Jan 10, 2019
-ShadowClaw- (All reviews)
I will make this quick, this is either a series you will love or you will hate.

The primary reason to hate it is cause of the animation which is a heavy use of cgi animation and not of the best quality or because the main lead is annoying little brat with a hero complex and it makes you want to just drop it right there.

Well if u ignore those two i think you might actually like this series, the story is simple, It focuses on the entire town of Shibuya being teleport-ed along with the population within it to a different time in the future and they struggle to survive in a different time period when the world is nothing but dystopia controlled by a group known as the revisions who seek to control the world and turn every last living being into like them a revison. The group focuses primarily on 5 students who have a connection to the events that occurred using mech suits knows as puppet strings to fight the enemy and try to get back to there own time.

That is pretty much the series, it is a sci-fi fantasy mech show with a simple plot but nevertheless intriguing story, nothing original but something to watch if u have nothing else to do. it has a bit of comedic moments, some serious moments and plenty of action to satisfy you.

Like i said if u can get past the animation quality and the annoying main lead you can have a fun watch. Give it a try and you decide.