Jul 5, 2009
Skadi (All reviews)
Candy Boy is a sweet, good natured slice of life romantic comedy. Right off the bat you should understand that this series revolves around yuri love and an incestuous relationship between fraternal twins. Even saying this though, there is really nothing to be offended about in regards to this series. While normally my creep-o-meter would be signaling its alarm bells, I actually really enjoyed Candy Boy.

The plot in Candy Boy is uncomplicated and revolves around twin sisters Kanade and Yukino and their high school life together. Unlike a lot of slice of life series, Candy Boy's episodes feel like they are all part of one large movie sized one as events flow seamlessly from each episode. Both sisters struggle to find time for each other and both get into college. Little happens in terms of dramatic romance, while there are very tender moments, those hoping for mushy love scenes and romantic kisses will likely be very disappointed. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of social consequences from either classmates or family due to the sisters’ quite obvious relationship. In a way this is both disappointing and a relief. Though I thought it was the right choice because, for me, it kept my attention off of the creepy aspects of the show.

The characters are excellent in the series. This is helped by the fact that the cast is extremely small and focuses exclusively on only four characters. In fact I can really only remember a couple instances where people other than those four even spoke any dialogue. This was an excellent decision since the series is already short and doesn’t have time to build much depth in the characters. The sisters Kana, Yuki, and to some extent their younger sister Shi get the majority of the attention. Kana is the most interesting of the group and feels the most complete as a character. Most of the story elements flow through her and what she is thinking and feeling. You get a good feel for all of their personalities and their motivations, though it does feel like of the twins, Yuki gets a bit of the shaft in terms of depth. Sakuya is the comic relief and while she is in love with Kanade, she is never a serious love interest. There really isn’t any angst in terms of relationships which I found a bit refreshing. Kanade and Yukino love each other deeply and basically nothing can separate them.

The art and animation is truly fabulous. I loved the character designs and the settings and backgrounds were all wonderfully dawn and animated. There did seem to be a bit of inconsistency though, even though it was great looking sometimes characters didn’t always look the same throughout the show. The acting was very good and it featured a number of good musical pieces.

I enjoyed Candy Boy quite a lot. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of yuri or just wants to see a sweet slice of life series and is not bothered by the subject matter. While it may be a bit controversial to some audiences, I think it will appeal to most people.