Oct 1, 2019
ploopploop (All reviews)
If you are into shows that cover alternate dimensions, time travel and pretty much traveling between dimensions then this might just be the one you've been looking for. It gives a lot vibes from Steins Gate, one of my all time favorites and it honestly kept me desiring for more until the final arc.

The final arc is notorious. It is awfully obvious that they simply just ran out of episodes as things will seem and feel very rushed story development wise. The first few episodes of the final arc will definitely blow you away by the new things it will add to the overall plot. The execution is just so poor. It is honestly saddening. And the ending is an even bigger let down.

That aside, everything up until the last arc is simply amazing. If it weren't for the final arc I would've rated this show a lot higher on average. The characters are still quite dull though. Some great characters get randomly killed off, others get introduced and never get any screen time afterwards. Others are just there to make the MC seem like a wise person. The characters themselves barely hold any presence which doesn't make them outstanding or memorable. Plenty of them were just made extremely unintelligent especially in specific situations where many solutions were present. But we need to see a shining MC. I don't like that kind of thing in shows.

I did like the art style it was clean and neat. Not only that some of the animations were great. The twist at the final arc makes it even better animation wise. They definitely had quality and a budget.. just wish they had more episodes for a proper ending...

Sound effects were from good quality, maybe even great. Despite the dull characters the VA's did a good job delivering emotions.

Finally the story. The whole story is actually amazing. I dig time travel and alternate dimensions and this show covers those 2 topics in a very interesting way. Even with the final arc all questions got answered, even if it was in a rushed manner, the story was complete. There certainly were annoying moments and moments that I do have my doubts/concerns about but all in all it was quite enjoyable.

The final arc will be a major let down but the other arcs are so impressive that it still scores an average of 7. If the final arc was of the same quality I would rate it a 9 with only the characters being the thing weighting the overall show down.

Do note that my opinion isn't factual. You can disagree with me and you are free to do so.