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Feb 17, 2019
More than anything else, this is a movie for those who want to see the Code Geass cast again. As long as you have limited expectations and are willing to adapt to the changes in format, presentation and characterization, the movie may reward you with a good time

If you're not a fan, this will do little for you. If you want everything to be the same as before, results will be mixed. And, if you're a shipper, this movie might either warm your heart a little or send you into a spiral of depression and denial.

Before analyzing the film, let’s take a step back. read more
Jan 18, 2019
Can delusional protagonists ever serve an interesting purpose?
How much does absolute originality determine the merits of fiction?
Or why, indeed, would you want to give Revisions a chance?

In essence, I believe this series can be reasonably entertaining as the more or less straightforward sci-fi tale of five teenagers suddenly being transported into a barren future, where the entire population of Shibuya also needs to survive and adapt to these new conditions. Likewise, the show focuses on a fairly interesting thematic exploration about the concept of destiny within a context where time travel is possible. All of this is portrayed in a rather succinct manner without read more
Aug 2, 2013
How will Kakumeiki Valvrave be remembered? That remains to be seen, but the show is at least on the way to achieving its intended outcome of providing entertainment at any cost.

As the first collaboration between Aniplex and the Sunrise animation studio, Valvrave is a series that relies on spectacle as the main source of its inherent value. This is a show where going beyond the limits of reasonable storytelling is the entire point, not accidental or unintentional. While the series may not stand up to highly critical scrutiny, it is self-aware of its own preposterous nature and feeds on incredulous reactions.

Of course, this sort of read more
Jan 7, 2009
Baccano! is one of those anime titles that seems a little confusing on the surface, mostly thanks to the overwhelming power of first impressions. That much is something I can definitely understand.

The final result, however, is an enjoyable set of interconnected stories where great characterization shines through the virtues of a solid script.


The plot combines adventure, comedy, mystery, fantasy, action and horror in a very attractive package. Based on a light novel series, the American 1930s and a particular train serve as the primary backdrop for a narrative that manages to be both self-aware of its own nature and surprisingly cohesive, despite the read more
Oct 21, 2008
Code Geass R2 has provoked conflicting reactions among the fan base, just like the original series did. Viewers still loved or hated it outright, even as many others laughed, and once again it's not hard to see why.

I think R2 was a disappointment but not without redeeming qualities. It is an enjoyable sequel that could have used more foresight and additional planning. Maybe a little less ambition, a smaller cast of characters or better pacing would have been very welcome improvements. In the end, I appreciated Code Geass as a whole in spite of its flaws. Not the best show out there, but then again read more
Aug 2, 2008
Hi no Tori, also known as Phoenix, is an adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's most ambitious but ultimately unfinished manga.

I felt quite intimidated, being new to most of Tezuka's work, but the nature of the story and its excellent execution allows Hi no Tori to be surprisingly entertaining while still remaining emotionally and intellectually stimulating.


The premise seems simple on the surface: the hunt for an immortal bird whose blood is said to provide eternal life. It is not that, however, which leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, but everything else that happens around it. Each story arc has its own cast of characters whose read more
Jan 8, 2008
Gekiganger 3, a fictional anime within the Martian Successor Nadesico TV series, is a parody/tribute to old 70s Super Robot shows, like Mazinger Z and Getter Robo.

Those are all the basics. I liked it, and if you appreciate old-school Super Robot shows, or like to make fun of the formula and its quirks, this is a nice OVA which can be enjoyed without using up too much of your time.


The OVA is quite self-contained, so you don't really need to know about Nadesico in order to understand it. A couple of Nadesico characters are going to see the Gekiganger 3 movie, but they read more
Jan 5, 2008
Code Geass is one of those series that can inspire praise, hatred or mere ridicule, depending on what is expected or what can be tolerated. Curiously, I find entirely valid reasons behind each of those reactions. There's still a bit of this and that, to put it bluntly, but perhaps the lines aren't quite as clear as they seem.

In short, I enjoyed the series and still find that its virtues and sheer fun factor outweigh its objective flaws, but I'm worried about the future. Whether or not the inevitable sequel picks up the slack, addresses existing concerns or drops the ball completely is something that read more