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Alternative Titles

Japanese: だんちがい
English: Danchigai
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 10, 2015 to Sep 25, 2015
Premiered: Summer 2015
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Creators in Pack
Source: 4-koma manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Theme: IyashikeiIyashikei
Duration: 3 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.501 (scored by 5346253,462 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #66462
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1713
Members: 113,043
Favorites: 122

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Preliminary Spoiler
Sep 28, 2015
It can be tempting at times to infer things about the creator of a work from the thing that they have made. The temptation, even the allure, to think that watching/reading/viewing something not only leads us to an understanding of the subject itself, but also gives us a window into the mind of the person or persons responsible for it's creation. Having watched Danchigai, I find myself thinking that creator Kazusa Yoneda must be an only child, because only someone without siblings would imagine it being like this.

Danchigai is a short family sitcom that centres on the goings on of the Nakano siblings, who ...
Sep 24, 2015
Anime shorts are a very odd kind of anime format. Usually ten minutes or less in length, anime shorts usually try to just give you a little something for the little time that they have. So, for the three minute Danchigai, what kind of a story do we have here?

Story: Danchigai is very straightforward. In a small apartment, there are five siblings. One brother and four sisters. This is their daily life.

As an anime short, Danchigai doesn't have any kind of "deep" story or anything. With each episode coming at a whopping length of 3.5 minutes, the ...
Oct 6, 2015
Disclaimer: I am NOT a PROFESIONAL reviewer I’m only a anime fan trying to give feed back to other anime fans with that said one to the review.

I really enjoyed watching this it was a really well done slice of life anime, they managed to slide in so much comedy and great writing in just 12, 3 minuet episodes. IDK why its getting hate I found it to be a cute show
-Art: 9
I loved the art style used in Danchigai it was very beautifully drawn and I love the bright colors used in this to convey the happy go lucky theme
Oct 1, 2015
Mixed Feelings
These 3 minute-per-episode anime are very hit or miss. Some are genuinely funny and utilize their time well. Others are complete shit (coughPupacough). Danchigai is somewhere in the middle.

Story (4/10): The show is essentially about the Nakano family, with eldest daughter, only son, middle daughter, and twin little sisters living in their apartment. ...that's really it. It's basically just a snapshot of their lives and hi-jinks sometimes ensues. There are some 'plot points' (ugh) that come up, but nothing that would give you the idea that there's any kind of story.

Animation (5/10): Meh. Everyone is on model, but the designs are generically nice. ...
Apr 12, 2019
Mixed Feelings
(This is my first review on MAL. I chose a short anime and easy to review to practise it.)

Danchigai is a short-type anime released in 2015 by studio "Creators in Pack".
Nothing incredible, but the 3-minute duration of the series is more than pleasant and not too boring. The anime presents the classic stereotypes of this genre, however it is not irritating and too repetitive.
Let's see what this series offers us

Story: 6
Nothing incredible, the story is based on 4 sisters, two older and two younger, and a brother, where all live in the same house.
Each episode has some gags, some interesting, others less so.
However, as mentioned ...
Jul 4, 2016
Mixed Feelings
SoL's don't really have much story, and when they do, it's a drama. Since this is an SoL that limits itself to 3 minutes per episode, drama is thrown out the window for simple comedy. So, is this show funny? It's a big "Ehhh?" in this department.

Comedy is incredibly subjective, but reviews are supposed to be objective, so here I go: The funny parts of this anime are relatable moments between siblings. Having a child make up bizarre stories about her older brother so she can tell her class is funny. Having the older sister ask her younger brother to practice kissing would never happen ...
Nov 5, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Danchigai is one of the shorts in the summer season of 2015.Overall an anime that you can relax with and can be watched under an hour.Usually I don't really review shorts but here are my thoughts.

The story is poor,it revolves around a guy who has two sisters of his age and two younger twin sisters.Of course being it an anime there has to be some incestuous ‎"relationships " going on.But thank God it was just slightly so I'm okay with it.Basically the story is not very important,just enjoy the silly stuff that happens each episode.
Art and sound are relatively okay,nothing I can complain about.
Characters were ...
Sep 30, 2015
Fellow male anime viewer do not wear maids outfits especially when your is at work. She will definitely beat you up if she catches you.

I love this anime. It's so cute. Satsuki looks almost like Renge from Non Non Biyori.

I one little sister and if I were to compare to some in this anime it would definitely be Yayoi, because my little sister is athletic and she tries to be me up every now and then.

This anime is does really have a plot, but it is based off of 5 sibling, 4 girls and one boy, and their daily lifes. It is ...
Feb 6, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Overall this is a fun short anime, unfortunately it is bogged down by far too many inappropriate moments. Danchigai is about Haruki, and his four sisters in their everyday lives at home.

Danchigai is mostly entertaining. The everyday interactions between the siblings are really fun to watch. Like when they go to the supermarket and Uzuki and Satsuki, or when Haruki helps his sister Yayoi with her school work. There are a lot of humorous moments which are really enjoyable.
Unfortunately there’s a lot of inappropriate behaviour.

