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Jul 29, 2016
Hajime no Ippo is masculinity at its extreme. This is the kind of show that features men mercilessly beat the shit out of each other and then cheerily grab each other's junk in the shower as a form of greeting. This anime will turn your testicles into testosterone shooting death stars and give you enough arm strength to beat a grizzly in an arm-wrestle so if you're ready to turn up your man energy to 11 - read on...

The story features a couple of centre characters. Makunochi Ippo - a timid boy that works at a fishing wharf with aspirations to become a great boxer. ...
May 23, 2016
Trinity Seven (Anime) add
Trinity Seven is a unique harem anime in that it features a strong male lead that isn't afraid of groping ass and tits and a female cast that actually doesn't have a problem with him doing so. Now you're probably thinking - impossibru Simonian, how can such flawlessness be? I assure you it can and it's right here.

The story is rather bland. A generic school setting wrapped up in some magical theme. It's the weakest component of this anime. Slow progression and ultimately goes nowhere... but if you like ass and tits and moreover if you like them poked, stroked and groped - ...
May 20, 2016
Imagine a story where the MC possess 0 vices, passes up on every opportunity to move in on his "love interests" and makes girls fall in love with him after taking them out shopping once. This is the kind of story Princess Lover is. It's utterly contrived , childish and nonsensical.

The story is a boring pile of drool, there's a guy named Teppei who likes swinging a sword for fun ; a group of large tits show up , he takes them shopping with his 8 digit Visa card and they want to suck his cawk. End of story.

The characters are a total ...
May 19, 2016
One Punch Man (Anime) add
In a nutshell, One Punch Man is an anime about a bald guy that enjoys fisting clown looking monsters under the watchful eye of Michael Bay. This is an action enthusiast's wet dream and it does its job extremely well. However, what it does tremendously well in terms of action and stunning visuals & audio, it lacks in terms of everything else.

The story is simple, the world is in danger from "monsters". As it happens a guy named Saitama trains for 3 years straight and acquires the physique of Bruce Lee , strength of Hulk on steroids, speed of an asteroid and the ...
May 12, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Attack on Titan had the potential to be one of the greatest works of fiction and it completely squandered that opportunity. Here's why - The first few episodes establish a world where massive hunks of meat with eerie grins rip people's heads off on sight and for no reason whatsoever. No one has the guts or means to kill the damn things. You can feel the helplessness, the horror and the dark vibe of the series. You connect emotionally with the characters and the series sucks you in.

After a horrifying yet heartily entertaining start we want more. What's gonna happen? How can you fend ...
May 1, 2016
"Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!" is a story about a clueless male lead surrounded by bad bitches who'd jump his bones weren't they busy figuring out what's gonna happen next on sesame street. What makes it entertaining is the fact he doesn't realise he just needs to grab them by their skirts and give them the spanking they're asking for and instead plays it cool leading to all too hilarious situations.

The setting is your typical highschool complete with tables and shit. We have the male lead who has the vibes of Atilla the Hun. Attracting girls left and right like a banker in a ...
Apr 15, 2016
Oreshura locks up a spineless male lead with a psycho, a tsundere, a vegetable and mother teresa in a small setting featuring a school, a house and some trees here and there. That's all this is. Oreshura in a nutshell.

The story really isn't that special. The character's aren't either. They're cardboard cut outs. Sexy white haired edgy psycho genius - check. Dense male lead who couldn't get laid with a donkey - check. Fiery redhead... emotionally dead girl, childhood friend etc. check check check. Straight down the typical romcom list.

The story doesn't go anywhere. It's a back and forth battle between 3 cardboard ...
Nov 27, 2015
At its core, the whole 'Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai' series is a coming of age story that pits its characters against a wide variety of issues every person on this planet has experienced in their teenage years. Sexual tension, childhood memories, emotional pain, hunger for success and the unbreakable will to change.

The premise is very simple. We have the protagonist, Kodaka Hasegawa, a blond high school boy who has a hard time building any sort of rapport with people due to his hair colour (being blond in Japan is bad ass apparently) and his inability to smile. Everyone sees him as a delinquent ...
Nov 6, 2015
I fucking love stories where the main lead crashes on a desolate island on the ass end of Earth with a herd of sexually frustrated women. A bit like Nagasarete Airantou except with actual sex involved. This is one such story.

The synopsis doesn't do justice to this perverted magnum opus. Our hero, Shindou Naoki, runs into phenomenal luck when the plane he's travelling on decides it has had enough of flying and kamikazes its ass into the middle of a fucking ocean.

There are only five survivors. The male lead, his horny teacher, a perverted stewardess and his two classmates. 1 guy 4 girls, ...
Nov 1, 2015
HenSemi (TV) (Anime) add
Watching Hen Zemi is a bit like catching your friend trying to stick a carrot in their ass. It's awkward and repulsive but you just can't turn away. This series literally opens up the pandora box of human sexuality. NTR, masochism, humiliation, voyeurism, watersports... jesus fucking christ. This series is downright creepy.

The story and premise are simple. A couple of university students join forces together on their quest for ultimate perversion as they drink piss and shove stuff into each other. That's the whole series in a sentence. Yeah, they do also eloquently talk about the philosophy of their perverted quirts but in the ...

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