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Alternative Titles

Japanese: revisions リヴィジョンズ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 10, 2019 to Mar 28, 2019
Premiered: Winter 2019
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:55 (JST)
Producers: Fuji TV, Slow Curve
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Shirogumi
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Theme: MechaMecha
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.021 (scored by 2035720,357 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #94152
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #2718
Members: 65,180
Favorites: 80

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jan 10, 2019
Mixed Feelings
I will make this quick, this is either a series you will love or you will hate.

The primary reason to hate it is cause of the animation which is a heavy use of cgi animation and not of the best quality or because the main lead is annoying little brat with a hero complex and it makes you want to just drop it right there.

Well if u ignore those two i think you might actually like this series, the story is simple, It focuses on the entire town of Shibuya being teleport-ed along with the population within it to a different time in the future ...
Jan 10, 2019
How to describe Revisions?
The MC personality is can be described as the simple "Hero complex". The trope is done quite frequently, commonly displayed in an antagonist, that which impedes the protagonist's progress through their own journey for their own ambitions. The twist with making the main character having this personality instead is interesting, but it cannot be called quality. A change in writing norm does not mean all originality is well written, rather, it indicates that the writer strives for something different. Whether it is good or bad is always subjective. But this is not. Through reading the opinions of others, I can gather that ...
Jan 10, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Here's a treat for SSSS.Gridman and Planet With fans. As for me, easily best of the 3.


Revisions is a story about this kid who was already during his childhood hinted he would be saving the world one day from 'something'. Just so happens to be, during the high school phase his life starts rolling towards his 'destiny' when bug-alien-robots come to his very school and start wrecking everything and killing students in brutal ways. Naturally, the original fortuneteller appears there, too, except she is not really 'she' because the story is mysterious this way. Her role is to show how the world can be ...
Jan 18, 2019
Can delusional protagonists ever serve an interesting purpose?
How much does absolute originality determine the merits of fiction?
Or why, indeed, would you want to give Revisions a chance?

In essence, I believe this series can be reasonably entertaining as the more or less straightforward sci-fi tale of five teenagers suddenly being transported into a barren future, where the entire population of Shibuya also needs to survive and adapt to these new conditions. Likewise, the show focuses on a fairly interesting thematic exploration about the concept of destiny within a context where time travel is possible. All of this is portrayed in a rather succinct manner without ...
Jan 12, 2019
This anime was one of the worst things I have ever watched. The characters all act stupidly and have almost no redeeming qualities, the dialogue is forced and a slog to get through, the story is dumb, and there is almost no enjoyment to be had here.

The only saving grace that this anime has is a decent soundtrack and some cool fights.

If you're honestly going to put yourself through this garbage, at least do yourself a favor and skip literally EVERYTHING but the fight scenes; that's the only worth this thing has at all, and even those aren't THAT entertaining.

This was one of the ...
May 17, 2019
I almost didn't watch this because of the reviews. I am so pleased that I did. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Binged the entire thing in one evening. Each episode seamlessly moved into the next. Was like watching a long movie.

The character development was good, the story was fun and the animation was great. The CGI weirded me out for the first several minutes but then I got used to it and actually started to like it.

Basically it shows me that I really need to try things myself and not base my decision to watch things on others opinions.
Jan 11, 2019
If you're reading this before watching, you won't regret completing this series.

It is pretty interesting if you can get over (spoiler?) the MC's major case of chuunibyou. Whether you love him or hate him, the series is rewarding either way. I think that the story is really great and original. Not too hard to follow and keep track, although I wish there was more action in it. With the new CGI style that's slowly becoming frequent, the graphics is one of the best and smoothest that I've seen so far and I really would have liked to see more fights in such CGI fluidity. On ...
May 30, 2019
Whilst looking through Netflix I came upon this show and started watching it knowing absolutely nothing about it.

It probably would have been better if I'd continued knowing nothing. My life is certainly none the richer for having spent any time with this show.

Where to start?

Well I suppose the appearance of the show. It looks disconcertingly ugly. Every character moves like an NPC in a mid-2000s video game. The facial expressions are borderline uncanny valley territory. Everything just looks and feels off.

Then there's the dialogue. I've only watched this in dub, so maybe it's an issue with the dub, but I think it probably goes beyond ...
Jan 10, 2019
I will start off with a summary of the show to explain why I like and dislike certain aspects.

This show starts out with quite an annoying MC at which most viewers agree to him being extremely annoying, maybe even the sole reason of dropping the show. But this character gets the biggest personal growth, which is a nice thing to see. He is cocky and extremely arrogant. A saddening combination.

Revisions, the title itself, is actually quite an enormous spoiler. The show involves multiple timelines where a new timeline will be predicted based on changes made in the past. A certain corporation has special agents ensuring ...
Mar 13, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Revisions is poorly an alright anime. Surprisingly the CG is not that bad, fights so-so; the plot ended up “”working”” as it was propitious; the characters development was a joke. Really. Like, really a joke.

I believe the ideal plot was not that bad, because the story has some interesting parts and twists, but the way it ended up appealing with instant cliches just didn’t work. You don’t buy the pitiful yet hopefully-gonna-change-for-good protagonist Daisuke as a miracle hero. He acts like a hysteric bitch for 10 episodes, then suddenly becomes the super caring and empathetic friend at the last 2 episodes. It’s ridiculous.

