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Sep 30, 2010
I can't really see how anyone with a dick can actually NOT enjoy this show. The action is top-notch, the breasts are wonderful and constant, and the atmosphere is so playfully tense that you can't help but get caught up in it all. Whether it's your shitty, uninteresting chosen genre or not, it's pretty undeniable that Highschool of the Dead is one of the best things to happen to ecchi in a long time.
Story: 10/10. The zombies attack, and a formerly normal, boring teenager does the logical thing and surrounds himself with guns and underage females. Expected shenanigans ensue, riding in on a tidal ...
Apr 26, 2010
Eve no Jikan (Anime) add
I've been kicking this around for who knows how long, and I'm pleasantly surprised to say that Eve no Jikan is probably one of the most engaging, expressive shows I've seen to date. And that's no small feat, given it's extremely quick runtime. The atmosphere is unique and brilliantly well crafted, and I'd say it's safe to say that I will eagerly be anticipating any future works from Studio RIKKA even more now that I've seen this.

Story; 10. The questions presented through Eve no Jikan are nothing particularly new, yet nothing entirely exhausted either. Humanity, discrimination, acceptance; the cast of Eve is used to portray ...
Oct 30, 2009
Though it certainly reaches a level of quality that would warrant a detailed, gripping review, I don't think I can write one. There are a handful of very well handled reviews already for 8.0, however I don't feel that enough emphasis is placed on two pivotal aspects of this series; the leading trio, and the ending. Tokyo Magnitude is not without it's technical flaws, which I really have to keep reminding myself of. Because the cast completely blows away what you expect in any anime series, even the most artsy of shows. Mirai is a normal, broody, moody, angsty preteen. She has no superpowers, no ...
Oct 17, 2009
Dennou Coil (Anime) add
Dennou Coil might very well be the most difficult anime series to evaluate with nothing more than a simple numeric grade. It's odd combination of childlike charm and philosophical substance make it a very on and off show, yet the unique execution of it makes this a rewarding show for those willing to sit through it's few dragging bits.

Story; 10. The story in DC really does begin to develop as you would expect your average kid's show to progress. The elements are all there, however the plot is executed with far more complexity than a kid's show, and is interwoven in a way that allows ...
Sep 29, 2009
Angel/Dust (Manga) add
Angel Dust is a fine example of short and sweet. This happens to be a manga I read a couple years ago, and somehow forgot over the years. Having accidentally stumbled on it again, and re-reading it, I am really starting to wonder how it was I ever managed to completely forget it in the first place!

Story; 8. There's a quasi Fate/Stay Night fantasy plot here, minus any male characters and with pretty blatant yuri undertones. And, as iffy as that looks on paper, it actually works fairly well for what it is. While not terribly original, the plot delivers enough solid material to keep ...
Sep 27, 2009
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Although it sat around my HD forever, Denpa Teki is really a nice little anime. It's biggest fault is that it appears to be on the same release schedule as Hellsing Ultimate, that being "maybe every few months, if we feel like it." I commend Denpa Teki for taking head in a relativity niche genre, and doing so in a much more realistic way than it's predecessors.

Story; 8. While there remains little uncharted territory for the yandere/yangire niche of psychological thrillers, Denpa Teki reminds us that it is not always best to follow instinct. The plotting of this OVA series is properly paced, and ...
Jul 30, 2009
There is something eerily satisfying about seeing someone as symbolic of eloquent beauty as a princess soaked in blood. That said, Murder Princess is an extremely fun OVA that went directly from a boredom viewing to being one of the most fun series I've seen since Black Lagoon.

Story; 9. Body transfer isn't entirely new to the anime world, but you definitely see it a lot less than you do ninja clans or warring robot factions. The balance of action and story is perfect, with much more action to start and substance to follow. The plot itself also carried a decently cool twist, however it was ...
Jul 30, 2009
Surprisingly enough, I prefer the 2004 Appleseed to it's successor, Ex Machina. I haven't seen this art style really applied anywhere but Appleseed, which is a shame really, because the blend of CGI and anime art is really quite cool.

Story; 7. Admittedly, this is not really the strong point of either of these movies; moreso this one. While I enjoyed it a great deal more than Ex Machina, the story itself was much less developed. It's difficult to explain really, because the premise here is more engaging, however it isn't elaborated on thoroughly enough and the climactic battle scene paled in comparison to numerous scenes ...
Jul 28, 2009
Makoto Shinkai is really an incredible guy. He juggles more than any other single man in the industry I could name with each of his projects, and his end results are always quality. 5cm is his most recent project, and for me his most complete and enjoyable.

Story; 9. Ever since Voices Of A Distant Star, Shinkai has been telling essentially the same story of grief stricken youths. And this idea in itself is nothing at all new to anime; however, when it's actually well written, it's something most people can easily relate to and it really can bring about good drama. And if not ...
Jul 24, 2009
Take On Me (Manga) add
For being the hentai manga that it is, Take On Me is shockingly good. Good enough even to read casually; as a healthy amount of well written character dialogue, fun characters and pretty damn good art, Take On Me could have perhaps succeeded even without the unbelievable amount of sex. That's the one clincher, however; there is sex, and the issue here may not necessarily be the amount, but what exactly they are doing. When I say this is fetish-heavy I mean it's jam packed with vividly illustrated and even more vividly described sexual acts that cover a large group of people's no-no-my-god-what-are-they-doing list. That ...