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Oct 1, 2019
If you are into shows that cover alternate dimensions, time travel and pretty much traveling between dimensions then this might just be the one you've been looking for. It gives a lot vibes from Steins Gate, one of my all time favorites and it honestly kept me desiring for more until the final arc.

The final arc is notorious. It is awfully obvious that they simply just ran out of episodes as things will seem and feel very rushed story development wise. The first few episodes of the final arc will definitely blow you away by the new things it will add to the overall read more
Jul 3, 2019
One Punch Man is, as the title implies, about a guy that defeats everything and anything with just one punch. Season 1 showed us how crazy it can get and to what lengths it can go as well as who Saitama is as an individual. And this was loved by many many fans all over the world.

Season 2 continued where season 1 stopped. But the focus, however, this time isn't at Saitama and his daily routines. It is rather at what the world looks like outside and around of this ridiculous strong person, because he isn't exactly famous. How do the people and monsters live, read more
Jun 29, 2019
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Look at the scores I gave this show. It is the most ridiculous review I've ever written and show that I have witnessed. There is a TLDR at the bottom.

As usual Netflix has a talent for flushing out incomplete garbage. But this show was different. The art was honestly pretty amazing, I love the artstyle. I really did! Sound was definitely on point, from music to ambient sounds. Sure there wasn't a lot, but what was present was of good quality.

The characters were very interesting and had great developments as well, at least in the main team. Each character had their own unique role and read more
Jun 10, 2019
First of all let me start by telling that I am the kind of guy that enjoys a good story so the story weighs heavy in my overall enjoyment of the show. I like to see a thread connecting each episodes due to a plot unfolding or a secret being uncovered to deliver the viewer one hell of a good time.

Gunjou no Magmel honestly had me hyped. A story about pretty much an alien island filled with unknown goods variating from species to fruits with certain extra's. With that we get presented one hell of an amazing looking and acting main character and his read more
Jan 10, 2019
I will start off with a summary of the show to explain why I like and dislike certain aspects.

This show starts out with quite an annoying MC at which most viewers agree to him being extremely annoying, maybe even the sole reason of dropping the show. But this character gets the biggest personal growth, which is a nice thing to see. He is cocky and extremely arrogant. A saddening combination.

Revisions, the title itself, is actually quite an enormous spoiler. The show involves multiple timelines where a new timeline will be predicted based on changes made in the past. A certain corporation has special agents ensuring read more
Nov 14, 2018
So many tens? But it contained so many "fillers"!

Well allow me to explain to you why I felt the urge to write a review for this as well as my reasoning behind the given score.

A lot people watching this or people that have completed season 3 will share a similar thought "so many fillers!", but first what actually is a filler? A filler is an episode that can be considered a spin-off where the episode/arc has literally no connection or impact on the actual story/plot. For example an episode dedicated to a beach event for a fan service, where the characters after the read more
Sep 18, 2018
This review contains indirect small spoilers that are used to explain my reasoning behind the rating. The spoilers shouldn't have an effect on your experience as you watch it and you won't be able to predict events based on solely this review. If you wish to remain 100% spoiler free then please do ignore this review <3.

This show has an extremely interesting build-up with a very underwhelming climax that combines elements from Berserk season 1 with Akame ga Kill. The not so nice elements.

It is a show that heavily relies on gore and oversexualized scenes with characters and nudity where it isn't necessary, but read more
Oct 6, 2015
Alright guys here I go!

It is a short animation so I do recommend this, below this point you will have my review.

This short animation made by Kurosaka Keita has great animation and the art style mixes really well with the sound.

Even though it was short I was able to notice an impressive character development. You can clearly see that the MC had some issues and some mysterious events won't allow me to go deeper into this.

The story itself was rather mehh it wasn't bad but not good either. I could really enjoy some of the moments in this while others just wanted me to read more
Nov 27, 2014
Keima, also known as the god of conquest is a... not so ordinary boy.

While enjoying his simple way of living, some certain events are about to occur. Events of which he would've never dreamt of and never will.

Keima's whole life changes when Elsie (she has a to long name to remember) enters his daily life.

The mother of Keima has an ehh.. pretty outstanding character while the father is kinda the opposite. Keima on the other hand is both. Not 50/50 but 100% of each. This character of his makes the events in this anime ridiculously hilarous. I truelly enjoyed the events that read more
May 24, 2014
At the beginning of this anime I didn't really get the story due some events that weren't explained properly. It took out a bit of the joy and even made me consider the drop out on this one. However.. after a couple of episodes I finally started to understand the story. I was able to connect the relations between the characters and DAMN I have to say, this was one well out thought anime!

After having seen all the episodes it made me realize 1 thing, I want more!

The art of this anime reminds me kinda of some "classic" animes. In my opinion it told me read more