for me.
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Nov 29, 2013 6:30 PM

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I like the new ED. And Natsuki breaks the fourth wall again, awesome.

Cool, Natsuki has a younger brother named Lloyd.
Sakura seems to be retorting during that poem part.
The seal is still perverted.

Dat ahoge. It will not be stopped until it takes over the world.
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Jan 18, 2014 6:11 AM
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Sleepover part was pretty cute and funny, that ahoge ahahaha.

Mini-theater was funny!! Lloyd seems cool.

New ending song was nice.
Sep 10, 2014 8:43 PM

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Did Botan just kill Lloyd?! This episode was pretty funny. I like how even they were talking about Natsuki's ahoge. It use to bother me I. The first few episodes but then I got use to it. It doesn't bother me as much anymore. Natsuki has a teddy bear. A new ED and that last scene with the ahoge. CPR to the ahoge! I liked the previous Ed better. Good episode.
Dec 10, 2014 11:19 AM

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I liked how Sakura was humming the OP song.

The BSOD changed the ED song? lol
Nice to see the other girls in the ending (not just Botan-chan).
Dec 20, 2015 7:10 AM
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Guess I'm one of the rare few who was annoyed at the mc and her friends in the entire scene with her little brother. I didn't see any reason why the mc had such an attitude problem towards her brother. And what really got on my nerves is they're all acting like jerks, he gets rightly angry and then he gets hit for it despite the other characters being (mainly the mc) hypocrites. All that scene did was make me dislike the mc even more than I already did.