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Poll: Yagate Kimi ni Naru Episode 13 Discussion

Nov 9, 2019 8:45 AM
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An unexpected rather open and hanging ending, but one that I enjoyed very much nonetheless (I still give it a "Loved it!" vote).

When this series was first recommended to me, I brushed it off. It seemed uninteresting. Glad I picked it up and decided to watch it. It was a work of art: visuals, storytelling, sound, composition, everything was well done. It's become one of my favourites at this point.

I was honestly expecting the ending would be the play, skipping over what the manga-readers on the forums have said to be around 10 chapters. Although that would've felt more... complete, finished, I think this was a great ending despite its open and honestly hanging nature and this is probably the first time I've said that about any anime ending. Even this last episode which ended with a date seemed to be of high quality and completely enjoyable from start to end. Also, it leaves the possibility of a second season adaptation which I am really hoping for!

For the episode itself. Loved Kano saying that Yuu's going to have more lines now. Liked her expression then for some reason. But funniest part here has got to be Sayaka and the store owner sharing knowing comments. The store owner teasing Sayaka and Touko got it back with Sayaka's (cutest) smug "Hmph?".

Was Touko considering death? She was looking at the tracks and the camera zoomed out as the train passed by. Was she contemplating death for after the stage show?

It was an odd way to end a season but I really enjoyed that date. It was sweet and fun. These two have a very fun and interesting relationship dynamic that just makes me want to keep watching and rooting for them. That whole scene at the dolphin show was funny. That heartfelt moment as they were drinking was beautiful. Touko admitted her self-contradiction that despite wanting to become her sister, she felt relieved that she loved Yuu, because it was the only part that she was sure it was her real her and not her sister.

But then that improvised acting near the penguin parade. Yuu basically told Touko what she wanted to tell her, that she doesn't need to choose to become somebody. The only her Yuu knows is the her that she met and interacted with. The only Touko she knows is the Touko she met at the Student Council and the one that she's with today. It wasn't the Touko in the past nor was it her sister.

The ending really leaves open the door for a second season. With Yuu expressing to Touko what she wanted to tell her, Touko has more to think about and can realise and go further down the path that hopefully will bring her to accepting herself and stop trying to become somebody else. It feels like it's setting the stage for the next part (which I hope gets adapted please please please).

Touko trying to take a picture of those penguins was cute. And Yuu is unexpectedly very fond of sea creatures it would seem. Better luck next time with the gachapon though.

But finally, that final train scene. It was so sweet and romantic. Felt really warm. I didn't want that scene to end so quickly, just wanted to see them embrace each other's warmth and feel each other's presence.

"Senpai, we have to change trains now." Maybe I'm wrong, but this seems like it has symbolic meaning. Having to change tracks, as in having to change tracks to the next part of the story but also having to advance and change tracks in her (Touko's) life as she stops trying to become somebody else and also her relationship with Yuu.

I originally couldn't decide on whether I'd give this series a 10 or a 9, but I guess I have to give it a 9 because of the inconclusive ending. Not that I hate it, but from an anime perspective it really feels open-ended and not resolving anything (yet), especially if a season 2 never comes (which I hope isn't true). Really loved this series, was really sad to end it. Wished there was more! Might pick up the manga and read as far as this ending, and maybe I'll continue or hold out for the possibility of season 2. If OreGairu got a long-awaited season 3, I can hope for this one too right?

"I wish this would never end..."

I feel the same way, Touko.

I was expecting the title of the play to be "Yagate Kimi ni Naru" or "Bloom Into You" (or "Eventually I Become You"). But interesting title.

"Only You Know", huh?
Dec 29, 2019 7:14 AM

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This episode is so beautiful! I love everything about this episode!

I can't help but smiled to see manager looking somewhat jealous with Ichigaya San lol and I'm so damn happy to see their special moment.

I would like to see moar so I'm hoping for season 2 or I'll continue with the manga
Jan 3, 1:26 PM
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Man, this anime took me by surprise. Recently stumbled across it after watching citrus so I went into it with low expectations. Then I ended up binging it in a day... and rewatching it after. I was not expecting the realistic and relatable characters at all, especially Yuu. Something I subconsciously do a lot is put myself in other peoples shoes and try to understand their feelings, and I guess the more relatable the person is to me, the more I am able to feel. I never thought I'd see a character in a show with a personality so similar to mine, but Yuu pretty much hits the nail on the head. I'm generally indifferent about everything and am happy if the people around me are happy. Putting more effort into other peoples needs instead of taking time out to think what's best for me. My co-worker has told me I'm an idiot and I should be more selfish, but I always tell myself it's fulfilling to help others. It's sort of become my meaning in life. I guess deep down inside, although I've learned to live with it, like Yuu I am lonely. Man it feels weird writing all this on an anime forum when I'm usually way more reserved with things, but this anime has got me in such a strange mood that I just don't care. I think I figured out, now that I'm writing this, that the feeling is the desire to swap places with Yuu and have someone who can pull me out of the loneliness... even though I know it will never happen.

Anyway enough weird personal crap. The anime was amazing, the voice acting, including the cute "sounds" they used to express surprise or excitement matched the characters so well, and the OST plus the insert songs were perfect. To top it off the animation was superb at displaying the characters emotions. I also found the "cliffhanger" ending was chosen well and am glad things weren't rushed. The final words "we need to change trains now" were a nice happy ending symbolizing Touko moving past killing herself on the rails and instead "changing" to a new life.

Now I'm in this weird spot where I want more of these characters. No matter what I do I just wanna go back to this world Yuu and Touko live in. I've tried going out to clear my head but it was just a distraction and as soon as I get home I end up looking up something related to the anime (or writing some overly personal post on an open anime forum). So, I guess the question is, do I try and wait/pray for a season 2, or do I cave and read the manga. Knowing myself I'd enjoy a season 2 more than the manga. It always feels like a much more complete package to me; with the voice acting, OST, etc. But I'm not sure if I can hold out that long. This is weird to write but on one hand I'm actually looking forward to the holidays being over so I can get back to work on the 6th and have a distraction from this madness. On the other hand I'm not looking forward to going back to the 9-5 lifestyle and leaving this wonderful "escape" of Bloom Into You behind.

Was not expecting to get so shaken by an anime. Truly a masterpiece for me, and I'm desperately hoping for a second season.
Jan 22, 4:24 PM

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I have to say that was extremely mediocre but definitely the best yuri anime out there.
Jan 23, 12:45 PM
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Wait for season 2 or go read the manga. Definitely worth it!
Mar 13, 8:45 AM
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PaninaManina said:

I was a manga reader that was never sold on all the hype the manga created as being the best yuri out here.
The anime version whoever, like you said, "Marvelous direction in this series, holy cow."

I praised this adaptation since the first episode, and thoroughly enjoyed every single episode till the last one, some were better than others, I could also say this could have ended on a bigger climax, but they had no more time, and the way it ended was already a good stopping point.
Loved the OP for Bloom a lot, this is excellent direction and usage of color, which one of the highlights overall these 13 episodes, an amazing usage of color, camera angles, shoots and changes of perspective that brought about much more immersion and connection towards Yuu.

More than ready to finish the manga now, but I do feel like I should read it from the beginning since I was around chapter 33 when I lasted checked and it was like 2 years ago, hopefully, I will look to it from a different perspective now.
Meanwhile, I would love to see an S2 for the anime for sure.

8.9/10 = 9
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