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Oct 10, 2011
Many people may not like A-Channel that much due to the fact that it bears a lot of similarities to other slice-of-life/school life anime in that it has 3-5 girls attending school and the end of the anime is either during Christmas or graduation. I can see why people may give a low score for A-Channel due to those reasons but I believe the anime deserve more credit than it was given. Many slice-of-life anime can get boring to some and I can see why. There's no real story and it's just the story of the lives of people who aren't real and you don't read more
Oct 10, 2011
Let me just say straight off the bat that Candy Boy is about yuri love between two fraternal twins. At first, many people may be turned down by just seeing that it's incest or yuri but I have to admit that this is a very innocent and sweet anime. It's quite short too so it shouldn't take up much of your time, in fact, I finished it in 1 sitting just now from 1am to 4am since majority of the episodes are only 10-20 minutes long and there's only 8+2 episodes.

There really isn't any negatives to this anime. There were parts that were either positive read more
Oct 10, 2011
Hatsukoi Limited was good but it was not great. I would say it's worth mentioning but in all honesty, there are other anime that I would recommend over Hatsukoi Limited. When I saw the first episode, I immediately compared this anime to Amagami SS and I can see that many other people have done the same. I will have to agree with everybody and say that Amagami SS is better than Hatsukoi Limited. That doesn't mean that Hatsukoi Limited was not a good anime. I just felt that there was room for improvement. Let's start with the negatives and we'll work our way to the read more
Oct 9, 2011
Toradora! ...where do I start? I just finished this anime and I'm still smiling. The story is just absolutely wonderful. The anime was so wonderful that I had to write a review for it right away while everything was fresh in my head. If you love anime that has great, unique characters, love-polygons, and comedy that will make even the saddest bunch laugh then you'll definitely love Toradora! At first, the title really didn't interest me. That's the first thing we all see from an anime and that is its TITLE! The next thing we see is the cover art. I saw the title and read more