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I don't really watch shows as they're airing but I like a variety of anime! Favourite is Monogatari Series!

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Motto To LOVE-Ru
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Suzume no Tojimari
May 20, 11:48 PM
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Apr 20, 7:33 AM
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DoisacChopper Jul 24, 10:47 PM
no problemo

and theres always communities and tools + other stuff to make learning even easier
nobody has to be alone in learning when the internet gives you instant access to everything in existence
DoisacChopper Jul 22, 11:32 PM
My bad this time for a super late response yo!

you have your own studio?! amazing and keep up the learning, its all discipline really
I think im over 300 days of studying JP now, though I've been in the hospital a couple times since last we messaged (lol) still haven't stopped my anki streak atleast

have you moved fully yet? and hows the kana going
Ashhk Mar 3, 4:32 AM
Happy birthday! :D
DoisacChopper Jan 29, 8:44 PM
I haven't practiced writing japanese at all and I remember em just fine lol but yeah can do what ye feel is best
DoisacChopper Jan 29, 6:58 PM

I mean even if you just look ata couple hiraganas in a day it shouldn't take like more than 10 minutes to familarize yourself with a portion of them hmm

yeah there's way more useful tools aswell but anki is one of the most important
DoisacChopper Jan 24, 2:24 AM
in general anything cute or slice of life doesnt really follow a plot is great

episodic stuff should also be epic

DoisacChopper Jan 24, 2:23 AM
the first anime i watched entirely raw was hetalia
pretty simple, and you wont really care if you cant understand stuff lol this website, if you type an anime name into it; it will tell you how hard the anime is to understand
also works for visual novels and stuff

so you might just want to pick some anime you like then see which would be the easiest and go through the easiest first, or can watch some easy anime as listed from jpdb

pretty nifty site
DoisacChopper Jan 24, 1:22 AM
rewatch sounds easy yeah

well its all up ta ya, some people take it easy or go more hardcore anythings fine aslong as you get to things eventually hmm
DoisacChopper Jan 24, 12:30 AM
oh the discord is incredible,, they share new technology for language learning all the time andsuch

heheh I dont know if i can go into all the details but yeah the discord is amazing they share way too much stuff that is helpful and can always talk to people for help and advice on anything theres a lot of veterens hmm

I suggest swapping to no subs immediately, I know everyone else also says that and well I didnt swap out subs immediately lol but it's definitely the best option
with subs you get absolutely no exp and without subs you are gaining lots of exp cause you just kind of are forced to get wit da words

Haachama is dope

reading in japanese is nice im currently reading Isekai Ojisan
DoisacChopper Jan 15, 4:38 AM

this is what my anki time looks like lol
some people are not all about the Anki no life strat, and i've seen people who study way more than I have (insane monsters going 4 hours of anki a day or someshit)
kinda up to a individual but anki is very powerful for memorizing words and their basic meanings
definitely harder to learn without anki
DoisacChopper Jan 15, 4:34 AM
I don't think a week is terribly impressive, you could probably learn hiragana and katakana in a couple days if you really wanted to
and the average language learner from atleast themoeway community (discord) they learn it about in a week aswell

well after learning hiragana and katakana I've been doing about 2 hours of Anki (slowing down recently cause im at a good level; immersing more often cause i have a solid vocabulary to work with)
i spend time watching anime (just dont watch anything subtitled and that is apart of learning)
and ive been reading manga raw
and playing games in japanese (mainly eroge)
and sometimes i look at grammar videos from curedolly but inconsistently hmm
maybe around 3 or so hours all in total every day kinda roughly more or less

i also sometimes watch streams like vtubers and shit ahh man
so much good japanese content

anywhoo time spent with the language is one of the most important parts
gotta be consistent and do it a lot
switch out as many things in your life from native language to the target language
then you can learn fun words like 自動販売機
or 愛液

DoisacChopper Jan 15, 3:31 AM
the second link is a lazy way to learn japanese skipping over tons of explanations for things and getting you all the stuff right away
at the "Straightway to learn JP" part
it took me a week to learn both hiragana and katakana with the lazy guides methods

after you learn the kana you can get into Anki and memorizing vocab
DoisacChopper Jan 15, 2:28 AM
eh i cant say im a big fan of films for anime

its hard to sit through em

i really liked space dandy cause it was so easy to watch

and ill send some resources out later cause im momentarily occupied but most importantly;
Yomichan is probably first thing u wanna grab
mm have you learned all of hiragana and katakana btw?
DoisacChopper Jan 13, 4:20 PM
damn space dandy

can't believe Rent-A-Girlfriend will get a season 3 before fucking SPACE DANDY
well that's how the world works isn't it?
DoisacChopper Jan 13, 4:18 PM
nah i never got chloe in FGO, but i love chloe all the same
good to study bro if you need resources i can direct ya to some incase you never knew about em or a discord full of japanese language learners
i've been studying japanese for a bit over 4 months

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