There’s a lot of inappropriate behaviour in Danchigai, especially towards the end of the series. There are scenes which just seem ...
May 12, 2017
Danchigai is the perfect anime for a quick watch when you have a few minutes to spare. The characters are likeable and fun. Seeing this family go through their day to day lives is pretty enjoyable and it’s actually very nice to see that although Haruki is the only boy in the family and his sisters are constantly creating an awkward sexual tension between them, he knows his boundaries rather than the incest route other animes have. The art was nice with cute character design. For sound the voice acting was good but I wasn't a fan of the ending song. This show also has ...
Apr 16, 2018
A few of these reviews might be negative, but don't let that steer you away from this series. It may be a little weird and super short, but it's really fun to watch as a way to unwind.

The story is simple: the show is about five siblings-- the classic 'hot and responsible older sister', the 'gamer brother', the 'dumb and hits-everyone sisters', the 'loud twin', and the 'quiet twin'. Nothing out of the blue. Their parents are overseas, so the show is about the five of them and how they get along, basically. The episodes are short, the premise is pretty funny, and if ...
Dec 25, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Danchigai is a SOL comedy about one typical anime male living with his 4 sisters: an onee-san who does fit the descriptor of 'onee-san type', except from when she is in his presence, a tsundere his own age, and 2 younger ones who like to pester him. Each episode is about 2 and a half minutes long, so not much goes on in each one. A single event happens, the situational comedy is brought in, and then the event ends, as does the episode. All things considered, the show is good. The comedy isn't great, but I got a few chuckles out of it, and ...
Aug 5, 2016
Hm where to start,

Story: Not bad, but 3min is simply to short, if its 20min it would be more fun,
Art: Its good,
Sound: solid
Characters: Good, no need to improve them, but as i said it would be nice if episodes were longer, then characters would show full potential
Enjoyment and overall, good, i give it 7 because due been very very short doesnt deserve better,

Now i watch many anime tv series, but i simply dont like this 3min concept, it is to short, however there is no complex story, there is no complexity at all, its simple,
May 24, 2020

If you are the type of person that don't have a lot of time to watch super long animes that have 1000 episodes, then Danchigai is for you.

The anime is super chill, very cozy and makes you feel comfortable while watching. Everything goes smoothly and EACH EPISODE HAS ONLY 3 MINUTES.

To be honest if it was longer than that it wouldn't be good, the 3 min mark is actually perfect for this type of anime.

So... if you don't have time, but you still want to watch some anime, then I do recommend you giving Danchigai a try.

Thanks for Reading, make sure you ...
Apr 16, 2020
Overall, this was a rather cute little slice of life anime! I don't feel that I need to review it as much as I do my regular anime's. Its hilarious how cute each of the sisters are and how they each have their own little relationship with the brother. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and wish I had this kind of relationships with sisters. The voice acting and music was cute and adorable. The characters had a little bit of development in each episode, which was nice. And the story was contained to a single episode and just cute overall and made each episode easy to ...
Jun 8, 2022
Anime shorts aren't really common. They are not given too much attention so it tends to be ignored. Danchigai showed a really promising premise but there wasn't anything special with it.

Story: As far as the story goes, it is pretty straightforward. It revolves around the MC Haruki who is the second oldest child who lives with four sisters, Nakano Mutsuki, the oldest, Yayoi Nakano, the third child, and twin sisters Satsuki and Uzuki Nakano. It depicts their lives together and you can tell each character has their own personality.

Characters: The characters are mainly the five siblings. Haruki being the only guy in the ...
Nov 5, 2015
Danchigai is a short, 4-koma style piece about a dude and his three sisters. It shows them messing around at home and showcases the sisters' personalities. It's mildly entertaining at best and hearkens back to shows such as Minami Ke, which was squarely centered on interactions rather than any real plot. In this case, the show is too short to really let the characters grow on you, and there isn't any unifying theme behind all the events. Thus, if you absolutely have nothing to do, you can give this a shot. Otherwise, you should watch other 4-koma pieces such as Dannaken (well themed) or Tonari ...
Feb 5, 2022
Not a big fan of the 3-minute episode style of animes, that have credits on top to eat into animation time.

As much as this is a typical slice of life, it makes me even less interested, as no goals, aims, etc, just a repetitive poor storyline attempt on a typically dysfunctional family, which although they love and would watch over each other do stupid stuff.

The show aims to get laughs from a violent sister, another sister who shares the bed with the older brother and asks for his help kissing, and twins who just want to play pranks. If I was a ...
Feb 26, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Danchigai in a word: Sweet

Like the length of each episode the anime story itself was short and sweet. I enjoyed watching the relationship between these 5 siblings and being able to relate their family to mine.

It's not a "must see", but if you have some time to kill, this is a good way to spend that time. Pretty much everything that happens is predictable and there is no "real" story happening. It's just a small sample of how these 4 sisters and 1 brother interact with each other on a regular basis.

It did have me chuckling a few times, but that's pretty much ...
Jun 28, 2020
Danchigai (2015)

Short, very sweet and all-round pretty relaxing.

Not a show that is going to be too memorable but that is due to the nature of its length. It could have been better to have had more length towards 10 minutes an episode or double the number of episodes.

The story is just a slice of life 1 guy 4 sisters living together with a mum who is away. You get generic characters which are good for its length.

The art is a good standard and holds out.