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Nov 9, 2019
I'll keep this review short and sweet as MAL will let me.

Story was unnecessarily convoluted and not really explained well; if you take the time to understand it, it's not worth the effort. Nobody's motivations really make sense and the conspiracy they hype up, as well as the resolution to it, are honestly laughable. Like you're either going to cringe or laugh; it's that dumb.

The characters are flat as hell in this movie, especially Mika, who they decided to essentially completely rewrite because she sucked so much in S2. The result is you have a character that acts completely different despite having no development read more
Jun 15, 2019
I'll keep this short -- this movie was a huge let-down. The first quarter/half or so was at least fairly interesting and quickly took a downturn in the second act. If you want, you can stop reading here.

The characters pretty much all sucked, with motivations/thought processes that remained as uncompelling as they were transient -- meaning that not only did they not make sense, but they weren't consistent either.

The only truly interesting character was Krim, a side character who functions only as a punching bag for the story to push it's weird theme. Which is namely that...

The story seems to have no other theme read more
Jan 12, 2019
This anime was one of the worst things I have ever watched. The characters all act stupidly and have almost no redeeming qualities, the dialogue is forced and a slog to get through, the story is dumb, and there is almost no enjoyment to be had here.

The only saving grace that this anime has is a decent soundtrack and some cool fights.

If you're honestly going to put yourself through this garbage, at least do yourself a favor and skip literally EVERYTHING but the fight scenes; that's the only worth this thing has at all, and even those aren't THAT entertaining.

This was one of the read more