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Dec 8, 2013
I dont typically watch alot of anime movies but I decided to make an exception for this for two reasons. First of all, I heard such incredible things about it from other viewers, and after having seen both seasons that came before this, I wanted more.

The movie itself having clocked in at over two and a half hours had me skeptical, I didnt know how they would be able to fill that much time but they did! the story was so incredibly deep and pulled elements from everything from seasons one and two which is no small feat. In doing so, this movie actually ...
Nov 3, 2013
Futari Ecchi (Anime) add
That awkward moment when you are expecting a romantic comedy and the softcore porn rolls out... but what the hell right? Lets just talk about it.

Makoto and yura are both 25 year old virgins and they just got married and are now realizing "oh shit, I have no idea how to have sex." Now there's a line between being a virgin and not knowing alot about what to do, and just straight-up sexual cluelessness and these two are really pushing into the latter category. However these two troopers just keep on trucking (or fucking as the case may be...) and these two crazy kids eventually ...
Oct 29, 2013
Alright people, heres to the second season of demons accompanied by boobs boobs more boobs and some stuff that almost crosses lines into the hentai realm, but hey, isn't that what we're all here for at this point?

Sure there are haters out there that are going to accuse anyone who enjoyed this show(or me for giving it a 10) of being an idiot who only cares about boobs, but that is not the case and I will explain why I think its a good show throughout the course of this review.

Story: Issei is back trying to get all the women for his harem or ...
Sep 19, 2013
To LOVE-Ru (Anime) add
So with a title contain the word "love" I was setting up for a romance or something along those lines when BAM! FANSERVE! And that was about the summary of the season.

Story: I probably should've seen this one coming a mile away with a plot that revolves two people of the opposite gender meeting in a bathtub and then her getting the idea to get married. Is it just me or do these kids move really fast these days, I mean one minute shes naked in his tub and next thing we know she wants to get married... Regardless, this could've been about half the ...
Sep 7, 2013
Two words: CHOCOLATE HANDGUN!!! That was my favorite part of the show and if you watch it, you'll understand too. this show had me laughing my ass off, and that is something that very few shows can say. Yeah they might make me laugh, but not on such a regular basis such as this.

Story: boy meets girl as boy is drowning to death, girl is a mermaid(surprise) and saves his life, girls dad has his gang kidnap boy and his family because anyone who has seen a mermaid needs to die or that mermaid him/herself, boy and girl decide to get married because somehow that ...
Aug 19, 2013
Well after my complete lack of excitement for the first season I somehow find myself watching this, the second season. While on the surface this show might not look like much, I did find myself drawn back wanting more. So here it is, more of the same.

Story: The story has nothing new from the first season and it just keeps what was going on. If i didn't know that there were only 13 eps in either season I would've found myself believing it to be a 26 ep season instead just because it doesn't skip anything or jump ahead or anything like that. It continues ...
Aug 13, 2013
I'm really not sure what to say about this. I saw the first few episodes and made the decision that I wasn't going to spend anymore time on it because I was bored by them, but then I really wanted to see what happened after that so I watched a few more and figured that I would give it until episode four. Somewhere along the line however, I was so entranced by the show that I had to see the rest.

Story: In an all girls catholic university girls pick "sisters" from the class(es) below them and this symbolic relationship is the focal point of the ...
Aug 11, 2013
I know i'll probably piss some people off here such as: PETA, kandaxmashiro fans, poultry, and whoever the subbing group was that did the videos I saw, among others. While the things I say here may sound like jokes, I should mention that I am completely serious.

Anyways down to business.

Story: A rather clueless male (of course its a male, do they make clueless females in anime?) has to move into the dorm named sakurasou because hes a really hardcore badass and kept a pet cat in the regular dorm so they decide this will be his reprimand. We begin the show with him having to ...
Aug 7, 2013
When you start a 12 ep series and dont finish it for another two months I think that should say something for the level of interest it holds. While Queens Blade isnt terrible, it also is by no means that good either.

Story: Revolves around boobs, and a tournament that decides on who gets to be the queen of a land. The fighters are all females and the camera spends more time panning in on their boobs than anything else. In fact, I think that the only reason why swords were introduced into this series was to make a quicker and easier way of freeing boobs ...
Aug 7, 2013
This was way better than i ever expected it to be, a little drug out maybe but it was still very good.

Story: misaki is from a poor family and works at a maid cafe to help support her family(cuz her dads an ass, and walked out leaving a huge debt) but she doesnt want anyone to know because she thinks that she will lose respect at school. This is a concern because she is a the student body president at a predominantly boys school but one day a boy finds out but it becomes their secret.

Art: this goes from conventional art to turning everyone ...

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