You can ...
Jun 18, 2019
I have a habit of completing an anime that I start. So I got this anime recommended by Netflix and it's cover was really appealing so I gave it a shot. Took me 4-5 days to complete it because this anime is complete shit and I wanted a break from episode to episode from this shit show.
I'll be straight to the point, I've never seen such a shit anime like this before.

1. Story - Well, story is nothing but they made it bit complicated because it has time travel in it. You will never know what's actually happening and where the series is trying ...
May 6, 2019
"Anime is filled with goody two shoes white knight virgin MC's why wont we get some flawed MC that isnt the complete embodiment of a nice guy?"

"Wow Daisuke is so annoying why wont he die already?"

Anime fans can never be pleased and this anime proves it.

Story: Time travel shenanigans, mutant time travelling aliens gonna give it to ya, hero complex, time travels, my special power is to be pedophile and HARV help us for the love of god.

Art: After episode 2 or 3 you are totally inmunized against the CGI in this anime.
I felt that the art was great and the characters looked good, i ...
Oct 20, 2019
Preliminary (2/12 eps)
I really want to like this series. It looks and sounds good. It has some juicy sci-fi stuff in it. But the characters are really bad, the tropiest tropes possible. They are not the result of a cookie cutter, the ARE the cookie cutter. The main character is the absolute worst. A whiny, arrogant brat that "hero complex" doesn't even begin to approach.

The characters are thrown into their role as the robot suit wearing protectors at such a break neck pace and with absolutely no pomp and circumstance and everyone simply accepts it to be the case. ...
May 24, 2019
I think the main reason people give it a bad rating is because either the art is SUPER cgi or the MC can be a whiney bitch. But I honestly hated how it looked but I got used to it eventually, and the MC *minor spoiler* has great development. lowkey reminds me of how eren from attack on titan can be. If you can just manage those 2 things, you're in for a treat. this anime has a pretty cool concept and even if it isn't the deepest or original anime, it definitely has a good story to keep you interested. The ...
May 1, 2023
While Revisions shows a lot of promise in the first few episodes, but I think needed a much longer season to truly make sense. I feel it is probably another one cursed by Netflix.

In some episodes not much happens, in other episodes you get Lore Dumps, Battles and confusing exposition. This is very typical for your average anime but for a 12 episode season it feels very confusingly paced. The closing 3 episodes are very chaotic and don't really make me feel like watching the previous ones were worth it.

Additionally Daisuke's character kills any mood I had in investing in the show. Their only ...
Oct 29, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/12 eps)
This could be a good anime. but its not.
mainly because the main character, daisuke, is really bad. all the other characters are actually kinda cool.
why daisuke ruins the show:
Daisuke and friends when they were kids were out somewhere and daisuke was kidnapped and a woman called milo saved them but told daisuke 'one day danger will come and you will have to save everyone' now milo saying this ruined the whole show because of that one sentence daisuke now all the way up till high school which is the present bascially thinks he has to protect everyone, so daisuke ends up being violent and attacking ...
Jun 16, 2019
I'll make this extremely succinct: overall, the anime is interesting and a good way to pass time if you have nothing else to do (like I didn't). The story is decent, the construction of the characters could've been better, but, in the end, it's ok. Gai is plainly REAAAAALY annoying most of the anime and Daisuke is mildly annoying most of the anime (though they do redeem themselves in the final). The story could've been better structured and elaborated - as the characters could've been better thought (specially Gai and Daisuke); however, where it counts, the anime was really interesting and entertaining. The art of ...
Apr 23, 2020
Mixed Feelings
At the beginning, I really hated this series.
The 3D graphic and character movement looked so unnatural and the protagonist was so annoying.
The story was weird, the monsters ugly and I didn't like the behavior of the most characters.
The protagonist thinking he was better than everyone else and he aggressively was hard to endure, but on the other hand, this made a great room for character development.
Unfortunately, this happened way too late, and even if it made sense from a story point of view, but for everyone who might not like the protagonist, the first part of the Anime would be relatively horrible.
(The same thing with ...
Aug 22, 2021
The area this anime suffers the most is the animation...
The CGI makes the characters look doll like and almost expressionless, which is unfortunate as there are some very emotional scenes that fall short of their potential because of it, the only scenes that are well animated are the flashback scenes of when the characters are kids.
But what lacks on the outside is compensated by a good, if short and simple, story, even with a limited time to develope them the main characters, for better or worse, don't feel empty.
An overall enjoyable 12 episodes which i wouldn't mind a sequel to, just improve the animation.
Mar 28, 2019
Revisions is neither the worst anime ever made nor is it a groundbreaking masterpiece. This anime is worth watching for its dedication to creating a distinct artistic impression with a heartfelt message. It's interesting how low of a score it has on MAL given that many a worse anime has scored far better here. Some of the characters in the story have annoying character traits (that serve a purpose), the story is full of pseudo-science plot holes, and the production process itself uses CG animation that may alienate some viewers. If you can get past these largely superficial problems, digging deeper you ...