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Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!?
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sword123 Aug 16, 2017 7:07 PM
I came here from your comments on Love Live! Sunshine!! While I disagree with some of your points and your general attitude towards it, I think you stated your opinion quite well on the last episode, episode 13.

Mikuru is also my least favourite of the SOS Brigade. Chisaki might have been my favourite from Nagi no Asukara but I don't remember finer points of that show.
Wiziliz Oct 15, 2015 7:47 PM
You're at the start of Gintama when it's quite bad. Just keep watching, it gets amazing!
brianez Apr 11, 2015 10:36 PM
Thanks! Never heard of that show before. He looks like an interesting character.
brianez Apr 11, 2015 2:05 PM
Hi, I was wondering who the character in your avatar/profile pic is?
EvenJellyOn Oct 28, 2014 10:11 PM
I have not even seen the series wake up zoo is based on. Just found it on a streaming site.
rajin90 Jul 22, 2014 7:48 AM
hey i created a topic in MY TEEN ROMANTIC COMEDY SNAFU and wish to have your views.
hope to see your thoughts/views there .
topic is about YUKING CHAN LYING and HACHIMAN disappointment
Vladz0r Dec 21, 2013 5:37 PM
Heh, man I have no goddamn clue. Episode 10 was bloody as hell and I could've sworn they were shooting to at least show the bad end.......
Really, what is the point of teasing that much just to skip to the true end? It seems like this was a last minute change or something.
Vladz0r Dec 21, 2013 4:31 PM
Their brilliant idea was to have 2 weak final episodes instead of 1, just so it wouldn't have time reset KEY magic.
I don't like the decision to go this far with the show and end it so anticlimactically.
Even doing the time resets wouldn't have been as bad as this, especially since a lot of people will take it as a rewarding miracle.

Now it just seems like everything in the dream world was just pointless worrying.
But THIS has to be the biggest troll from JC Staff-

I seriously thought that would be Riki waking up from the narcoleptic attack to see everyone dead, but I guess not.
I couldn't even take the girls' farewells that seriously because of where the show is headed. At least I got some Kurugaya
Vladz0r Dec 21, 2013 4:08 PM
Added you, because sasuga JC Staff e.e
Vladz0r Dec 10, 2013 11:43 AM
Yeah, I sorta just made a copypasta for people who want to talk to me about what i think about the series

So let me quickly reply to what you wrote, now.
- Yes. There is little engagement in the audience due to its presentation and changes from the VN. It wasn't supposed to be EXACTLY like the VN, but it was supposed to become more engaging and interesting through the transition to anime than it turned out. You pretty much have to find a time to watch it secluded and force yourself to pay attention in order to get engaged in it.

-I don't think their minds are reset in the anime. I think they couldn't keep deep memories beyond the world. The conclusion I came up with was that each girl retained memories of their routes being solved, but not their romance with Riki. The only girl who was able to do this, besides Rin, was Kurugaya, as her true end takes place in the real world and she remembers loving Riki. It could be a plot hole to retcon everyone's romance but theirs, or something, or it could be related to how memories are handled with the dream world, which was my impression from Kurugaya's route in the VN with how her memories were wiped.
**I wrote an explanation for her route in my gallery now, for the anime interpretation.

- I think a lot of VN viewers seeing Kyousuke actually suffering was pretty emotional.
One of my friends didn't even tear up for the farewells in the VN. He was too mindblown by the entire thing. In the anime, he teared up for episodes 9 and 10.
My other friend only teared up at the farewells, but on rewatch, he also teared up at 9 and 10. I'm in the same boat as this second friend.
And yeah, I really wish it could've been better done. I think the animation and direction was pretty good and stylish, considering the shitty budget this show has had, but it still could've been more precise, and they could've made it less of a recap, and more of something else.
And FUCK! They also cut down on the great moments between Riki and Kyousuke. Kyousuke's thoughts as Riki visits his room.
"I wish I could hug you right now. "
How rewarded would it make you feel if I were to praise you right now?
----All right, Riki, just follow me. I'll take down your enemy.
How secure would you feel if I were to tell you that right now?
But I hold myself back, gritting my teeth.
So does he.

In the VN, Riki was really on the verge of tears, and his voice fit a lot better at this point, honestly. When Kyousuke was like "Is something bothering you?" And Riki, with his voice trembling, responds "All too many things." It was amazing.
Watch for a few minutes-

They continued to detach Kyousuke and Riki, rather than focus on their reliance on each other during Refrain, which is making the series even worse. I didn't really realize how important Kyousuke was to Riki and vice versa until this arc, but that's barely established in the VN. The anime just sort of throws in the same flashback with "Kyousuke saved me!" over and over, and this kind of beautiful dialogue is just gone from the show.

- Kurugaya's route was butchered to shit imo, and her motives are completely off and inconsistent. One minute she says that she wished the days would never end because Riki wanted to be with his friends forever. Then she talks about how she wanted to experience love more often. They got rid of her diary parts, which built up so much tension and struggle in the VN. It was just bad in terms of buildup, even if the ending was sad. Kurugaya's character is extremely shallow in the anime compared to the VN because of this, and that's disappointing to see, because I'd like some instances of Little Busters' better writing to actually show in the anime, because it's admittedly not amazingly written in parts of the heroine routes.

