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Candy Boy: Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sisters in Daily Life

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: CB
Japanese: Candy boy -Nonchalant talk of the certain twin sisters in daily life-


Type: ONA
Episodes: 7
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: May 2, 2008 to May 8, 2009
Producers: Half H.P Studio
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: AIC
Source: Original
Duration: 15 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.981 (scored by 26,729 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #38192
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1647
Members: 56,103
Favorites: 320


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Jul 5, 2009
Skadi (All reviews)
Candy Boy is a sweet, good natured slice of life romantic comedy. Right off the bat you should understand that this series revolves around yuri love and an incestuous relationship between fraternal twins. Even saying this though, there is really nothing to be offended about in regards to this series. While normally my creep-o-meter would be signaling its alarm bells, I actually really enjoyed Candy Boy.

The plot in Candy Boy is uncomplicated and revolves around twin sisters Kanade and Yukino and their high school life together. Unlike a lot of slice of life series, Candy Boy's episodes feel like they are read more
May 11, 2009
DaBigD (All reviews)
Kana-chan, Kana-chan~

Candy Boy is the sweet little story of two sisters living together in a dormitory and their usual lifestyle. But this slice of life anime comes with a twist: the two are romantically affected to each other. Although yuri incest is wincest, the fact stands that there are some that may be offended from the shoujo-ai and/or incest. If this combination works for you, then you'll have no problems enjoying this anime as much as I did.

As with many other anime in the slice of life genre, the story is given to us at the beginning of the anime, but not much of a read more
May 19, 2008
Imperturbable (All reviews)
Candy☆Boy is a series that'll induce an "aww" feeling, given you accept two main premises-- one, it's f/f (shoujo ai). (Please refer to the warning spoiler below for the second premise.) It started off as a seven-minute ONA but I guess it fared well enough since we've got more episodes coming, now each being fourteen minutes long to boot.


Before we get into the review, I'd like to mention a major warning (that is fundamentally SPOILERish): This series has incestual vibes between fraternal twin sisters.


The additional episodes don't seem to push the sisterly relations between the two protagonists as much with the shift read more
May 6, 2013
Simonian (All reviews)
I've only ever watched two Yuri animes - Strawberry Panic and this being the second. However, I've also watched quite a lot of romance animes and I can say with confidence that this one blows everything else out of the water when it comes to realism.

It is exactly as the synopsis says, twin sisters are in love with each other - it is an incestual relationship... but hang on is it? This is the real kicker. Their relationship is more like platonic love on steroids. If you're hoping for some Yuri action, passionate kissing etc. then you can forget all about that because these read more
May 10, 2012
Ontario (All reviews)
Why do people like the anime? It baffles me. I picked up this anime because it was on the recommendations page for an anime I liked, so I had high hopes. Those high hopes were destroyed pretty swiftly.

I am talking about character first because it is the biggest thing that bugged me about this series. Right away, I felt something wrong with this anime. At first I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I realized it was because the characters are flat as paper. Sure, they were animated pretty decently, but that doesn't matter when there is nothing memorable about any read more
Apr 18, 2009
Shugocharalover (All reviews)
A sweet, incestually implied, slice of life with two twin sisters. It delivers exactly what it promises.

-Minor Spoilers-

Story (7)-

There isn't much of a story really. Just the life of these two sisters- Yukino and Kanade- and the challenges or events they go through. The rough plot seems to be the twins’ feelings for each other although if it hadn't been listed as yuri and incest I doubt anyone would be able to tell when watching the first couple of episodes. Saying that however, what I really liked about this anime was the gradual development that is put so subtly it makes it seem life-like and read more
Jul 13, 2009
ParisainGoldfish (All reviews)
I like yuri. Rather, I like lesbians. Alot. And these lesbians are a welcome addition to the admittedly small genre of yuri anime. And yes; I said lesbians. With a name like Candy Boy, this title exudes almost pure DO NOT WANT vibes, what an absolutely terrible name for such a series. They could have at least called it Candy Girls, or Girls Like Candy, or Candy Lesbians. Or better yet, YEAH MAN, LESBIANS MAN! in big blue letters. I'm series; It took not one, but four recommendations for me to check this out because the name is so misleading that I felt I was read more
Feb 9, 2015
sasameiv (All reviews)
In many ways this is a subdued yet sweet story of two sisters’ nourishing their budding romance. It never turns explicit, but instead moves slowly through everyday moments. It is easy to sense that the sisters relationship is a true progression built top of many years which allows their interactions to feel natural. Best of all is their banter, which is highly enjoyable, and feels like two siblings reminiscing and having fun together.

Like some slice of life shows Candy Boy meanders, but in a good way. The characters are school girls and so the story follows the trials and tribulations of their simple daily read more
Aug 16, 2009
instagramposter (All reviews)
i liked the characters,
i enjoyed watching this anime because of them.
but the relationship between the sisters is.. kind of unreal.
(from personal experience)
i love the thought of admiring your sister though,
instead of gettting annoyed at her (which is more realistic) lol
i loved watching this though, i though it was great,
its reallly cute
Feb 3, 2010
setvenx (All reviews)
Candy Boy is an anime that puts an emphasis on the whole genre of yuri. It is about a very innocent love and how it has no boundaries (probably the most cliche line ever) and how it plays out makes for a short but delightful to watch anime, especially for those into yuri and romance.

