Jan 10, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
"You're a coward, you can't be forgiven. That's all, my master."

Here's a treat for SSSS.Gridman and Planet With fans. As for me, easily best of the 3.


Revisions is a story about this kid who was already during his childhood hinted he would be saving the world one day from 'something'. Just so happens to be, during the high school phase his life starts rolling towards his 'destiny' when bug-alien-robots come to his very school and start wrecking everything and killing students in brutal ways. Naturally, the original fortuneteller appears there, too, except she is not really 'she' because the story is mysterious this way. Her role is to show how the world can be saved by piloting these mecha thingies which she brings with her so that the kid -- for unknown and unspecified reason -- needs to start piloting as of right now without any type of training or whatsoever. Why some trained elite soldier didn't do this or why he wasn't prepared for this job is a question that many similar mecha shows from million different Gundams to Xam'd's have made the audience ask. But Revisions has an answer.

This "you're destined to save the world" setup is a bad excuse for the story at best, no doubt, but it can be forgiven to great extent for the series' good sides. However, it will be a time-consuming task since the content itself is rather dull and soulless for the entire first half of the show. Many viewers are bound to lose interest and the reward will only please a niche audience. Our main characters beat the aliens without there even being a learning curve because apparently that's not an important aspect of the show but the good part is that this really is the case and how it is all intended. Instead, politics and government as well as different parties from civilians to child-soldiers play a heavy role here to create certain type of multi-perspective concept where it is not fully clear who is who and who the "baddies" actually really are in this series if there even are any. Again, for the entire first half of the show, this aspect of the story mainly reminds me of The Walking Dead tv series except it doesn't make much sense in this world where it works this way by default and not as the outcome of 10 years of zombie apocalypse. However, things are explained and it all end up making making sense surprisingly well. The "mystery" elements and the reveal of the "truth" are somewhat impressive/well-planned and, even for me as a person who typically sees mystery elements as cheap excuses or plot-devices; the selling point of the show.

To put the story simply: Definitely not for casual viewing. Not a beginner-friendly anime. It's not the most solid thing from its setup and plot-advancement nor does its jumpiness and pacing make the experience better, but it offers a unique world, new take on its genre and mystery elements that aren't for once self-explanatory but not completely foreshadowing-lacking asspulls either. A mature anime containing gore, dealing with some highly questionable subjects and contains several brutal scenes that children definitely should not see. As a whole, the story is full of problems no doubt, but also contains a highly unique approach which I found to be a success.

In terms of characters, our main is portrayed a hero. His friends vary from extra shy girl with glasses to people who hate him because he is such an arrogant moral soldier who lives to protect. Fortune teller is basically the only capable adult in the series while the job of other adults consists of quite literally fucking shit up more than the 'aliens' did. Especially people from the government are made so one-dimensional it's almost as if their sole purpose is to make the audience hate their thoughts and actions. The "villain" side contains some epic characters such as animal ears and tails wearing furry whose costume consists of sexy swimsuit parts, talking raccoon thingie who explodes once in a while and loli maid because that's the best kind of maid. It's pretty safe to say finding a person who appreciates these characters for their low-effort personalities will be a hard task, but they come with genuinity and realism of the kind that is rarely seen in anime these days which alone is worth some praise.

From the production department, we are looking at a typical Netflix anime. CGI animation, terribly awkward character movements. Rough and the opposite of fluid/polished. Otherwise the art and color pallet are rather pretty to look at. The mecha design is lol-worthy and monster design most likely the outcome of speed drawing competition. Voice acting and OST are of respectable quality. Some bigger names are present and the BGM was surely fitting, offering decent action wobs and making some of the scenes much more entertaining to watch as they would have otherwise been. The dialogue was definitely more interesting to follow thanks to the decent seiyuu work.

Considering the recent Netflix shows, I would say this is a perfect place to lose all hope.. on good animation. Those who can grab onto the mystery elements and the "story unfolds" side of the narrative will most definitely end up enjoying Revisions, but it will never gather an army of fans praising it. There are plenty of reasons to hate this show, so be warned; it really is not for everyone to approve of.