-Yeah, I think that theory should be legit.
Simplo Dec 9, 2013 1:48 PM
Thats cool, just wanted to make sure you don't miss this ball of amazingness :)
Simplo Dec 9, 2013 1:08 PM
Just saw that you have Stay Night on your list but you still haven't seen fate/zero. Believe me, you've gotta see it!
Vladz0r Dec 8, 2013 1:16 PM
Oh yeah, and Haruka retaining her memories after the dream world for more memories evidence.
Vladz0r Dec 8, 2013 1:08 PM
Mmm, I kinda cleared up stuff about Kurugaya's route with a convo with my friend.
So, it does keep the main purpose that Kurugaya didn't want the dream to end, and for it to loop back to her forgetting everything after she had been helped.

I sorta came up another dilemma regarding Kuruaya, though.
In the VN, the world resets, a girl leaves the world, but in the true end of Refrain, the girls remember the events of the dream world.
So, that leads me to believe that Riki's memory was resetting in between heroine route completions.

But then, how come Kurgaya's memory was being forcibly erased by the world as she struggled to keep it up? If all the girls were able to "die peacefully", then it would include them being able to keep their memories of having their problems resolved.
So.... I came up with an explanation.

So, the girls retained the memories of their problems being resolved, but they don't remember things like the romantic development.
So, Kud was able to visit her family in Tebwa, Komari got over her trauma, etc.
Riki's romance with girls Haruka, Mio, Kud didn't stay seem to deeply within the girls' memories in the true end.

Kurugaya's issue was to feel emotions, but she couldn't retain the romance with Riki beyond the dream world. So, the whole looping thing in Kurugaya's arc was a result of Kurugaya not wanting her romantic memories with Riki about to be erased.
Her dying wish to feel emotions could never be fully realized under the flawed dream world. The world tried to end as soon as she fell in love with Riki.

Also, he came to the conclusion that once a girl's routes was finished in the VN, it gets locked, meaning that the girl has left the world, and that there is an NPC, like Miyuki, to replace them in the common route (+ cameos in each others' routes). So, the girls are leaving 1 by 1 in the VN, but the anime put them closer together.
Vladz0r Dec 8, 2013 12:15 PM
I dunno. The anime pushed the Secret over the current plot, and didn't make things as interesting or enjoyable as they could've been.
It could've potentially been a series that was more self-insertive, the audience being in Riki's shoes, and actually enjoying the ride more along, but they really threw away a lot of the intimacy and enjoyment of the VN medium that I hoped would've transitioned to anime and made for a unique experience. It was more like "events are happening" rather than "I'm experiencing this" for people, and KyoAni could've bridged the gap between the audience and the anime through their animation techniques and directing.

Um, there are things like Miyuki that seem really vague in the anime, and I think some character motives might be kinda vague. Kurugaya's route is definitely misinterpreted by many people in the anime, and I don't think it'll be properly interpreted on a rewatch, because it seemed like Kurugaya left as a result of Kyouske losing his power to sustain the world.

People like that Maffy guy are still wondering WHY the girls went along with Kyousuke's plan, because it seems manipulative. The girls' minds are pretty much reset to before they have their problems solved during each loop, or something...

But then there's the parts where the anime doesn't loop back to the complete beginning. There's the episode where Riki and Masato wake up the same as before, and Masato rushes out the room, but then the story progresses linearly.
They pushed for this "world looping" thing, but made the anime routes appear to have a linear timeline, which sort of gets me to believe that the TRUE chronological order is something like...

Episodes 1-3 -> Eps 4-6 (bad end)x however many times -> eps 4-6 good end -> Komari retains memory of the previous loops -> eps 7-11 -> eps 12-14 (bad ends) -> eps 12-14 (good end) -> Mio retains all memories of previous loops -> Haruka same deal -> Kud bad ends -> Kud remembers her bad end / real world stuff in a dream-> Kud good end, etc.

Kurugaya's route, though, is just frustrating to try to figure out sometimes.
In the VN, it was because she couldn't maintain the dream world after Kyousuke and the others had set it up to reset after the fireworks/dating, because her route was "technically" completed. In the anime, it seems like Kurugaya was similar to Kyousuke, and was "running out of time". It didn't really make sense why the loops with Kurugaya started or stopped, other than "she wished to be with the Little Busters forever", and she became satisfied and left at the end of episode 3. Somehow, the episode still became pretty highly rated, even though I think 99% of anime-only viewers won't ever understand it the way I did from the VN.

I dunno, the series and its buildup is somewhat intricate through how it was connected by Kyousuke's arc, and how there's a lot of foreshadowing, but it's not nearly as well crafted overall as it could've been due to how they've just insisted on changing things from the VN that seemed fine as they were.

Gah, looking at your post on the forums now. There's just so much about Little Busters that is implicitly implied. There's no way an anime viewer would be able to completely get the nuances of the dream world, which already functions differently in the anime than the VN, and seems to have some overlapping explanations.

Another thing is how after Kurugaya's route, the world looped back to May 13th, but Riki already starts going out with Rin. Something with the chronology of this stuff sorta bugged me, but if you throw away the VN timeline and stick to the anime logic, I guess it makes sense.

Well, the anime could've been even more of a mess and left more loose ends untied. I still really wished KyoAni could've done it, because I feel like the creative interpretation of things like Kyousuke's arc and their overall execution and buildup for the climax, and then the actual delivery, would've been mindblowingly good compared to JC Staff's work.

Ughhhhhhhhhh I waste so much time discussing this series and what the anime could've been. I just want it to end.