Rather then reviewing episode 00 and EX01-02, I figured I'd review it as a whole. As the synopsis implies, this IS about twin sisters in love and just about nothing else.

In these 10 short ONA's, there isn't much of a story to build on but rather its a episodic read more
Jul 27, 2009
nomadica (All reviews)
This anime was too short and that is the only thing that makes my rating drop.
I really did enjoy the flow of the events and the back stories, and such.
It kind of blew my mind.... yes yes, incest... I like the way they portray it in here: not all that tortured, sort of in between the lines...

I think this is another case of "Pocky Shoujo ai"... (I claim the term)... a reference to Ga Rei Zero.. a sweet kiss, so what? I guess it is only the creator who know the true meaning, and speculation is left for the rest of us mortals...

I read more
Dec 21, 2014
Tavgus (All reviews)
This review will contain my opinion and that alone. As such it will be a most unformal, oral and not very informative review, as far as these things go. And keep in mind that your opinion and enjoyment will most likely differ from mine, if it doesn't then I'd like to talk to you cause you seem like my kind of person. Also remember that this is the internet, the wonderful land where something is either terrific or terrible, there is rarely room for any grey zone.

I'm just going to go right ahead and say that this anime is not one you should read more
May 22, 2013
Snakeskins (All reviews)
This is a short tale of twin sisters who are quite obviously in love with each other, that’s right not like "love each other" but rather "in love with each other" hopefully you get the difference here otherwise the entire point of this anime will be lost on you. they have a little stalker fan girl who wants the one but they dont care and are always back in bed with each other at the end of the day.
Heres how this was pitched to me: a yuri romance involving twins. this is something which inspired perverse thoughts upon me in almost record setting time read more
Oct 18, 2016
SpaceWhales (All reviews)
It's strange to see such a fanservicey premise of lesbian, incestuous twin sisters develop so tamely, without either fanservice or a dramatic analysis of incestuous love in modern day Japan. Candy Boy is the light-hearted, gentle paced, almost-YA romantic yuri anime you've yearned for...but with an abnormally short runtime, a stretched budget and a little bit of incest.

- Now, I want to make something clear before we go any further. I'm maybe a little bit grossed out by incest. Thinking about it rationally, I shouldn't be - what you do in your own time is your own business and I shouldn't judge. But it feels read more
May 21, 2019
JustaMAL (All reviews)
Candy Boy is something I held off on reviewing until I had some time to sit down and really get my thoughts together about.

Simply put, Candy Boy is short and sweet.
Twin sisters are in the midst of their maturing relationship together, which borders sisterly love and a full blown incestuous relationship.
If you're uncomfortable with incest themes or relationships in anime I think Candy Boy would be a great place to start for people who want to try to be more open minded. After all, it's media.

The story isn't all that special. The girls have to juggle their individual responsibilities and try to find time to read more
Sep 13, 2009
thunderlite (All reviews)
If u appreciate art work u've gotta watch this anime ...

The drawings are amazing both in anime and manga...

The presentation along with music will make u say Aaaww so cute...
Oct 29, 2011
VGCKenny (All reviews)
Candy Boy is an online anime that consists of two twin sisters that love each other. Now, that may sound like a premise that can't be taken seriously, and to some extent, it is, but in all honesty this is actually a rather satisfying and serious anime.

What makes Candy Boy so great is that the story is taken SERIOUSLY. It's not a half-assed attempt to flaunt the shojo-ai genre so teenage boys (or lesbians) can fap to it, it has the same ups and downs that you would find in any other romance anime that takes itself seriously. The story progresses like it would in read more
Jul 12, 2013
JokerPerson (All reviews)
This anime to me was amazing. The characters looked good and the art was good like basically everything was good was what I thought when I watched it. When I watched the first episode my heart was hurting since I felt jealous of how close the two sisters could be. They would hold hands every dang second, outside and inside and even sleeping.

As the anime went on I still really enjoyed it. I felt the pain the third sister was feeling and I could totally understood being left out. I almost even cried. They showed the emotions really well. Every now and then they read more
Oct 10, 2011
hotsushi (All reviews)
Let me just say straight off the bat that Candy Boy is about yuri love between two fraternal twins. At first, many people may be turned down by just seeing that it's incest or yuri but I have to admit that this is a very innocent and sweet anime. It's quite short too so it shouldn't take up much of your time, in fact, I finished it in 1 sitting just now from 1am to 4am since majority of the episodes are only 10-20 minutes long and there's only 8+2 episodes.

There really isn't any negatives to this anime. There were parts that were either positive read more
Sep 10, 2018
captjoe213 (All reviews)
(updated 9/19/18 for format and slight content revision)

Hi! Another Robert's Too Late reviews headed your way! Check the synopsis for the rundown of the general plot, and I actively try to avoid SPOILERS, but minor ones might slip through. Apologies if this happens. I'm for once working from the subbed version as none of the circles I run in to get my anime fix have a dubbed version. I've seen that this show has been rated highly in many reviews and for the life of me I cannot understand this. Why, there's not hardly any candy or boys, either one, in the entire series! As read more